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Subhamol Koottummel

Nominated for:


Subha Works as a Social Worker at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Canada’s largest leading rehabilitation hospital. She graduated Master of Social Work from India in 2004. Started the career as a Neurology Social worker in an acute care hospital in India.

She moved to Canada in 2011 and completed the Internationally Educated Social Workers certificate program at Ryerson University in 2014. She has more than 15 years of clinical experience. She joined Geriatric psychiatry on a student placement in 2014 and then transitioned to Acquired Brain injury social worker role. Her work has been primarily focused in adult ABI rehabilitation. As a part of an interdisciplinary team, she works closely with clients and their families to provide emotional support, resource counselling and brain injury education. She is very passionate about the nature of the job as she supports families in navigating the health care system.

She is dedicated to ensuring that the clients and families she works with have access to the best possible care and is grateful to be part of a compassionate and caring team with motivated clinicians. She participates in many quality improvement initiates and has developed educational material to help patients and family navigate their rehab journey. She committed to learn through ongoing training and education.

Outside of work Subha enjoys travelling and socializing with friends.

Subha has nominated for the 2019 Awards of Excellence in Brain Injury Rehabilitation as a Hospital Social Worker.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Stacey is the most caring provider you can ever meet. She is just amazing at helping the brain injury community. She is positive and always goes the extra mile (and without regard to remuneration). Good luck Stacey! So well deserved.

  • Ellie Lapowich says:

    Stacey has often been the secret sauce on my files. When we are often stuck and are not sure how best to move a client forward, Stacey has come onto the team with fresh and effective ideas. She is always willing to collaborate and work with the team and clients.. Stacey is lovely, kind and caring, consistently taking a client centered approach. This is a well deserved nomination!

  • Kris Mamaril says:

    Stacey has the ability to take a complex behavioural problem and break it down to manageable steps with simple action items to facilitate her client’s rehab goal. This is an enviable transferable skill for any career but in TBI behavioural therapy it is everything! The Personal Injury world is lucky to have her.

  • Kris Mamaril says:

    Stacey is dedicated to her clients. She takes a complex behavioural problem and breaks it down to manageable steps with simple action items to facilitate her client’s rehab goal. This is an enviable transferable skill for any career but in TBI behavioural therapy it is everything! The Personal Injury world is lucky to have her.

  • Greg Noack says:

    I met Stacey Levine as a colleague at Toronto Rehab in 2002. She was a rehab therapist and I was an OTA/PTA (Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist Assistant.)
    I would work with Stacey and observe her amazing talent of connecting with persons with a brain injury and assist them in dealing with the behaviors brought on by their injury. I was touched by this as I am a person with a brain injury and seeing Stacey, who never had my personal experience, empathize with those she supported was very powerful and genuine.
    I would later become a rehab therapist myself in part by the impact Stacey had on me with her interactions with persons with a brain injury. I wanted to learn from her and apply her knowledge along with mine to support our patients.
    In 2012 Stacey would leave Toronto Rehab and start her own company, Journey Rehabilitation and Behavior Therapy, and support those we rehabilitated in the community. I was saddened by this but but hopeful for our patients as Stacey would now help them adjust to their new selves outside the hospital walls.
    The impression Stacey left is still evident today, 11 years later, as patients of ours who are having troubles adjusting to the community and still have ongoing behaviors from their injury, Stacey’s name is the first to come up in who should get involved to help.
    This is why I voted for Stacey as the Health Care Provider of the Year.

  • Suzanne Bogle says:

    Stacey is dedicated passionate and committed to helping people who have suffered with brain injury live as a fulfilling life as they can.

  • Colleen Worsley says:

    Stacey is very deserved of this award. Consistently caring and helpful. She gives of her personal time to the brain Injury community.

  • jocelyn barrett says:

    stacey is amazing, i’ve met her 5 years ago and wow,
    so great

  • Aaron Flanzraich says:

    A wonderful provider, a wise counsellor, and a steady and caring hand: Stacey has shown consistent care to our daughter.

    We could not ask for anyone better.

  • Stacee says:

    It is with great pleasure that I recommend Stacey for the Award of Excellence. Her exceptional work as my daughter’s therapist has had a profound impact on her life, and we are forever grateful for the positive changes she has experienced under her guidance. Stacey’s unwavering dedication, expertise, and genuine care make her truly deserving of this recognition.

