Recipient of the 2022 CASE MANAGER OF THE YEAR

Rachel Greenwood

Rachel Greenwood


Rachel’s career in the field of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) began in 1995, when as a Behavioural Science Student, she completed a field placement at PHABIS (now MindForward), and knew she had found her calling. That lead to further placements at West Park Healthcare Centre, and then Community Head Injury Resource Services (CHIRS), where she stayed for over 12 years, gaining experience in both residential and community services, as well as developing Case Management and leadership skills. As part of the CHIRS team, Rachel was exposed to multidisciplinary intervention, fostering an understanding and appreciation for different approaches and perspectives. The nature of the work at CHIRS was such that a client-centred approach was engrained, and that client advocacy became second nature.

Since joining Innovative Case Management (ICM) in 2011, Rachel has provided Case Management and Rehabilitation Consulting services to a wide range of individuals, specializing in complex ABI / dual diagnosis files. She builds quick and easy rapport with her clients, and assembles teams focusing on the skill set and fit of each provider, as well as overall group dynamics. Rachel believes that communication and collaboration are the cornerstones of meaningful rehabilitation; this begins with her clients, their caregivers, and treatment providers, and includes insurance and legal representatives. She has additionally assumed a supervisory role at ICM, which fulfills her love of teaching / training, a longstanding part of her career dating back to CHIRS.

Rachel’s passion for the brain injury community lead to her joining the Board of Directors at the Brain Injury Association of York Region (BIAYR) in 2019; she currently holds the executive roles of Vice Chair and Secretary, and is a founding member of the Programming Committee. She participates in provincial and national meetings, learning from other associations and contributing to a variety of initiatives.

  • Calla Gibson says:

    Rachel Greenwood is the best at understanding needs of her clients and the most suitable people for the job. She cares about her clients and their family needs. We always look forward to her vist. She understands my daughter needs since the beginning of her brain injury. Thanks so much from our law team that gave us her.

  • Melissa Corbo says:

    This is the best case manager I’ve ever worked with! She has changed my life and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. Rachel is the most knowledgeable, caring and phenomenal woman I’ve ever met and I wish every case manager was like her! She’s incredible and I’m honoured to have had her as a case manager and role model.

  • Jana Saracevic says:

    Rachel has been instrumental in guiding me, with genuine compassion, throughout my prolonged rehabilitation. She has the ability to effectively communicate it in a way that is easy to understand. I have always felt understood by Rachel as she has the uncanny ability to understand what I am feeling and articulate what I am thinking in the moment. I trust her completely as I feel understood and heard when I am in her presence. I am forever grateful for her patience and support.

  • Jill says:

    You could not find a better candidate for this award! Rachel has guided our family through an extremely difficult time. She is always available and willing to answer questions and help with issues that might arise. She meets the needs of each of us and keeps everyone on the team up-to-date and organized. We could not have navigated this process without Rachel’s help and guidance!

  • Alicia Paniccia says:

    I have known Rachel for since 2019, though if you’re lucky enough to know her, it’s easy to see how a short amount of time can feel like a lifetime.

    Before words are ever exchanged, her bright energy and smile start the conversation, which can feel like the best hug from your best friend.

    Sometimes, we start conversations looking for advice and other times, we want to speak just to be heard. Rachel is that blend. She somehow has that innate ability to provide comfort in just the right way at the right time. Is she perfect? Absolutely not. She farts…I think… But to her family, friends, and more importantly, to her clients, she is perfectly imperfect – because let’s be honest – perfect is boring!

    Rachel and I joke all the time, that when it comes to her clients, there is no one that can get in her way, no battle she wouldn’t fight, no burning bridge she wouldn’t cross…even if that means getting a little messy or creative. She is ALL IN, ALL OF THE TIME. She listens, she advocates, she laughs, she cries, and she shares in the experience of those around her and does not lose sight of her true core values.

    As a mentee, I am appreciative of her support. As a friend, I am elated to know her. But as a fellow Case Manager, I am thrilled to have an example of what great skills, incredible insight, and unmatched quality looks like. More than that, I can only hope friends and clients alike get the opportunity to be in her thoughtful embrace, both literally and metaphorically.


