Stacey Levine

Stacey Levine


Stacey Levine is a behaviour therapist and the co-founder and co-owner of Journey Rehabilitation and Behaviour Therapy. She provides intervention for both children and adults. Stacey graduated from University of Carleton in 1999 and was trained in applied behaviour analysis and other behavioural methods. Stacey has acquired extensive experience in the field of cognitive behaviour therapy through working with a diverse population in both clinical and community settings. Her education in psychology, behavioural management, behavioural counseling, intensive behaviour intervention, as well as her varied work experiences provide her with the knowledge, skills, and approaches to best meet the needs of her clients and their families and caregivers.

Stacey specializes in treating individuals with Brain Injuries, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Neurological and Developmental Disorders, and Psychiatric Disorders. She worked at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute for over 11 years in the in-patient acquired brain injury unit, and in the community for over 19 years. Stacey presented at the Brain Injury Society of Toronto (BIST) caregiver workshop in 2015 and 2016, and co-presented at the 2014 brain injury conference. She led a peer drop-in young adults group for BIST from 2017 to 2018. The young adults group included community outings in a non-pressured drop-in setting to help informally work on social skills and provide strategies for any issues they were experiencing. In 2017, Stacey was nominated for the health care provider of the year in the award of excellence in brain injury rehabilitation. She has also mentored and provided behaviour training workshops to a number of therapists in her field.

Stacey currently continues to run a brain injury parent support group for BIST which she began in 2018, and providing support and strategies for caregivers of those who have suffered brain injury. Stacey believes effective therapy starts with an open mind and an approach that sets no limits on what people can accomplish. She is committed to providing compassionate, professional, and skilled support to all her clients.

Journey Rehabilitation and Behaviour Therapy – www.journeyrehab.com

  • Tanya Zelyuk says:

    Stacey has been a great role model and teacher. She has guided me on a new career path. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and passing on what she has learned over her career . Her dedication to her clients and making sure they receive the best care possible is her priority. I have been fortunate to watch Stacey work with clients and always come back feeling inspired.

  • Paul says:

    Stacey in my opinion is highly motivated and passionate about her work. She genuinely cares for the wellbeing of her clients. She is a selfless individual who works tirelessly for the benefit and care of those she represents. Good luck Stacey.

  • Paula Vader says:

    Stacey is kind and compassionate. She goes above and beyond one’s expectations. She has always made herself available. She is encouraging and no issue is too big for her to tackle
    I feel Stacey truly deserves this award.

  • Carol says:

    Stacey was one of the professionals who we worked with and we still rave about her to this day. She is quick to response to an SOS situation and share her ideas on how to handle challenging situations. She is very consistent with her action plan and follow through. We are grateful to have her and she is indeed the Best of the Best!!!

    • Jocelyn Barrett says:

      Stacey ….. she is absolutely great, I think of her as a friend and a worker. And she pushes me to do great things . And I thank her for that,

  • Chiara De Lima says:

    Stacey you’re incredible. You are very deserving of this nomination. You have already won in this field with each and every individual you have helped and bettered their quality of life. We are all privileged to know you, work with you and see you in action. Thank you for all you do for this community. I wish there were an infinite amount of you for all to have the pleasure of working with. Best of luck.

  • Anonymous says:

    Stacey is an outstanding therapist. After many attempts to find a suitable therapist for my daughter, we finally found someone who understood her and her therapy requirements. She goes above and beyond what is required and has made a huge difference in our lives and that of our daughter and has given us all hope-what more can you ask for!

  • Anonymous says:

    My son has been working with numerous therapists for the past 7 years and without hesitation, he agrees that Stacey is one of the best. He said her understanding in OCD is beyond textbook knowledge. He appreciates her as a good listener and be able to set realistic expectations with him in every session. We are very blessed to have Stacey as our son’s therapist. She really cares. My son is feeling hopeful with Stacey to coach him in the journey ahead.

  • Cathie Percival says:

    I worked with Stacey Levine for all the years that she worked at Toronto Rehab and have followed her career since that time as well as she pursued a private practice.
    Of the many health care professionals in the field of brain injury I have worked with over the past thirty years, I hold Stacey in the highest regard for her thoughtful, innovative, determined and solution focussed approach to her work.
    She is always thinking of what intervention will be most effective with each person she works with.
    You could not have made a better choice for HCP of the year.