  • Meagan Buttle says:


    Congratulations on this repeat nomination! I am so thrilled to be in this group with you! Working alongside you on complex cases makes treatment and support for clients engaging, functional and fun. Every time we have the chance to support each other I learn something new, or leave with a fresh perspective on approaches and intervention. Your passion for client centred care is palpable, incorporating family and team members into your sessions, and cultivating a truly interdisciplinary approach.

    Your ability to apply strategies individually to each client and their circumstances makes you a fantastic clinician, blending evidence based practice and person centred care to make a meaningful, effective treatment plan. I am looking forward to our presentation at OBIA this fall, and toast to you on this nomination – so so so deserved!

  • Kylie James says:

    Stacey is an extremely professional and personable clinician. Her knowledge and expertise as well as her ability to work with such complex clients makes her an asset to any rehab team not only does she provide the much needed support to the client and family members but also helps other health professional maximise their rehabilitation approach and outcomes with the client.

  • Daniella Caskie says:

    Stacey is such a personable, compassionate, and understanding individual. She has an amazing ability to develop quick connections and trust with clients and team members alike. Her collaborative approach and openness to share knowledge to assist others is incomparable! I have learned so much from working alongside Stacey on files and from listening to various educational talks she has done for brain injury associations such as BIAYR. She has a noticeable passion for what she does and could not be more deserving of this reward! Thank you for all that you bring and do for our community!

  • Helen Yack says:

    It was always a pleasure working with Stacey. As soon as I knew she was joining the team, I always felt a sigh of relief. When Stacey was around, I knew the team was in good hands but more importantly I knew the client was in great hands! No one is more deserving of this award than Stacey.

  • Mira K says:

    Besides being an amazing individual, Stacey is a driven, methodical, compassionate professional, who absolutely deserves this award.

  • Joanne Smith says:

    I have had the pleasure of working with Stacey for many years and witnessed first-hand her dedication to assisting her clients achieve their personal goals and reintegrate into the community. Her innovation, collaborative strategies, as well as endless energy, empathy and enthusiasm are unparalleled. I fully endorse Stacey’s nomination for Health Care Provider of the Year and believe her compassion and work should be recognized and celebrated!

  • Hieu Pham says:

    Dear Stacey,

    I have had a pleasure being your patient and looking forward to continue being your patient until i recovery. I am so proud of you for your hard work and dedication to all your clients.

    Kind regards,

    Hieu Pham

  • Eileen says:

    We all trust Stacey, she is a great Mom at same time!

  • Anonymous says:

    Of all the experts we consulted” Stacey greatly helped us move our child forward and begin to rejoin society. Even now’ two years later’ when their mood gets low and they are discouraged, I think of the strategies Stacey taught us as parents and we are able to get back on track.

  • Ruth says:

    You kept me sane after a traumatic accident in 2012. I had no idea how brain damaged and injured I was. Our chats made me feel normal when I wasn’t. Thank you Stacey

  • Sarah Warren says:

    Stacey goes above and beyond to support her clients and their families. She is professional, kind and creative. It is always a pleasure working with Stacey and I have full confidence when we are working on a client file together. Stacey, a much deserved nomination!

  • Shashee says:

    Congrats Stacey!

  • AJ-Nicole says:

    I am honoured to share my heartfelt testimonial about Ms Levine.

    Ms Levine is remarkable at building trust and rapport. She is empathetic, patient, genuine, compassionate and very optimistic. Her support for her clients is unwavering. Her dedication to helping families is evidenced in her accessibility even outside of appointments when she provides ongoing strategies and resources.

    Her suggestions and recommendations are timely, practical, thoughtful and encouraging.

    I would highly recommend Ms Levine. She is well deserving of the 2023 nomination for Health Care Provider of the Year Award!

  • Tia Vetere says:

    I consulted with Stacey regarding my son at a time when I was feeling hopeless and lost as to how to help him. Stacey was professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate at the same time. Thanks to her strategies, support and recommendations, I am happy to say that my son is doing 100 times better and our quality of life in the home is amazing now.

    I would recommend Stacey and not hesitate to consult with her again!

  • Dr Kirsten Thomas says:

    I would highly recommend Stacey! As a health care practitioner myself, I am very picky who we see and can really appreciate a provider who goes above and beyond. Our son perks up every time he sees Stacey and is so receptive to her ideas. She really takes the time to listen and be supportive. I can not say enough good things about how she has helped our family 🙂 Thank you Stacey!

