Stacey Levine

Stacey Levine


Stacey Levine is a behaviour therapist and the co-founder and co-owner of Journey Rehabilitation and Behaviour Therapy. She provides intervention for both children and adults. Stacey graduated from the University of Carleton in 1999 and trained in applied behaviour analysis and other behavioural methods. Stacey has acquired extensive experience in the field of cognitive behaviour therapy through working with a diverse population in both clinical and community settings. Her education in psychology, behavioural management, behavioural counselling, intensive behaviour intervention, and her varied work experiences provide her with the knowledge, skills, and approaches to best meet the needs of her clients and their families and caregivers.

Stacey specializes in treating individuals with Brain Injuries, Mental Health Disorders, Neurological and Developmental Disorders, and Psychiatric Disorders. She worked at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute for over 11 years in the in-patient acquired brain injury unit and in the community for over 20 years. Stacey led a peer drop-in young adults’ group for the Brain Injury Society of Toronto (BIST) from 2017 to 2018. The young adults’ group included community outings in a non-pressured drop-in setting to help informally work on social skills and provide strategies for any issues they were experiencing. Stacey facilitated a brain injury parents’ support group for BIST from 2018 to 2020, providing support and strategies for caregivers of those who have suffered brain injuries. Stacey is currently providing volunteering services for a support group with BIST since 2022, focusing on advocacy and self-advocacy strategies. She has also mentored and provided behaviour training workshops to many therapists, family members and care providers in her field.

Stacey presented at the Brain Injury Society of Toronto (BIST) caregiver workshop in 2015 and 2016 and co-presented at the 2014 brain injury conference. In 2020, Stacey presented at the Brain Injury Association of Peel and Halton (BIAPH) conference; her topic was on strategies to manage changes in behaviour following TBI, with a focus on dysregulation, disinhibition, and confabulation. Stacey provided an educational workshop with the Brain Injury Association of York Region (BIAYR) in 2022, covering strategies to manage dysregulation and optimize coping abilities. Journey Rehabilitation and Behaviour Therapy is also a proud 2022 silver sponsor of BIAYR.

Stacey was nominated for the health care provider of the year in the award of excellence in brain injury rehabilitation in 2017 and 2019. She is currently volunteering for brain injury-related educational sessions since 2018, supporting caregivers and brain injury survivors suffering from ongoing behavioural and emotional challenges during these changing dynamics. She comes up with new strategies and tools to help survivors function at their best and caregivers learn ways to cope and adapt to the changes. Stacey believes effective therapy starts with an open mind and an approach that sets no limits on what people can accomplish. She is committed to providing compassionate, professional, and skilled support to all her clients.

Journey Rehabilitation and Behaviour Therapy – www.journeyrehab.com

  • Suzanne Bogle says:

    She puts her heart and soul into everything she’s does. She is both passionate and dedicated to her clients.

  • Rhona Feldt-Stein says:

    It has been my extreme honour and privilege to work with Stacey on many paediatric head injured cases these past 15 years. Stacey is a true professional who has a wealth of knowledge at her fingertips and the keen ability to think on her feet in any situation.

    Stacey’s education in psychology, applied behaviour analysis, development and head injury management provides her clients and those she works with, with a well-sourced approach to treatment. Stacey is an important team member, often going the extra mile for her clients while leading the team and managing the goals for her clients.

    Stacey continues to ensure her clients are well supported and that treatment approaches are up to date and relevant. She does this by attending on-going training and education as well as conferences and seminars.

    Stacey’s empathy, sense of humor, charisma, willingness to share her resources and knowledge, and utmost professionalism make her so deserving of the Health Care Provider Award.

  • Arlene Alter says:

    Congratulations Stacey on an impressive career
    with years of helping those with brain injury as well as their families.
    Well done

  • Ronit Velde says:

    Stacey is an expert in the field and brings passion to her work.

  • Aviva Koffman says:

    Stacey is dedicated to her clients as seen through her passion and extreme knowledge in her field. Stacey is an exemplar for therapists.

  • Sarah Warren says:

    Stacey is extremely knowledgeable, professional and collaborative. She is dedicated to her clients and a wonderful colleague to work with.