  • Alan Levine says:

    Stacey is fantastic.

  • Camille Raghoo says:

    Stacey is an outstanding therapist. After many attempts to find a suitable therapist for our daughters, we finally found someone who understood them and their therapy requirements. She goes above and beyond what is required and has made a huge difference in our lives and that of our daughters and has given us all hope. She is remarkable and I am appreciative of all she has done and doing for my daughters.. She surely deserves this award.

  • Greg Noack says:

    I worked with Stacey for several years at Toronto Rehab in Neurorehabilitaton. She was an amazing colleague and friend who always put her patients first. I was saddened when she decided to leave and work in the community. Sad for myself as I learned from her and her great ability to calm the behaviours brought on by a patient’s brain injury. She handled this with compassion and empathy. I am thrilled however for the patients who are now discharged, and can work with Stacey as I do recommend her when asked knowing they have an amazing clinician to help them beyond the hospital walls. So I am not surprised Stacey is excelling and is very deserving of such an award. She is a star that shines brightest for those who require assistance, and having her just in one hospital limited her potential to reach and help more of those in need.

  • Ellie Lapowich says:

    Stacey has provided Behavioural Therapy services for some of my most complex clients. Through her work, I have seen those individuals with whom I work make wonderful progress, both in their direct work with Stacey, as well as through her guidance to the treatment team, in relation to suggesting the best approaches to use to promote success. Stacey has consistently work hard to motivate her clients, and to allow them move closer towards attaining their goals. A well deserved nomination!

  • Jen Lyrintzis says:

    Stacey is very deserving of this nomination. She is an incredible person and therapist.

  • Maureen Palmer says:

    Stacey is a compassionate and a very skilled behaviour therapist who works with the most complex clients/families with various levels of disability . She is able to thoughtfully assess the client support needs and is a tremendous resource to the Families & Team & client-in supporting innovative and effective strategies and interventions; in dynamic and challenging situations! She’s very collaborative, caring and the first call when we need behavioural guidance. Stacey is very deserving of this nomination!

  • Gila Karp says:

    There are a number of people who touch our clients’ lives at certain points along their journey of rehabilitation. When Stacey Levine enters the lives of her clients, they are forever changed and forever grateful for having met her, and for the growth she has helped them achieve behaviourally, cognitively, physically, and personally.

    Stacey’s gift lies in her absolute passion and commitment to her clients. She has developed an arsenal to deal with the joys, the sorrows, and everyday challenges that her clients face in their lives following a life-changing injury. In the many years that I have worked with Stacey, I have come to value and appreciate her expertise, insight, empathy and true dedication to the ABI profession. She has been extremely valuable in helping her clients identify and build on their strengths. With her support, her clients have learned how to target areas to work on, allowing for personal growth and recovery.

    Stacey is an integral part of any team that supports clients in their quest for a healthy mind, body and spirit. I always highly recommend Stacey without reservation, as she has been vital in helping her clients return to function and embrace new beginnings.

  • Nancy Olmsted says:

    Stacey is very deserving of this nomination. Her commitment, dedication and professional expertise sets the bar high for others to follow.
    I have had the pleasure to work with Stacey over the years. She is unbelievable and was an incredible asset to the team.
    Her ability to provide effective strategies and client interventions were instrumental in managing our mutual
    ABI clients. Congrats Stacey. You are an inspiration for all healthcare professionals. Thanks for just being you! Nancy Olmsted, Olmsted Physiotherapy

  • Rhona Feldt-Stein says:

    I have had the privilege of working with Stacey Levine, Behaviour Therapist from Journey Rehabilitation for over 10 years. Stacey’s inherent insight into a client’s needs, understanding of their function and the issues that guide them make her a key and invaluable treatment specialist. Stacey’s education and background in Applied Behaviour Analysis and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy have provided so much value to the team in their appreciation of a client’s issues and how to work cooperatively for the better good of the client.