  • Kindrey Rowland says:

    I have had the great pleasure of working with Stacey for over a decade – she is a wonderful team player, a strong advocate for her clients and for people living with acquired brain injury in Ontario. Thank you for everything you do and this is a very well deserved nomination!

  • Anonymous says:

    We strongly recommend Stacey. She has been amazing helping our young daughter with her very serious brain injury. Stacey has taken the time to get to know our daughter and understand her needs. Stacey is a great communicator and has proven to us to go above and beyond to help. You can tell she really cares about helping people with needs and it is obvious that she has a great passion and love for her role as a health care provider.

  • Tyler London says:

    Very thankful for Stacey and her role as a Behavioural Therapist! She continues to provide best in class support for clients of all ages with brain injuries. I am encouraged by her compassion for others and her exceptional expertise. Stacey is very knowledgeable, empathetic and is solution focused.

    I have had the privilege to work alongside Stacey and have learned so much. Keep up the great work.

  • Susanna Siu says:

    Stacey is committed to walk alongside with her patients in their road to recovery. In our case, she would go far and beyond the weekly session and reached out to the school and other medical staffs so they could all work together as a team to support my son.

  • Susanna Siu says:

    Stacey is very compassionate in helping her patients. She understands the patients are living in a real world and all aspects of life contribute to the mental health and healing of the patients. Hence, she would not limit herself in treating her patients within that weekly sessions. In our case, she went far and beyond in making connections with the school and all other health care providers so everybody were able to work as a team. She walks alongside with the family and patients. She even made daily check in at our critical time period. we are particularly thankful for Stacey in continuing to make direct connection with the patient to make sure things are keeping up and gives support of regular maintenance of the coping skills. Thank you Stacey.

  • Luisa Ferrari says:

    Stacey was God sent, truly a blessing in our lives. My husband and I were hit by a drunk driver and both sustained brain injuries. During the eight years we were shuffled around between providers, becoming worse and to no avail. This caused us to be in a very dark place.
    Stacey was our Angel, extremely diligent she never gave up on us; even after our file was closed, she still makes herself readily available to us. Our situation was very complex but she never gave up on us and within a few months, somehow managed to turn our lives around when we had completely gave up!
    She is definitely a valuable asset to the rehabilitation community, particularly brain injury. I’ve met numerous rehabilitation workers, no-one else compares to Stacey.

    Thank you so very much Stacey, you literally saved our lives.

  • Lorne says:

    Very grateful for Stacey there are no words to describe the in depth knowledge, caring supportive therapist Stacey is. She spoon fed me to maximize my recovery. Stacey definitely deserves this award.

  • Shaney says:

    I have known Stacey for 28 years and can say without a doubt, she is one of the most passionate and caring humans I have had the pleasure to know. Her dedication to her career and helping others has always been front and center in her day to day life. Congratulations on another nomination, you deserve this so very much!

  • Renee Somerville says:

    I have worked with Stacey for 10+ years. As an RSW having Stacey on files provides imperative education, direction and support with clear guidance on clients behaviours and how to implement her behaviour protocols for clients within the home and community. Stacey provides detailed support to not only her client but too the RSWs working with the client providing consultation, joint sessions and scripts to work on specific behaviours and ensuring a safe working environment for both the client and team memebers.

  • Alana Lees says:

    An incredible advocate for mental health bringing her years of expertise to community. Stacey’s dedication and commitment is undeniable and reflected in all her contributions.

  • Gila Karp Inbar says:

    There are a number of people who touch our clients’ lives at certain points along their journey of rehabilitation. When Stacey Levine enters the lives of her clients, they are forever changed and forever grateful for having met her, and for the growth she has helped them achieve behaviourally, cognitively, physically, and personally.

    Stacey’s gift lies in her absolute passion and commitment to her clients. She has developed an arsenal to deal with the joys, the sorrows, and everyday challenges that her clients face in their lives following a life-changing injury. In the many years that I have worked with Stacey, I have come to value and appreciate her expertise, insight, empathy and true dedication to the ABI profession. She has been extremely valuable in helping her clients identify and build on their strengths. With her support, her clients have learned how to target areas to work on, allowing for personal growth and recovery.

    Stacey is an integral part of any team that supports clients in their quest for a healthy mind, body and spirit. I always highly recommend Stacey without reservation, as she has been vital in helping her clients return to function and embrace new beginnings.