  • Tanveen Hossain says:

    My dear Rachel
    I always like her help from 2020 to the Sunnybrook Hospital to my uncles home now, very much honour and beautiful to always keep me positive, happy and blessed. Thank you for all the information and related and hopeful. My dear Rachel thank you again and joyful and so proud to have you for energy and life.

  • Rosalyn Gabuya says:

    Rachel Greenwood is the standard of excellence.
    Her knowledge, compassion, and understanding of every client’s case are incomparable.
    I am very fortunate to work with her and experience this firsthand.

  • Hoong Phang says:

    I’ve had the opportunity to work with Rachel on several complicated cases. Communication, teamwork, advocacy, and accountability are just some of the reasons our company works so well with her! We really appreciate how she goes above and beyond for the clients we share- it is truly something therapists look forward to being a part of and it is integral to a healthy and productive rehabilitation team. Congrats on the nomination, Rachel!

  • Sara Smith says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of watching Rachel’s case management skills over many years! Her care, compassion and support is exceptional. She is grounded and clear headed in a crisis and able to advocate clearly when called for. Wishing Rachel the very best in this decision as she has most definitely earned it!

  • Kindrey Rowland says:

    Congratulations Rachel on your nomination! You put your heart into everything you do – I hear clients speak so highly of you when confronted with difficult situations and in all of the quiet moments in between. Your clients (and colleagues) are grateful to be on the journey with you! Congratulations.

  • Colleen Boyce says:

    Congratulations Rachel and so deserved. Your mental health expertise, patience, understanding and advocacy is commendable as well as ensuring your clients / families have the best teams around them.

  • Ellie Lapowich says:

    Rachel has been an integral part of ICM for over a decade. In this time, she has become an incredible Case Manager, supervisor and mentor. Rachel is dedicated, client centered, compassionate, caring and a fierce advocate, working hard to help her clients reach their goals. She meets her clients where they are, gently moving them along in the process and celebrating their successes, big and small.
    Rachel is also an amazing supervisor and mentor, and is often an ICM go to for guidance and advice.
    Furthermore, Rachel is the Secretary for the Brain Injury Association of York Region, working tirelessly to ensure that survivors and their loved ones are able to access services and support.
    This is an incredibly well deserved nomination, and we are so proud of all that Rachel has accomplished!

  • Joey Nativ says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rachel while on one of her rehab teams, then as my mentor, and a very good friend.

    She is one of a kind, caring, advocating, strong integrity, and just overall very great at what she does. A huge congrats to Rachel for being nominated, well deserved !!

  • Nina McQuigge says:

    Rachel is so deserving of this. She is a wonderful Case Manager, and embodies such compassion, integrity and strength, while ensuring the people around her feel heard and supported. I am so fortunate to call her one my best friends and couldn’t be happier that she has been nominated (for a third time!). I have my fingers crossed for you honey.

  • Carolyn Lemsky says:

    In the over 20 years I’ve worked with Rachel I have yet to find that she’s skipped a step, cut a corner or failed to what a client needed. She’s the epitome of professional, and a nice person to boot. I can’t think of a better recipient for this award.

  • Ruby K says:

    The energy, knowledge + experience, and compassion for her clients that Rachel brings to her case management work is remarkable. I have been grateful to be her mentee for the last year, and to benefit from her resource sharing, effective problem solving skills, and general support and guidance. Rachel cares deeply about her work and her clients above all. Anyone who knows her, knows this, and is a lucky duck !

  • Victoria Sweetman says:

    Congratulations on a well deserved nomination, Rachel!

  • Daniella Caskie says:

    Rachel is a true gem. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does both personally and professionally. She goes above and beyond for clients and colleagues. She works tirelessly as a Board Member for the Brain Injury Association of York Region coordinating programs, coming up with and implementing new ideas, attending provincial and national meetings, advocating on behalf of members, and promoting BIAYR within the community. She is dedicated to her clients, has such a strong knowledge of community supports/programs available, and has a passion for sharing her knowledge and expertise with others. This nomination is truly well deserved, Rachel! You are such a valuable member of the brain injury community. Thank you for all that you have done to help brain injury survivors, caregivers, family members and fellow healthcare providers you work alongside!