    Stacey is passionate about working for the best outcomes of her clients. She goes out of her way and gives so much of herself to ensure their success. She is a natural born teacher, guiding team members, teachers, support staff and parents in best practice techniques for the client.

    As an Occupational Therapist with many years of experience, I continue to learn and grow in my work with Stacey. She is a great supporter to those she works with and is a responsible and consummate professional as a team member. Stacey’s skills and contribution to her clients and those she works with is well deserving of this prestigious recognition.

  • Dr. Abe Snaiderman says:

    I am pleased to write this testimony for Stacey Levine to support her nomination for health care provider of the year.

    I met Stacy in 2002 when she started working at the Acquired Brain Injury NeuroRehabilitation program here at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute.

    Stacey became an integral part of my allied health team and a highly valued asset to our patients.

    She has a natural ability to empathize with patients and their families and use that empathy to connect with them in a most sophisticated therapeutic way.

    Over the years, Stacey has developed her skills further and has become my go-to professional when dealing with patients in the community suffering from behavioural issues.

    She has dealt with very difficult cases in a professional and ethical manner, achieving results that surpass my expectations given how difficult her case load was (and is).

    I was saddened when she decided to leave T.R.I. in order to pursue her own private practice; we lost a gifted behavioural therapist. The community gained a gifted therapist.

    I continue to benefit from her expertise in the cases we follow together. She is a pleasure to work with.

    Her commitment and work-ethic are outstanding.

    Stacey has been able to build her private practice from the ground up while being a full time single mother of two. The fact that she does both roles so well would be enough testament to her courage, capacity, intelligence and commitment.

    Notwithstanding her heavy workload, Stacey has volunteered her time for two of my video projects. Despite the long hours they required, she never once complained, always wore her well known smile and provided invaluable help.

    There are people on this earth that leave an indelible mark in those they interact with. Stacey is one of the select few that fit that designation.

    I would strongly recommend that Stacey Levine be awarded the health care provider of the year for her many years of service, her integrity, commitment, capacity and clinical success with difficult cases.

    She deserves to be recognized by us, her co-workers and peers.

  • Nevena Moylan says:

    I have known Stacey for over 5 years now and have worked with her on many mutual files. Stacey has always demonstrated compassion, empathy, and dedication to all of our clients. She is hard working, fosters open communication with all team members, and collaborates with the rest of the team to ensure that the client receives optimal care. I highly value Stacey as a healthcare professional and always look forward to working with her! 

  • Samson Sui says:

    My son has been working with numerous therapists for the past 7 years and without hesitation, he agrees that Stacey is one of the best. He said her understanding in OCD is beyond textbook knowledge. He appreciates her as a good listener and be able to set realistic expectations with him in every session. We are very blessed to have Stacey as our son’s therapist. She really cares. My son is feeling hopeful with Stacey to coach him in the journey ahead.

  • Colleen Boyce says:

    Stacey is a Behavioural Therapist and a joint owner/operator of Journey Rehabilitation. I have known Stacey for many years and I am always in awe with her knowledge, innate ability to communicate with the client, families or referral sources and extremely client centred. Stacey is always professional, caring, compassionate and extremely dedicated and committed to what she does.

    Stacey is always highly recommended to join a rehabilitation team, as she works well within a team, and is an invaluable team player. She has exceptional behavioural skills and “just gets it” with certain clients. She is always a pleasure to have on the team.

    She has good relationships with insurers and lawyers alike and supports the rehabilitation team.

    Stacey is innovative and always looking at programmes to further enhance a client’s recovery, and researching/reviewing other rehab models that may work for the client, the family or the team.

    I can vouch for Stacey’s integrity, honesty, professionalism and commitment to her clients, families, the rehab team and everyone involved with the long term needs of a client, as well as the brain injury community, and it is my pleasure to call her a professional and trustworthy colleague.

    Stacey is deserving of this recognition and the recipient of this award.

  • Melissa Vigar says:

    Stacey has been a huge asset to BIST over the past few years. She previously volunteered her time to run a workshop for family members on communication strategies when working with individuals with ABI, a workshop in which we received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from all attendees.