  • Kylie James says:

    Stacey is extremely professional and personable. She establishes rapport and connections with her clients quickly and is a team player.  She collaborates with the rehab team to help facilitate the best outcomes for her clients. Stacey is such an integral part of the rehab team when working with behaviorally challenging clients.

  • Susanna Siu says:

    Stacey is very compassionate. From the way she attends to my son’s treatment, I can tell this is not just a career to her, she has a big heart to change lives. She is God sent to our family.

  • Alyssa De Luca says:

    Stacey has been such a wonderful help in the rehabilitation of my father l, following a motor-vehicle accident where he sustained a very severe traumatic brain injury. She is kind, understanding, and compassionate, and wonderful to work with. Stacey is smart, effective and realistic with employing tools that are manageable in our day to day lives. We so greatly appreciate all of her help and are happy to have found her!

  • Colleen Boyce says:

    Stacey is an excellent Behavioural Therapist and comes up with creative, innovative and out of the box strategies to support clients, the families and the rehab team. We have worked together for many years and I am in awe at her professionalism, dedication and passion for the often times very difficult work she does. Congratulations and well deserved.

  • Gila Karp says:

    There are a number of people who touch our clients’ lives at certain points along their journey of rehabilitation. When Stacey Levine enters the lives of her clients, they are forever changed and forever grateful for having met her, and for the growth she has helped them achieve behaviourally, cognitively, physically, and personally.

    Stacey’s gift lies in her absolute passion and commitment to her clients. She has developed an arsenal to deal with the joys, the sorrows, and everyday challenges that her clients face in their lives following a life-changing injury. In the many years that I have worked with Stacey, I have come to value and appreciate her expertise, insight, empathy and true dedication to the ABI profession. She has been extremely valuable in helping her clients identify and build on their strengths. With her support, her clients have learned how to target areas to work on, allowing for personal growth and recovery.

    Stacey is an integral part of any team that supports clients in their quest for a healthy mind, body and spirit. I always highly recommend Stacey without reservation, as she has been vital in helping her clients return to function and embrace new beginnings.

  • Bob Scott says:

    I suffered a catastrophic brain injury 10 years ago and although my rehabilitation in general has gone very well there have been some significant negative ramifications which have really been problematic over the last couple years. Because of COVID-19, my wife (Loretta) and I have spent significantly more time together than ever before and have frequently got into intense arguments. Although my personal physician increased the sertraline medication dosage prescription to address my mood swings, angry outbursts, etc. it was strongly recommended that I start meeting with Stacey Levine to learn techniques & strategies to counter some of these issues that are a direct result of my ABI. My experience with Stacey has been fantastic and the techniques/approaches/strategies that she has taught me have helped to improve my spousal relationship immeasurably. My wife and I now really listen to each other’s point of view and engage in productive discussions, even if we disagree, to find a compromise position that we can both accept. Although I am a very stubborn man and used to doing things MY way, Stacey‘s compassion, style and approach allowed me to fully accept and adopt the suggestions that she made. I firmly believe that Loretta and my relationship would not be in the good place that it is if not for Stacey’s suggestions, guidance and constant support!

  • Mira Kolm says:

    Smart, knowledgeable, passionate about her clients – a true professional that I feel lucky to have known over these many years.

  • Nicole Galeotalanza says:

    I feel honored to be writing this letter for Ms. Stacey Levine, Behaviour Therapist, in support of her nomination for Healthcare Provider of the Year 2022. This nomination is written directly from my heart because I truly cannot think of anyone who is more deserving of this recognition, and worthier of celebration than Stacey. I struggle to find the “perfect” words to accurately describe her, and the substantial impact and meaningful contributions she’s made (and continues to make) within the ABI community.

    Stacey has an incredible ability to develop genuine and compassionate connections with her clients, which in turn allows them to experience an improved quality of life. Stacey has a strong skillset; but more importantly she always practices with a calming demeanor; steadfast professionalism and integrity; and she is always seeking and actualizing opportunities to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. These consistent qualities and characteristics are why I do not hesitate to refer Stacey to my files, time and time again, and why I truly feel she deserves to be the recipient of this years Healthcare Provider of the Year.