  • Sonia Vovan says:

    I have never met such a light in my life. Rachel helped guide me as a new physiotherapist and taught me how important it was to put patients before anyone and anything else. She has always been an exceptional case manager, putting her clients’ needs first. Rachel has been my biggest supporter and helped me grow as a clinician and advocate for my patients. As Board Members on the Brain Injury Association of York Region, I see her passion and dedication for the brain injury community. It’s so contagious and has helped our association grow to where we are today. I truly value her input as a colleague and friend and can’t think of anyone else who deserves this more than Rachel.

  • Jodi Brasgold says:

    Rachel is a fabulous case manager who goes well beyond expectations. She is also a wonderful, thoughtful supervisor who is always there for you with her knowledge and understanding. There really are no words to express how amazing she really is. This is so well deserved!

  • Tamara Little says:

    Rachel emulates the person that you want to have on your team helping you with qualities that we should all aspire to have; dedication, compassion, creativity, and an unstoppable force.

    Rachel was my supervisor during my placement at Innovative Case Management where she challenged my critical thinking abilities, strengthened my confidence, and supported me as I learned more about the industry, client’s needs, and myself.

    As my placement with Innovative Case Management concluded I accepted a Case Management with the company where I have the opportunity to continue working with Rachel in a more formal mentee-mentor capacity. This is a dream come true, Rachel inspires you to continue growing, lift you up when you are unsure and motivate you to provide a quality of care that is impactful.

    I also sit alongside Rachel on the board of directors for the Brain Injury Association of York Region. Her love and dedication transcend into everything she puts her time and care into. I see this daily as she works tirelessly to give back to the brain injury community with a passion that cannot be beaten.

  • Lori Lawrence says:

    I know I speak for many to say Rachel is already a winner in our eyes.

    I have had the pleasure of having Rachel as my case manager for almost 5 years now..

    My recovery would NOT be where it is today without her. I am forever grateful.

    Rachel’s natural compassion for others, along with her expertise makes her stand out from the crowd.

    Rachel makes each and every one of us feel as though we are her only client, that no one else matters but us:)

    Words really cannot express all she has done, nor the difference she ( and her infectious smile) makes.

    Rachel should be awarded.

    She also devotes time, from her busy life, to sit on the BIAYR board. Her presence there has introduced me to another side of brain injury recovery. The people side.

    She deserves industry recognition.
    VOTE RACHEL!!!!!!

  • Michaela Witten says:

    Rachel hasn’t only been an advocate, but a friend. When my case was active, she did everything she could to get me the help and services I needed. Now that my case is long over, she still keeps in touch to make sure that I am ok, handpicks or recommends people that she know suits my personality type and situations. Will pop by for just for a quick visit so I can see her 1000 watt smile. I know I am not special in the sense that I am sure she gives everyone the same! But she makes u feel that way. She does the same for the whole family!

  • Lekha Lutchmansingh says:

    Rachel is the most committed, organized, caring, professional, integral case manager. Whenever I am involved in a team with Rachel I smile as I know this client is going to be cared for as much as possible. Rachel will go to great lengths to advocate for her clients and her team. She goes way beyond to help out as much as she can and we all know our roles can be thankless but that does not seem to phase her given the knowledge of population. Rachel shines on the inside and out and I feel so lucky and blessed to have met her and have been able to work with such an inspirational, wonderful, smart, capable manager!!

  • Sean McQuade says:

    Rachel has been nothing short of amazing in guiding myself and also leading the team in treatment for my brother. I cannot thank her enough for navigating through some challenges and hurdles, being very fast and responsive, caring and also leading the associated team for treatment.

    If I did not meet Rachel and receive advice on a very unique and challenging decision, then I am 100% confident that my brother would not be where he is today.

    I can’t thank Rachel enough. ?

  • Simone Friedma. says:

    Congratulations Rachel! The embodiment of empathy, kindness and patience. No matter the problem, you are always willing to listen and find something that works!
    Amongst a sea of details you make case management look seamless. Thank you for the support you provide to your clients and to the teams you put together to help them.
    Simone friedman

  • Shehla Khan says:

    Congratulations Rachel !
    Words can’t do justice on the dedication and love Rachel brings to not only her clients but also the fellow team members. Her pleasant, ever smiling face and willingness to help and promptly connect what makes her an incredible person to work with. Rachel takes time to connect explain and provide a level of support that is unparalleled in the busy and demanding field of rehabilitation. I can’t thank enough on how Rachel on several occasions have taken time to show me the ropes with humility and care. Rachel Greenwood you truly set the bar high for us all. Absolute pleasure to be working with you again.
    Congratulations Wowman.

