Recipients of the 2014 Awards of Excellence in Brain Injury Rehabilitation



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It all started with Charlie.  He was our one and only client, our top priority.  Helping Charlie rebuild his life after a combined spinal cord and brain injury is what we were meant to do and we loved doing it!  There you have it, FunctionAbility was born.
That was 13 years ago, and despite servicing thousands of clients and delivering services province-wide, our philosophy always remained the same.  We treat each and everyone of our clients the same way we treated Charlie- as though he or she is our one and only client.   We are truly humbled by our nomination and the recognition of the tremendous work our FunctionAbility family does.
Excellence is what we strive for and believe in.  As such, we took on the massive task of becoming an Accredited practice.  No one told us we had to do this.  Unlike the hospitals, our funding is not tied into us becoming an accredited organization.   We did it because we care deeply about our work and want to ensure that the care we provide to people like Charlie is top notch.
It is with enormous gratitude to our clients, unbelievable staff and trust of our referral sources and community partners that FunctionAbility has become the practice it is today. We hire only the most exceptional clinicians and administrators because clients like Charlie deserve to be treated by the best. From treatment, to handling paperwork, everything is done with intention and a deep respect for the families we work with. It could just as easily be anyone of us sitting across the table and needing help after trauma.

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