    A Behaviour Therapist is referred to a case when there is conflict or challenging behaviours and barriers affecting a client’s recovery. When it comes to Stacey, she is highly sought out for some of the most complex behavioural cases resulting from an acquired brain injury. Given Stacey’s role as a Behaviour Therapist, she rarely walks into easy situations; however, it is in these challenging situations that Stacey demonstrates confidence, compassion, ease and genuine respect for the client and their family. During my time working with Stacey, she has on many occasions, rearranged her schedule to assist a family in crisis, and squeezed in a new client because a team required her expertise. She has also demonstrated that she will go above and beyond her role when needed, for example, extending her session to ensure there is a level of stability in the home before she leaves; then updating the team of any on-going situations and strategies for the next scheduled therapist. This level of professionalism, expertise and commitment to her clients is yet another reason why Stacey deserves to be recognized and honoured as this years Healthcare Provider of the Year.

    As a team member, Stacey is known for her exceptional ability to collaborate with medical and rehab professionals alike. Stacey is highly respected by various medical and rehab professionals in the motor vehicle accident industry and private care sector. Her unique skillset, professionalism, and authenticity are just some of the characteristics that sets Stacey apart from the other nominees. Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Stacey, let alone working with Stacey, knows that she is a genuine, kind-hearted individual who is truly passionate about helping others.

    In summary, I would like to acknowledge that I nominated and voted for Stacey in both 2017 and 2019, when she was previously nominated for the same award. I also would like to acknowledge that although Stacey is nominated along side some other excellent professionals, she no doubt stands out among them all. I truly believe this is Stacey’s year to be recognized as Healthcare Provider of the Year. I consider Stacey to be, by far, one of the most knowledgeable, collaborative, professional, kind and supportive professionals in this industry. Her drive is fueled by her compassion and empathy, and I truly cannot think of anyone more deserving to be the recipient for the 2022, Healthcare Provider of the Year.

  • Rasha says:

    I have known Stacey professionally for over a decade and can honestly say I have not encountered anyone with this level of passion, dedication, and knowledge. She supports her clients and their families with individuated approaches and strategies that are delivered with care and respect ensuring people’s dignity. It has been an honour and a privilege learning from Stacey over the years and she is so deserving of this nomination and award.

  • Anastasia Mantas says:

    Stacey goes above and beyond for her clients. Her strategies, techniques and passion make a world of a difference for our clients. Watching the progress she makes with patients is amazing!

  • Trisha Di Caro says:

    I have had the pleasure of working along side Stacey for the past 17 years. Stacey is an exceptional therapist and human being. She is supportive, loving, kind and an expert in the field. She brings a unique skill set and strength that benefits any team and client that has the pleasure of working with her. On both a personal and professional level Stacey is one of my favourite people.

  • Trisha Di Caro says:

    I have had the pleasure of working along side Stacey for the past 17 years. Stacey is an exceptional therapist and human being. She is supportive, loving, kind and an expert in the field. She brings a unique skill set and strength that benefits any team and client that has the pleasure of working with her. On both a personal and professional level Stacey is one of my favourite people.

  • Ellie Lapowich says:

    Stacey is an amazing Behaviour Therapist. She is kind, caring, compassionate and meets the clients where they are. Stacey is incredibly helpful, especially on the most complex files, and is happy to work collaboratively with teams to help clients move forward and work towards their goals.
    A well deserved nomination!

  • Daniella Caskie says:

    I have had the pleasure of working with Stacey on complex ABI files. Stacey goes above and beyond for clients and team members. She is highly collaborative, extremely client-centred, and provides very clear and insightful recommendations/suggestions for clients and fellow team members. She is very quick to build rapport with others (as she is so relatable and personable!) and her reports are thorough and professional. Stacey has also generously donated her time and expertise to the Brain Injury Association of York Region, doing presentations on behavioural management. Members have always provided nothing but positive feedback and gratitude for the education she has shared!

    This nomination is so well deserved, Stacey! Looking forward to our next file together 🙂

  • Joanne Smith says:

    I have had the pleasure of working with Stacey for many years and witnessed first-hand her dedication to assisting her clients. Her depth of knowledge, skills, support and endless enthusiasm to help her clients’ overcome obstacles, achieve their personal goals and reintegrate into the community is unsurpassed. I fully endorse Stacey’s nomination for Health Care Provider of the Year and believe her compassion and work should be recognized and celebrated!

  • Jorge Andres Steinmetz says:

    Well deserved nomination.