    Stacey also currently facilitates our Parent Support Group and is a beloved member of the BIST team. She is reliable, collaborative and a strong communicator with staff, members, students and volunteers. Her knowledge, experience and ability to share both in a genuinely warm way is a huge asset to our team and the population we support.

    We believe Stacey is very deserving of this award and wish her the best of luck.

  • Erin Spencer says:

    I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Levine on a number of MVA files over the past several years. For each client she has been an integral element to changing the client’s rehabilitation trajectory. Ms. Levine has had a tangible effect on her clients’ lives, and the true impact and breadth of her involvement is invaluable. Her reputation precedes her as an essential component for behaviourally complex files, and she is the ‘go to’ professional when clients struggle to engage in treatment or make progress with their goals. Her compassion, professionalism and ability to go above and beyond are unparalleled. I believe strongly that Ms. Levine is deserving of this award in order to recognize her for her dedication, hard work and talent in the field of rehabilitation and brain injury.

  • James & Lori Lawn says:

    My wife and I met Stacey Levine in the spring of 2019 and in just these few short months she has helped transform our lives. Our son is 19 years old and almost from birth our family has struggled. The milestones that parents worry about their children hitting were not being met. He walked very late, spoke very late, he was always frustrated and in bad moods. We had him to many doctors, pediatricians, developmental experts all of whom offered opinions but none gave us the support we needed.

    Throughout his school year’s he struggled badly to keep up, and in high school it was a race between the teachers and our son to get out of school as fast as possible. It was in his final two years of school that things dramatically changed. He became incredibly anxious about everything, his minor OCD spiraled out of control and he was angry all the time. He was never violent but he was relentless, and it was then that we started having to use the police to try to restore peace. On one of their many visits one of the mental health teams suggested that I go to the Justice of the Peace to force him into the hospital for help. We did that and his doctor put him on Prozac, Risperidone and Ativan, which did help his anxiety levels. However, though he was now getting some professional help my wife and were still on our own. The drugs helped but we were still in way over our heads with no idea of how to help him.

    It was around this time that we were given Stacey’s contact information. We reached out to her and after a lengthy first call where we bared our souls she told us something we never thought we would ever hear, Stacey said “I believe I can help you”. We arranged our first meeting a few days later and when we sat down Stacey had a plan to give our son the parental support he needed. Stacey showed us that throughout the years the very way we parented had led to many of the issues we now had to deal with. She did this constructively, gently showing us how in each situation we discussed our instincts had let him down. It became very clear in that meeting that Stacey’s plan was for us to regain control of our home, regain our happiness that had been long lost but most importantly give us the tools to help our son transform his life for the better.

    Since following Stacey’s plan our son is doing things he hadn’t done in years and our quality of life is much better. We are no longer hostages in our own home and we no longer walk on eggshells worrying about upsetting our son. We have a long way to go but with Stacey’s help, we are very confident that our entire family will have a better quality of life.

  • Nicole Galeotalanza says:

    It is a pleasure and privilege to write this letter on behalf of Stacey Levine to support her nomination for Healthcare Provider of the Year. I have worked with Stacey on some very complex pediatric files over the past several years and I can attest she is truly deserving of this award I also nominated and voted for Stacey in 2017 when she previously nominated for the same award.

    As a Behaviour Therapist, Stacey is typically referred to a case when there is conflict or challenging behaviours affecting a client’s recovery. Given her role, she rarely walks into easy situations, but she is able to do so with confidence, compassion, ease and respect for the client. On many occasions, Stacey has rearranged her schedule to assist a family in crisis; and she has been known to (go above and beyond) by staying late to ensure there is a level of stability in the home before she leaves and updates the team of any ongoing situations and strategies for the next scheduled therapist. Many clients, families and team members have commented on how grateful they are for Stacey’s support and how wonderful she is to work with. Stacey’s calming demeanor, professionalism, knowledge, empathy and genuine interest to help others is why I refer Stacey to my files and why I believe she is a deserving recipient of this award should receive this award.

    Stacey is deserving of this nomination and recognition; and I highly recommend her for this award.

