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Wright Rehab


Wright Rehab is proud to be nominated as 2021 Rehabilitation Company of the Year, and we humbly and gratefully accept the nomination on behalf of all our team members, who empower clients to be their best, right now. This year has marked a year of change, growth, and strength for Wright Rehab. We have been mindfully focusing our effort in doing what is [W]right for our clients, our team members, and our company.

In 2021, Wright Rehab renewed our vision: To Empower People to be their Best, [W]right Now.

We know that, through empowerment, everyone wins – the power hierarchy is lessened, and voices are heard. Our leadership team works diligently to share tools, resources, coaching and regular clinical support and supervision to Rehab Therapists, Social Workers, and Attendant Care Specialists based on principles of empowerment that foster connection and an intense sense of community. This is especially important, in times of isolation through the COVID-19 Pandemic. We offer company-wide, virtual connection weekly, through a one-of-a-kind, Professional Empowerment Program (PEP). We celebrate and recognize accomplishments in team members’ professional and personal lives and have a newly appointed Coordinator of Client and Associate Happiness. Our associates are invited to participate in Wright Now and Beyond – where we discuss ongoing strengths and challenges and build a collaborative plan based on their desire for professional development. Aiding our associates to spend their time supporting clients, and less administrative tasks – our own, user-friendly software program captures session details, allows for transparency, simplicity in note keeping, and adheres to privacy and confidentiality.

Our mission: To cultivate the right team to provide compassionate, clinically strong, customized, client centred experiences is being realized through the above programs, as well as our Recognition Program and our Scholarship Program. In our 20th year of providing best in class support to clients impacted by acquired / traumatic injury, and their caregivers / families, we know how incredibly important it is to recognize and show appreciation and support to our valued associates. We truly applaud the incredible and tireless support our team members afford to clients.

A team that is clinically strong, professional, diligent, creative, and client-centered, as well as mindful of the ongoing need for self-care, in turn, displays and works within those strengths when engaging with clients. Our associates support and empower clients within a framework of resilience, focusing on Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely (SMART) goals that are within the clients’ reach.

We are grateful to our clients for trusting us to support them in their rehabilitation journey. We hear repeatedly stories of team members learning from their clients. We know that clients are the experts on themselves, and we are part of that journey, only for a brief of time. Developing rapport and professional relationship based on mutual respect is key.

Thank you to all those who ‘let us in’ to support their journey. As a family-run, rehabilitation company, we realize that we are not all things to all people, yet, to a lot of people, to our clients, we are a lot of things – and we truly are passionate about being part of the journey!

Empowering people to be their best, right now….it’s what we do!

We congratulate OBIA, the PIA, and all nominees for this year’s awards. It is an honour to be nominated alongside these reputable companies, rehabilitation professionals and organizations.

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