  • Rasha says:

    I have known Stacey professionally for over 15 years and can say in all honesty that I have not encountered anyone more deserving of this award. She demonstrates her commitment to her clients and their best interests from long before an initial session. She is meticulous about every aspect from preparing for a session all the way to her detailed reports.

    Stacey not only plays a crucial role in assisting individuals live up to their full potential and overcome barriers, she also provides support and strategies to their families, caregivers, and other providers while also ensuring they have the knowledge, strategies, and tools to maintain progress once behaviour therapy treatment has ceased. Her gentle yet firm approach has helped countless people dealing with severe symptoms from their catastrophic injuries accomplish things that may have seemed despairing.

    Stacey is often brought onto complex files where the client’s progress is at a standstill or regression occurs due to the severity of their brain injuries and/or comorbidity. Stacey brings in a different perspective from her years of experience and continued education which is often missing piece to an individual’s progress and success.

    It has been a privilege for me to know her and continuously learn from her, and it is an honour to have an opportunity to share my utmost respect of Stacey.

  • Amy Herring says:

    Stacey is hard-working, professional, detailed, and dedicated to the recoveries of her clients. She has regularly shown me different perspectives, and is able to provide creative and effective strategies to move our clients and their families forward. She can take a complicated situation, and look at it in manageable chunks, and is always ready to collaborate with the team to provide the best solutions. She is a joy to work with, and I have learned so much from her during our time working together. I highly recommend Stacey for this award!

  • Mario Papadopoulos MSW, RSW says:

    I am a social worker who has been working with Stacey for several years, providing treatment to individuals and families who have suffered from serious motor-vehicle accidents.

    Stacey is a highly skilled clinician, and an expert in her field. She provides clients and families with invaluable care, support, and treatment. She is very knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Clients and families are always appreciative of her her services, and Stacey is a strong and integral asset to the team.

    Stacey exemplifies professional excellence, and is truly deserving of this award. I always look forward to working collaboratively with Stacey and hope to see her dedication to her field recognized.

  • Colleen Boyce says:

    I have worked with Stacey for many years, and she is an absolute pleasure to have on the team. Stacey is so deserving of this nomination again (4th), demonstrating her credibility and recognition within the brain injury community. Her approach is innovative, client centred, ensuring families are part of the solution, and has a calm demeanor during often times very stressful situations. Stacey is professional, compassionate, creative, exemplary team player and solution focused. Stacey also gives back to the community and supports the brain injury associations with her expertise and experience. Congratulations on this nomination.

  • Nicole Galeotalanza says:

    Congratulations Stacey on this well-deserved nomination. You are such a phenomenal therapist, and you have such an incredible impact on people’s lives. I am always grateful to have you on a rehab team. 🙂

  • Maureen Dos Santos Medeiros-Diamantino says:

    I have had the pleasure of working with Stacey since my car accident in March of 2023. She has been a refreshing source of help for me since then. Her words of encouragement are strengthening. She has put a plan in place for me and has been following up ever since being deeply involved in my future well being. I couldn’t be more thankful and hope to keep her on my team of recovery forever!

  • Trisha Di Caro says:

    Stacey and I have been working along side each other for 18 years now. As a coworker, a business partner and a friend, Stacey and I have been through it all together. Stacey has this unique ability to make fast friends with anyone she meets. She makes others feel important, valued and respected in her every interaction. It is her authenticity that makes all of the difference and what makes her so special is that she genuinely cares about others, especially if they are in need. Stacey also has a skill set that sets the bar high. She has great instincts, can read a situation with precision and bring the team and client together effectively and create a comprehensive plan. She is a gem in the industry and I am so honoured to work along side her.

  • Anonymous says:

    Stacey has worked with both my boys intermittently over the past 6 years and has been an excellent therapist to both of them. She is approachable, knowledgeable, and very practical with her advice. I appreciate her professionalism and can always count on her to respond in a timely manner when something arises. I recommend Stacey frequently to friends, clients and educators. Congratulations Stacey on your nomination; it is well deserved!

  • Rachel Greenwood says:

    Congratulations Stacey! You’ve had a big impact on the files we’ve shared and I’m grateful. Our conversations and brainstorming ignite the long forgotten behaviour therapist in me, and I’m always impressed with your ideas and their implementation.

  • Camille Raghoo says:

    Stacey has worked with my girls. She has been an excellent therapist to both of them. She is approachable, knowledgeable, and very practical with her advice. I appreciate her professionalism and can always count on her to respond in a knowledgeable manner when something arises. She is very supportive of my girls. Congratulation Stacey on your nomination.