  • Jim Wiswell says:

    Well deserved award. She is a great listener. Takes every concern seriously. Always available to address my concerns.
    She is good at zoom meetings. Savvy at new technology. A real asset to my medical team. Good luck

  • Kindree Alkins says:

    I have had the pleasure and honor of working with Stacey Levine for the past 5 years, supporting NRIO’s residential rehabilitation programs and clients who have suffered a traumatic brain injury.

    We have learned so much from Stacey since she started with NRIO as a consultant Behavioral Therapist in 2018. Her expertise, knowledge and client-centered approach is outstanding and admirable. She takes the time and care to really understand root cause and is so compassionate and understanding in her approach. She takes the time to collaborate and work closely with family members to ensure they feel apart of the care team and decision making.

    A huge congratulations for receiving this nomination and you are so deserving of this award!

  • Myra Sourkes says:

    I am writing you to tell you why I believe that Stacey Levine is deserving of the Health Care Provider of the Year Award from the Ontario Brain Injury Association.
    I have known Stacey Levine for about 20 years.  During that time, she has been the behavior therapist supervising interventions for my two sons with Autism Spectrum Disorder and intellectual disabilities, who are now young adults.  Stacey has been and continues to be an invaluable member of our team.  
    Stacey’s behavioral interventions with my sons have been very effective over the years.  She has a completely individualized approach to her work with them, always recognizing their particular issues, never using “a one-size-fits-all” approach.  She is consistent yet flexible, and has repeatedly modified the interventions to meet their changing needs as they have grown.  She is generous with her time.  She is very personable and my sons like her and look forward to her visits; they also respect her and know that her word is to be followed.  
    She is an effective supervisor of the support workers who work with my sons, and her advice is always appreciated.  She has provided sensitive and wise counsel to my husband and me on many occasions during difficult times with my sons.  She has participated in many group discussions at my sons’ schools, day programs and leisure groups, and has been creative and skillful in these settings.  She is respectful of other points of view, and is diplomatic, while at the same time being quietly forceful about her own point of view.  Her advice has almost invariably turned out to be the best approach.
    In my professional life, I am a neurologist, and I work with people who have experienced traumatic brain injuries.  I know that all the qualities and skills which I have outlined above in describing Stacey Levine’s work with my children are equally pertinent in the rehabilitation of people with traumatic brain injuries.  Thus, from both my personal and professional vantage points, I very strongly and without reservation recommend Stacey Levine, an outstanding health care provider, for the Health Care Provider of the Year Award.

  • Kathleen Lawrence says:

    I have been working with Stacey for the past few years and she is wonderful to work with. She demonstrates great knowledge and skills to support her clients while also being an outstanding and collaborative team member. Congratulations on a well deserved nomination.

  • Lisa Wilson says:

    I’ve worked with Stacey on several pediatric files. She brings a degree of knowledge and professionalism to every client situation. She does so with such compassion, and a genuine interest in the betterment of each client, no matter the challenge. She truly looks for collaboration, and coordination of treatment goals. Her knowledge is vast and she is able to provide practical and effective strategies that are down to earth, and accomplishable to even the most stressed out of clients and parents. Stacey is an asset to any team or client she works with. I look forward to collaborating on many more files with her!

  • Lisa Bauer says:

    I have had the pleasure of working with Stacey on many of my tough files. She has been very helpful and strategic in assisting my various clients who present with various injuries and difficulties. I love Stacey’s level of professionalism. It is really great working with such an amazing therapist!

  • Vincent (Son) says:

    My first conversation with Stacey Levine gave me a glimpse of hope that my Father may possibly get the help he needed.  

    As we were introduced to Stacey, I knew instantly that her commitment, professionalism and expertise would be key to having my Father be better integrated with his family, community and his own level of independence.  

    If it weren’t for those countless phone calls, one-on-one behaviour therapy sessions with my Father even throughout the pandemic and the laundry list of action items for me, we wouldn’t be here today with my Father who can enjoy family gatherings and meals.  

    It didn’t happen overnight and there wasn’t a button that was pressed to have my Father improve instantaneously. It was through Stacey’s relentless efforts that my Father has changed, has improved and now smiles more than ever and for that we are forever grateful to her.

    Thank you Stacey for being in our lives. 

  • Greg Noack says:

    I met Stacey Levine as a colleague at Toronto Rehab in 2002. She was a rehab therapist and I was an
    OTA/PTA (Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist Assistant.)