    • Victoria Sweetman says:

      Stacey is my go-to Behaviour Therapist, not because I know her phone number by heart at this point in our careers but because there has never been an individual, family member or community team member whom she not impressed with her knowledge, innovative thinking, persistence, dedication, compassion, professionalism, sense of humour and that always calm demeanour.
      Stacey’s contribution to the rehabilitation and quality of life for individuals who are struggling with behavioural challenges, to their significant others, and to the rehab team is significant and always inspires.
      Stacey is most deserving of this nomination and for recognition as a valued member of the ABI rehab community.

  • Erin Spencer says:

    Thank you for taking the time to review this testimonial in support of Ms. Stacey Levine and her nomination for Healthcare Provider of the Year.

    I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Levine on a number of MVA files over the past several years. Client profiles have ranged from severe brain injury to complex psycho-emotional challenges. On each file she has consistently demonstrated a superb ability to communicate and collaborate on client goals and provide direction for team interventions. For each client she has been an integral element to changing the client’s rehabilitation trajectory. On one of our files, the client suffered from a severe brain injury along with depression, anxiety and aggressive behaviour. This particular client refused to engage with his healthcare providers due to low activity tolerance and poor insight into his needs. Ms. Levine was brought onto the team to lend her expertise for this particularly challenging individual. Within a matter of sessions, she was able to engage with the client and provide effective team direction so that the client could begin participating in necessary and team-based rehabilitative efforts. Following her involvement, the client was able to engage in his home and community-based activities, became an active participant in therapy, and developed appropriate insight into his abilities and limitations. Without her contributions it is unlikely that the client would have been able to engage in his rehabilitation, resulting in a severe impact on his recovery.

    Although this is only one example of how Ms. Levine has had a tangible effect on one person’s life, the true impact and breadth of her involvement is invaluable. Her reputation precedes her as an essential component for behaviourally complex files, and she is the ‘go to’ professional when clients struggle to engage in treatment or make progress with their goals. Her compassion, professionalism and ability to go above and beyond are unparalleled. I believe strongly that Ms. Levine is deserving of this award in order to recognize her for her dedication, hard work and talent in the field of rehabilitation and brain injury.

  • Rasha Masad says:

    I had the privilege of receiving training from Stacey Levine, and the honour to work with her for the past twelve years. Her natural qualities which include kindness, compassion, and empathy combined with her continuous learning, extensive experience, and individualized approach is only a portion of why she is most deserving of receiving this award. Stacey continuously demonstrates that even the most challenging clients can progress when they are in the right hands. She not only provides support to her client’s and their families, she plays a major role in the team as well, providing support and guidance to other professionals involved. She is the most passionate, hard working and dedicated provider I have ever met. I consider myself extremely lucky to have opportunities to learn from her, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award.

  • Jason Arkwell says:

    Stacey has worked with me for years because of a brain injury I sustained 10 years ago. Because of her I’ve been able to work through a lot of my problems and in the end generate a positive recovery. She is selfless, compassionate, and honest. Great person to work with.

  • Myra Sourkes says:

    I believe that Stacey Levine is the most deserving recipient of the Health Care Provider of the Year Award from the Ontario Brain Injury Association this year.
    I have known Stacey Levine for well over 15 years.  During that time, she has been the behavior therapist supervising interventions for my two sons with Autism Spectrum Disorder and developmental delays, who are now young adults.  Stacey has been and continues to be an invaluable member of our team.  
    Stacey’s behavioral interventions with my sons have been very effective over the years.  She has a completely individualized approach to her work with them, always recognizing their particular issues, never using “a one-size-fits-all” approach.  She is consistent yet flexible, and has repeatedly modified the interventions to meet their changing needs as they have grown.  She is generous with her time.  She has strong instructional control with both of them and they know she is consistent and they respect her.  In addition, she is very personable and my sons really like her and look forward to her visits. 
    She is an effective supervisor of the support workers who work with my sons, and her advice is always appreciated.  She has provided sensitive and wise counsel to my husband and me on many occasions during difficult times with my sons.  She has participated in many group discussions at my sons’ schools, day programs and leisure groups, and has been creative and skillful in these settings.  She is respectful of other points of view, and is diplomatic, while at the same time being quietly forceful about her own point of view.  Her advice has almost invariably turned out to be the best approach.
    In my professional life, I am a neurologist, and I work with people who have experienced traumatic brain injuries.  I know that all the qualities and skills which I have outlined above in describing Stacey Levine’s work with my children are equally pertinent in the rehabilitation of people with traumatic brain injuries.  Thus, based on both my personal and professional experience, I strongly and without reservation recommend Stacey Levine, an outstanding health care provider, for the OBIA Health Care Provider of the Year Award.