  • Nakema Walker says:

    I have worked with Stacy on some complex files in the past, as the rehab support worker, and her overall dedication to the client is worth highlighting. Congratulations Stay on your well deserved nomination!

  • Edward Kaplan says:

    Stacey is a wonderful clinician, who goes over and above for her clients. Her expertise, professionalism, empathy and collaboration with other professionals makes her beyond deserving of this award! Congratulations Stacey!

  • Suzanne G. says:

    Congratulations Stacey. You absolutely deserve this award and recognition for your excellent work!

  • Alison Foo says:

    Stacey is regularly generous to the Brain Injury Society of Toronto (BIST) and doesn’t want credit or recognition. Recently, she volunteered to work with the BIST Advocacy Committee and brain injury survivors to create and deliver a presentation about self advocacy and communication tips. She was nice, considerate, communicative, flexible, collaborative, open, and easy to work with. She presented it at the perfect pace, she knew exactly what to focus on, and she was professional while approachable. She also answered difficult audience questions with compassion, understanding and grace. We are SO SO grateful for her work and involvement with our non-profit organization and truly believe that she’s the best candidate for this award.

  • Victoria Sweetman says:

    Someone remarked that Stacey is like the “special sauce” on their rehabilitation team – Stacey is that and more. Stacey’s knowledge, constancy and collaborative style really does make a difference to the individual, family, and rehab team that she is working with. It is always a pleasure to have Stacey on a team.
    Congratulations on your well deserved nomination and recognition, Stacey!

  • Christy says:

    Congratulations, Stacey, on your well-deserved nomination. It’s not just your extensive knowledge that stands out, but also your compassionate way of handling difficult situations that makes a world of difference to your patients. Your genuine care and understanding have undoubtedly touched many lives. Wishing you all the best as you continue to make a meaningful impact in the world of brain health.

  • Michelle E G says:

    I am writing this testimonial to support the nomination of Stacey Levine; a truly remarkable behaviour therapist for the prestigious title of Healthcare Provider of the Year. It is with great enthusiasm and admiration that I endorse her for this honour.

    Her commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of her patients is nothing short of extraordinary. First and foremost, her care for her patients is unparalleled. She consistently goes above and beyond, taking the time to truly understand their unique needs and tailor her interventions accordingly. Stacey demonstrates an unwavering dedication to making a difference, never giving up on her clients and always pushing them towards reaching their full potential.

    In terms of knowledge, Stacey is truly a master of her craft. Her expertise in behaviour therapy is evident in her ability to accurately assess, analyze, and develop effective treatment plans. She continually stays up-to-date with the latest research and utilizes evidence-based practices to ensure the best outcomes for her patients. Her keen insights and ability to adapt her techniques are a testament to her dedication to providing the highest quality of care.

    What sets her apart is her unparalleled compassion. She genuinely cares for every one of her patients, treating them with kindness, respect, and empathy. She takes the time to build a strong rapport with her clients, creating a safe and trusting environment for them to grow and thrive. Her genuine concern for their well-being is heartwarming and truly makes a positive impact on their lives.

    Finally, her professionalism is exemplary. She upholds the highest ethical standards, maintaining strict confidentiality and always prioritizing the well-being of her patients. Her strong communication skills ensure that she effectively collaborates with other healthcare professionals, parents, and caregivers to ensure a comprehensive approach to care.

    In conclusion, it is without a doubt that Stacey Levine is more than deserving of the title of Healthcare Provider of the Year. Her unmatched care, knowledge, compassion, and professionalism make her an invaluable asset to the healthcare community. She is truly changing lives, making a positive impact, and exemplifying the qualities that we should all aspire to emulate.

    All the best, Stacey!

  • Amy Goldberg says:

    Congrats Stacey! Stacey is a highly skilled clinician, and a pleasure to work with. She is dedicated, knowledgeable, and creative, and she is so deserving of this award.

  • Kindree Alkins says:

    A huge congratulations on this nomination! I have had the pleasure of working with Stacey Levine for many years, supporting clients who have sustained a traumatic brain injury in the community and in NRIO residential programs. Stacey has been a Behavioural Therapist, providing consultative services to NRIO for many years and NRIO and our clients have benefitted immensely from her approach, incredible expertise, collaboration and understanding of our clients challenges and related sequela. Not only is she an incredible therapists, but she is also an incredible mentor, leader and teacher. She shares her experiences and strategies with health providers and professionals across the industry to help us serve the ABI population more effectively. She is so approachable and open to giving advice whenever asked. Our families and clients are lucky to have you as a therapist! Thank you for being the “rock” that we can all go to when seeking advice for managing challenging behaviours! You are incredible and so deserving of this award!