    I would work with Stacey and observe her amazing talent of connecting with persons with a brain injury
    and assist them in dealing with the behaviors brought on by their injury. I was touched by this as I am a
    person with a brain injury and seeing Stacey, who never had my personal experience, empathize with
    those she supported was very powerful and genuine.

    I would later become a rehab therapist myself in part by the impact Stacey had on me with her
    interactions with persons with a brain injury. I wanted to learn from her and apply her knowledge along
    with mine to support our patients.

    In 2012 Stacey would leave Toronto Rehab and start her own company, Journey Rehabilitation and
    Behavior Therapy, and support those we rehabilitated in the community. I was saddened by this but
    hopeful for our patients as Stacey would now help them adjust to their new selves outside the hospital

    The impression Stacey left is still evident today, 10 years later, as patients of ours who are having
    troubles adjusting to the community and still have ongoing behaviors from their injury, Stacey’s name is
    the first to come up in who should get involved to help.

    This is why I voted for Stacey as the Health Care Provider of the Year.

  • Jessica Stengel says:

    I am honoured to be writing this testimonial of Stacey’s abilities, competencies, and characteristics as a healthcare provider.

    Stacey and I have worked together for the past few years, and it is no surprise to me that she be considered top tier and deserving of this award. Upon meeting Stacey, one is struck by not only her knowledge, problem-solving capabilities, and vast collection of recommendations and suggestions- her presence is also striking. Stacey immediately establishes and prioritizes rapport, mutual understanding, and relationship building with clients, family members, and professionals alike. In interactions she is present and engaged, relatable but professional, and always flexible and collaborative. It’s no wonder that she is so sought after for involvement on healthcare teams.

    Stacey is turned to for the most perplexing, complex, and/or challenging of circumstances. She comes into all situations with a high degree of organization and proficiency, a creative and client-centred approach, and a solution-focused mindset.

    Stacey is a standout professional, clinical team member, and human being who demonstrates excellence with clients. She also is a mentor and educator who demonstrates these qualities. I have had the privilege of planning and running staff training and education sessions with Stacey. Her impressive approach, style, and skills remain a constant.

    This is a summary of how and why I believe that Stacey is deserving of this nomination and award. Congratulations Stacey!

  • Gerald Levine says:

    Stacey is a most caring and compassionate professional, who puts her heart and soul in every patient she works with. She is extremely skilled and knowledgeable, being most considerate and devoted to her patients and profession.

  • Melissa Vigar says:

    I am thrilled to support Stacey Levine’s nomination for Health Care Provider of the Year. Stacey is one of the most genuine and selfless professionals I know. She donates her time and energy to BIST’s Advocacy Committee and has always offered to support BIST and our members in any way she can. She regularly puts together care packages for our members which means the world to them.

    Her presentations for our BIST Caregivers and community have always been well attended and praised. She has contributed so much to the betterment of the ABI community; we are truly grateful to her for all she has done. Her generosity and spirit is an inspiration to me, our team and all those we support. She is very much deserving of this recognition.

    Congratulations Stacey on this nomination!

  • Lori Lawn says:

    Up until the time that we met Stacey our entire family had been struggling with our son’s mental health and the lack of help we were being offered over the course of several years. When we were finally put in contact with Stacey we knew from the very first conversation we had met someone who was willing to invest all of themselves to help us. Her care and excellent treatment have helped our family immensely.

  • Shannon Jaycox says:

    Stacey and I have worked together many times to support our clients of varying age, background and presenting issues and I am always so impressed with her ability to engage meaningfully with each and every one of her clients. Stacey is brilliant at finding the delicate balance of a compassionate approach with her clients, while working collaboratively to ensure they are able to see tangible progress in their behavioural goals. She is a valued and respected member of the rehabilitation community and I am excited by any opportunity to work together on a team.

  • Amy Herring says:

    Stacey is an excellent Behavioural Therapist, and is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She is a team player and initiates a collaborative approach to treatment, which leads to positive results in her client’s recovery.  She is compassionate, kind, and efficient, and is committed to her client’s successes, while also sharing in their struggles and difficulties. She is a wealth of knowledge, and I have been so grateful to work with and learn from her, and I am always happy to recommend Stacey as a provider.  