  • Trisha Di Caro says:

    Stacey and I met in 2005 working at Toronto Rehab together. We immediately had a connection because of our behavioural training experience and shared interests and values. Stacey is a dynamic person. She is strong and knowledgeable, kind and caring, empathetic and sweet. Everyone who knows Stacey immediately loves her. Her ability to connect with clients is outstanding and she has the knowledge and experience to illicit change in their lives. Stacey is a wonderful friend and business partner and very deserving of being recognized for all that she does.

  • Nancy says:

    Stacey is very knowledgeable and inspires confidence in her clients. They take her seriously, leading to changes that might not otherwise happen.

  • Tonya Flaming says:

    I have worked with Stacey for several years and her knowledge and expertise in behavioural therapy are invaluable. She is an amazing team player who I often go to for advice on how to handle challenging clients or situations. Quite often we deal with clients who do not want to engage in therapy and Stacey supports the team in developing strategies to help the client engage. I strongly and without reservation recommend Stacey Levine for the OBIA Health Care Provider of the Year Award. It is well deserved!!

  • Simi Singh says:

    I have had the pleasure of working with Stacey for over 5 years.

    During this time I have gotten to know a wonderful person who is extremely passionate about her work.

    Stacey not only supports the person she is working with but ensures that the person’s entire support team is supported.

    Stacey and I have worked through many difficult situations I can honestly say there is no other BT that I would rather work with!!

  • Randi Greenberg says:

    What an honour it is for me to have this opportunity to talk about someone I greatly admire & respect.
    If I write down all the reasons I feel Stacey is worthy of winning this award of excellence  – you would likely be reading my document for days on end, as it would be more like a book rather than a page.  However, I have shortened my insert and summed it up hoping not to diminish any of my passion.

    I have known Stacey for over 10 years now. I met her when my son was approximately 6 years old.  Not only did he have almost no vocabulary at the time, but his behaviour was quite unmanageable. My husband & I were very concerned about his future and I can only speak for myself in saying that I feared the absolute worst. 

    Then came  Stacey….

    Stacey stepped into our lives at a time when clouds seem to loom- but with her incredible sense of urgency, knowledge and confidence- she knew exactly what path had to be taken, and she immediately set out to implement the new road map from  A-Z. 

    She worked with my son on a one on one basis for quite some time, and then after several years,  she hired other therapists whom she trained to help carry out her plan. Throughout all therapies, Stacey remained hands-on, whether she was directly working with my son, or she was directing and managing his programs. Her input never ceased. 

    And looking back, his progress has been astounding over the years. In fact, at times, my son talks so much that I have to ask him to stop so I can think lol – and although there are always challenges to overcome- the clouds have cleared to a great extent.
    I trust Stacey implicitly, and I know that as we approach new hurdles- I can always call her to help get us through. She is incredibly knowledgeable & capable and she is always there to guide and navigate us through new waters. 

    Not only is Stacey incredible in her field of expertise, but she is also an exemplary human being in all aspects of her life. 

    Stacey is a single mother who always puts her kids and family first. She’s a great friend to all those who have the good fortune of being a part of her life.

    I feel lucky to call Stacey my friend. 

    Going back to Stacey’s professional life – her passion, experience, knowledge and dedication towards helping people with all kinds of special needs is simply remarkable. 

    Stacey deserves to win the annual award of excellence –  she deserves to wear this prestigious gold medal.

    Thank you for allowing me to praise this most deserved person, this outstanding human being, Stacey M. Levine 

  • Claudia Correia says:

    I have had the privilege of working closely with Stacey on numerous files over the years. Stacey is a dedicated professional, who puts the needs of her clients first. She is a team player. She values and takes into account ideas and suggestions from team members to ensure that her clients are getting the maximum benefit from a collaborative treatment approach. Her knowledge and experience in the field of brain injury care, and behavioural therapy make her an asset to any team. It is always a pleasure to work with Stacey.