  • Milan Unarket says:

    I have worked with Stacey Levine for many years providing consultation with some very difficulty challenging behavioural issues in our traumatic brain injury patients.

    She is kinds, compassionate and has real world practical suggestions with a great collaborative approach.

    Any patient/team is lucky to have Stacey working with them and look forward to continue to working with her in the future.

  • Penny Rehaut says:

    Stacey, you absolutley deserve to win this award. You have always been so kind, patient and caring. Dedicated to helping others. Wishing you the best!
    Penny Rehaut and family.

  • Maureen Palmer says:

    Stacey is a unique and treasured resource in the ABI community- if you are lucky enough to have her on your team!! When the most challenging situations arise , Stacey is able to bring a wealth of knowledge and skilled expertise as a Behavior Therapist to implement protocols/strategies to support the client/family’s success at home, school, work or in the community. She has excellent insight, assessment and communication skills and a professional, evidence based practice that the entire team benefits and learns from. She is a delight to work with and her compassionate, collaborative & enthusiastic approach makes a meaningful difference in her client’s lives. Stacey congratulations on being nominated once again- you are so deserving of this award as Health Care Provider of the Year in Brain injury rehabilitation!!

  • Garvin Moses says:

    Congratulations Stacey! Although you often placed on complex files, you often have a habit of making them seem so easy

  • Tonya Flaming says:

    Stacey is a kind, dedicated, and very knowledgable member of the team. She’s always ready to jump in and offer advice. She’s very supportive of her clients, as well as other team members – providing them resources to better manage, or communicate with the client good luck, Stacey I really hope this is your year!!! It is well deserved!!

  • Sade Akande-Jones says:

    Congratulations on your nomination Stacey! It is always a pleasure to collaborate with you to support clients with achieving their goals. Your nomination is well deserved!

  • Leanne Shapiro says:

    I have worked with Stacey for over 11 years. She is a phenomenal therapist and colleague. You only have to meet her once to know how special she is.

    To her colleagues, she is a great resource and is always kind and generous with her time. Her knowledge of behavioural therapy and ABI is extensive and she is often the “go to” on a team. She is able to lead and guide the team well to enable the best outcome for the client. She is truly client centered.

    To her clients, she goes above and beyond for them and their families. She is a strong advocate. She is patient and kind and shares her knowledge at the pace the client and family needs. They are fortunate to have her expertise and guidance.

    I am constantly learning from Stacey. This nomination is very well deserved!

  • Melissa V says:

    Stacey is a true gem and leader in the world of ABI. This nomination is so well deserved. Over the years I have seen how Stacey works so hard on behalf of her clients and the ABI community. Above and beyond her day job, she also volunteers and donates to brain injury associations sharing her time and talents (and motivates her kids to help out too!). She takes the time to speak with anyone needing support and does her best to brain storm and be creative to ensure all needs are met. Well done Stacey, wishing you the best of luck!

  • Leigh Craney says:

    Congratulations on your nomination Stacey! Stacey brings unique and collaborative treatment approaches to treat such a vulnerable population. Always a calming presence and always there to support in a time of need, Stacey is a skilled and professional clinician who is amazing to work with.

  • Chiara says:

    Stacey is one of a kind in her field. She is incredibly knowledgeable, confident and dedicated. I have had the pleasure to work alongside Stacey over many years and have learned so much from her. Her focus on individualized needs of her clients and families sets her apart from many in our field. She is truly in this to make a difference in people’s lives and set them up for continued success in their future. There are few if any that deserve this award more than Stacey as her heart in in the right place and her guidance is a gift. Best of luck to you Stacey as you should be recognized for your talent and ability to positively change the lives of so many in such an incredible way daily.

  • Monique says:

    Stacey always finds time in her busy schedule to help with any issues we are having. Her advice is invaluable to our family. I feel more confident as a parent knowing Stacey is there to break down the situation and create a strategy to move forward.

  • Ashley Soryal says:

    It is always a pleasure working with Stacey – she brings such enthusiastic energy to her work and is immensely supportive of her clients. Congratulations on your nomination Stacey- so well deserved!!

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