  • Randi says:

    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to nominate someone who I believe is incredibly deserving of this prestigious award.

    Stacey is so dear to myself, our family, and my son Andrew.

    If I write down all the reasons I feel she is worthy of this award – you would likely be reading my page for days, as it would be more like a book than a short insert. So I will try to condense my thoughts and sum it up …..

    I have known Stacey for over 13 years now. I met her when my son was 4 years old and was unable to speak more than one word at a time. His behavior was unmanageable and life for our family was very difficult as you can imagine. My husband & I were very concerned about what the future held and I can only speak for myself in saying, I feared the worst. Then Stacey came along, and life changed …..

    Stacey stepped into our lives with her incredible sense of urgency, confidence, and an impeccable ability to interact with my son in a way that no one else could at the time. She knew exactly which path had to be taken and she immediately set out to implement our road map. She created our plan of action which opened up many other paths as we moved along our journey.

    She worked with my son on a one on one basis for years, and then she hired other junior therapists whom she trained to help carry out her plan. His progress has been astounding and at times my son talks so much that I have to ask him to stop so I can think. His behavior and our management of his behavior has also improved dramatically. Although there are still challenges to overcome- we are in a place we could have only dreamed of when we first met Stacey.

    I trust Stacey implicitly and I know that as we approach new hurdles- I can always call her to help get us through. She is incredibly knowledgeable & capable and we know she is there for us.

    She is an exemplary human being in all aspects of her life.

    She’s a single mother who always puts her children and family first. She’s a great friend to all those who have the good fortune of being a part of her life, and I feel lucky to call Stacey my friend after all these years. I actually think of her as my sister. And of course, her passion and dedication towards helping people with all kinds of special needs/ brain injuries is simply remarkable. This is her calling, and she always rises to the occasion.
    Stacey deserves to win this award of excellence in brain injury rehabilitation. I look at Stacey, and I see a bright star that shines like no other- she is a change maker, and a gift to all those who know her, on whatever level and in any capacity.

    Thank you for allowing me to praise this deserved person, Stacey M. Levine

  • Stacey Baboulas says:

    I have had the pleasure of working with Stacy Levine on my treatment files for the past five years. I have found her to be the most empathetic, collaborative, and knowledgeable behavioral therapist when addressing the needs of the client’s and their families following a personal injury accident. Her collaborative approach when working with treatment team members and families have allowed us to progress our client’s success with treatment goals from a behavioural and functional perspective. She is a talented behavioral therapist, and I am happy to call Stacey a colleague.

  • Rohit Tamhane says:

    Stacey is an incredible behavior therapist. Her ability to manage challenging clients and their families is remarkable. My team has had the privilege of working alongside her and have benefited from her insights, guidance and advocacy for her client. Stacey is truly worthy of being nominated for this award.

  • Maureen Palmer says:

    I have had the genuine privilege and pleasure of working with Stacey over the years on the most complex ABI files! In addition to her warm and caring personality, Stacey has a wealth of knowledge and is able to apply her behavioural therapy and psychology educational background to provide innovative solutions and insightful recommendations, in the most difficult of circumstances! She is extremely professional, collaborative, client-centred, easy to build rapport with and a one-of a kind leader in treatment approaches to support the psychosocial; behavioural goals of client/families living with ABI, and her fellow team members! Stacey is valued and admired by all those she works with and I am so delighted to once again support her well deserved nomination for Health Care Provider of the year!

  • Kris Mamaril says:

    Stacey drives results. She has a way of taking the most behavioural situation and turning it into a teachable moment to improve the lives of people who have been touched by Brain Injury. I believe part of it is due to her extensive knowledge and experience with managing behaviour, but an even larger part is because she is genuinely an amazing human being. Her professional approach is top tier, her interventions are goal driven and plans are well thought out. She deserves to be the Healthcare Provider of the Year!

  • Sade Akande-Jones says:

    Congratulations Stacey! A well deserved achievement!

  • Dr. Hiten Lad says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stacey helping mutual clients over the years and I happy to see that she is once again being recognized and considered for this award. I’ve seen Stacey take on some of the most challenging referrals and her clinical skills are equally matched by her kind, warm, accepting, and non-judgmental approach when working with clients. I’ve seen Stacey consistently put in the extra effort to help clients and make herself available even when it might not be convenient. Stacey’s love of helping others and working in the area of ABI rehabilitation becomes very apparent when you work with her. It is for all these reasons that her name is frequently spoken of when a rehabilitation team is thinking of who might able to help their client.