  • Marissa Sylver says:

    I would like to take the opportunity to nominate this amazing therapist, Stacey Levine, for Health Care Provider of the Year.

    I first met Stacey when she presented a behaviour training workshop for The Social Work Consulting Group a few years ago. I remember how refreshing it was to see her amazing energy and confidence. She was so fluent and knowledgeable in her area of expertise that I walked away from that workshop armed with more skills and techniques to incorporate into my practice. I also remember thinking to myself, “this is someone I need to work with in the future”. Fast forward to May 2018 when I was working with a young adult who seemed stuck in a pattern of certain behaviours. I reached out to Stacey for help and she happily came on board! (Lucky for us all!) Stacey jumped right in and worked extremely hard to help this client with a very chaotic and unorganized life, both mentally and physically. She was able to tackle issues the client had been struggling with for quite a long time. She assisted him in organizing his room, provided calendars for scheduling and organizing events and helped him see the need for timelines. She worked on focusing him on maintaining a healthy lifestyle regarding food management (ie: grocery shopping) and food preparation. She provided a great deal of emotional support as well as provided extra support when the client asked. Stacey went above and beyond the norm, to ensure success would stick for a challenging individual. She worked on following up and encouraging the changes and fostering a healthy transition that made it happen. And it was such a pleasure to see that she did it with grace and ease, her calm and structured approach resonated with the rest of the team. The client, in the end, had made incredible strides in his functioning, it was remarkable. Stacey also collaborated and shared with the whole team how to best meet the needs of this client. Stacey has always been so positive, so engaging and so very lovely to work with! She makes herself available whenever we have questions or need advice, and she always steers us in the right direction. Stacey has been the most outstanding, talented therapist I have ever had the opportunity to work with. She has carved out a niche for herself that is so uniquely and beautifully hers. I cannot wait to work with Stacey again in the near future. Being nominated for Health Care Provider of the Year is something she truly is deserving of.

  • Amy Caldwell says:

    I have now had the privilege to work with Stacey with multiple clients. I have observed while working with her that she always goes above and beyond for her clients. She is dynamic in her approach to care and always has several ideas and strategies to help her clients. Stacey meets clients where they are in their rehabilitation journey and helps them move towards their goals at a pace that works for them. She helps find solutions by taking a client and family centered approach for her young clients.

    As a team member, Stacey always is diligent in her communication and updates to ensure the team is working together towards common goals and use of strategies.  Stacey is a valuable team member and is so deserving of this reward.

  • Craig Miller says:

    It is my pleasure to vote for Stacey Levine as health care provider of the year. I have known Stacey for over 17 years with our relationship beginning at Toronto Rehab, when we both worked as Rehab Therapists on the brain injury inpatient unit. Stacey immediately stood out among the staff as someone who was especially focused and determined when it came to helping our patients. Her ability to apply knowledge in unique and effective ways for issues large and small made her a valuable team member. Just as important is Stacey’s capacity for empathy, which was clear from the start of her time at Toronto Rehab, as she always ensured patients’ emotional well being was taken into consideration, something we don’t always remember to do in health care. Another key part of Stacey’s success is her ability to form lasting, positive relationships with coworkers, volunteers, families and of course, her clients. I, myself, have benefitted from my own relationship with Stacey which we still manage to maintain, despite her departure from Toronto Rehab many years ago. One aspect of Stacey’s work ethic which I believe is undervalued, is that she does not hesitate to seek others opinions, integrate them into her work and then share the credit with others whenever deserved. Stacey just wants the best for her clients and her openness helps make that happen. Lastly, I want to mention Stacey’s courage, which may seem to be a strange attribute to highlight here. However, one only needs to consider how much work with so many clients she has done and in the face of challenging, unusual, unrelenting and aggressive behaviour. With this courage it is clear she has helped so many individuals and helped to heal so many families. These and so many other reasons, are why Stacey is deserving of this award.

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