    Congratulations Stacey on this nomination. You are very deserving of this award.

  • Kristina Borho says:

    I have had the pleasure of working with and collaborating with Stacey as a behaviour therapist for a number of shared clients. Stacey has a way of connecting with clients in a caring and professional way that enables trust when client’s are their most vulnerable. She has a way of helping clients be heard yet supporting them to make behavioural changes. Stacey looks at the whole family when treating a client and has made referrals to Yoga Therapy to support a client and their partner to engage in a shared activity to help them connect holistically.

    Congratulations on your nomination Stacey, you are doing excellent work with your clients and it is a pleasure to work with you!

  • Tanya Zelyuk says:

    When I decided to make a career change and work in this industry I was fortunate enough to meet with Stacey Levine. She was an exemplary example of the traits a health care provider should have . Stacey has an amazing combination of knowledge and skill .  She can seamlessly put together a behaviour plan and implement strategies that meet her clients needs. I admire how she can think out of the box and adapt her plans  to the various needs of her clients . She always shows up for them with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm.   
    Stacey is self driven and is continuously pursing the best interests of her clients even if it means going outside of her scope of work. She will coordinate with all health professionals involved  in the clients care to ensure proper follow through.  In addition to the care she provides , Stacey is always willing to give back to educating and teaching others .  I have been fortunate enough to witness this first hand and continue to be inspired by Stacey’s dedication to her work and making sure that every client she has is better off after having been in her care.

  • Mario Papadopoulos says:

    My name is Mario Papadopoulos MSW., RSW, a social worker. I have been a colleague of Ms. Levine for the past several years, working with her to help numerous clients who have experienced significant traumatic brain injuries. I am writing this letter in support of Ms. Stacey Levine, who has been nominated for the Behavioural Therapist of the Year award for 2022.

    My professional experience with Ms. Levine has always been extremely positive. She is a highly-contributing member of any multidisciplinary
    team. Ms. Levine is a respectful, responsive, collaborative individual, who is also very passionate about providing the best service/treatment to our
    clients. Ms. Levine has an extensive knowledge of Behavioural Therapy practices and implements her interventions skillfully to the clients and their families, which results in positive outcomes/results for our clients.

    For example, most recently, one of our shared clients had been involved in a serious motor-vehicle accident, sustaining a traumatic brain injury, among other orthopedic injuries. This client had difficulty moving their upper extremities, experienced seizures, and would become irritable and experience emotional outbursts, which impacted the client and the client’s family. Ms. Levine was an integral part of the multidisciplinary team that was working with this client. She helped identify patterns in this person’s outbursts by identifying precursors to the behaviour, and assisted the client and family identify these triggers. She then provided them with ways to prevent and/or minimize these behavioural outbursts. This was a turning point for our client and the client’s family, radically improving the client’s emotional wellbeing, and the cohesiveness of the family.

    I am always pleased and delighted when I have the opportunity to work with Ms. Levine. It is evident that she is passionate about her work as a Behaviour Therapist and achieving the best outcomes for her clients. I have no hesitation in recommending her for this award, as she exemplifies excellency within this profession.

  • Jessica Schroter says:

    Stacey is my “go to” clinician when it comes to behaviour therapy! Her years of experience and innovative approach to work with complex clients is unparalleled. Her role in supporting family members and other team members is also exceptional. Even when her role is central to the rehabilitation of a client, she is always keen to collaborate and understands the boundaries and limits of her role and recognizes that rehab is best facilitated by a team. She has a remarkable capacity to offer information and guidance in an assertive way that is also grounded in compassion. I can breathe a sigh of relief when I see that Stacey is on a client’s rehab team. I know that her involvement will support the team in their respective roles, but more importantly, will be a vital resource to client’s in their recovery journey.

  • Jason Bernard says:

    Stacey is an ardent professional and leader in her field. I have personally worked with Stacey on difficult files where she consulted with the client, their family, the rehabilitation team, and care facility to carefully put together a successful behavioural plan to achieve the best results. I highly recommend her services and cast my vote for her as this years award recipient.

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