  • Reva says:

    Rachel has been such a wonderful, supportive, and instrumental part of my recovery. I am so blessed to have her on my recovery team of therapists. She has fought for me tenaciously, and won, I must say, when I had no voice. She has always been on my side and looked out for me multiple times. She has introduced me to therapies that have helped me tremendously, that I was never aware of. I wouldn’t be as well off as I am now without her support and guidance. Rachel is truly all that and a bag of chips. I have nothing but love for her. I wholeheartedly recommend Rachel for this award. No one deserves it more.

  • Carole Chebaro says:

    I have had the pleasure of working with Rachel over many years and admire her consistent output of positivity, compassion, empathy, care and attention to detail. I have learned so much from Rachel and continue to. She is always the heart of a team and her level of commitment to those around her is incredible.

  • Nicole Aylwin says:

    Rachel is never too busy to listen, to consider your opinion, or to brainstorm options about how to improve client care and support. She has the amazing and very rare ability to tell the (sometimes hard) truth with kindness and compassion and always has an open door. I look forward to every file I get to work on with her.

  • Sangita Balsara says:

    Rachel is all HEART. Her understanding, compassion and presence towards her clients, colleagues, and team members is unparalleled. Rachel is authentic and genuinely cares! So happy for Rachel to receive this nomination as she truly deserves to be recognized !

  • Taylor says:

    I first met Rachel in November 2019. Since this time, I have had the opportunity to get to know her as a person, supervisor, and as the incredible case manager that she is.
    As a supervisor, Rachel is always available to help, and brainstorm ways in which we can best support my clients. She is full of knowledge and creative ideas.
    Rachel is a fierce advocate, who cares so deeply for her clients. Her knowledge of the system she is working within is so clear in her everyday work. She is approachable, and always available to work through unique circumstances thrown her way.
    Not to mention, she is caring and kind, which shines through in everything she does.
    Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Rachel is extremely lucky!

  • Norah Spence says:

    Rachel is the best!

  • Tobi Chong-King says:

    Rachel has been a God send for our family. She is extremely knowledgable about brain injury and she shares this knowledge educating both her clients and their family members. Rachel is well loved and connected within the industry allowing her to match her clients’ needs with the appropriate help and secure the resources. People want to help Rachel and this helps her clients.
    Rachel so beautifully balances what can be contradictory goals. She is sensitive to her clients’ struggles and situations while still ensuring she delivers “tough love” when necessary. She puts the needs of her clients first, but still manages to communicate effectively with family members without violating the trust of her clients.
    She is responsive and dedicated.
    We are all better as a family having had Rachel along for this journey with brain injury.

  • Zely Lee Boxer says:

    Rachel is a wonderful case manager, blending heart with brain in a perfect mix. She has tremendous empathy for clients and families, and helps them every step of the way. No concern is ever too small for Rachel — she attends to everything. Also, she is sensitive to team dynamics and skilfully brings in the right people at the right time. Congrats on the well-deserved nomination, Rachel!

  • Cora says:

    Of course you’ve been nominated! However this may go, Rachel, you’re a winner to everyone that has ever worked with you. Thank you for always putting your clients first, and being an active listener, an empathetic team member and a support. Not only are you extremely knowledgeable in brain injury recovery, but also well adversed and connected to best support your clients. You have helped me through some really big challenges over the years and I will forever be grateful to have crossed paths with you. The brain injury community is better because of you!

  • Silvia Guido says:

    What a well deserved nomination! I have had the pleasure of working with Rachel for over a decade and am a better health care professional because of her. Thank you for always putting the client first and creating a nurturing environment for discussion and innovation. 100 votes for Rachel!

  • Melissa Vigar says:

    I am thrilled to support Rachel Greenwood’s nomination for Case Manager of the Year. Having the pleasure of working with Rachel in various capacities over the past 20 years, I’ve come to love, appreciate and learn from her dynamic spirit and epic advocating skills. She is strong, compassionate and loyal to anyone she supports. She is beloved by her clients, lawyers, adjusters and colleagues. She is truly a gift to the field and beyond deserving of this award. Her work with BIA YR only goes to further highlight her skills, talents and how she is always working to better the lives of others.

    Congratulations Rachel on this nomination!

  • Marie-Claire La Flair says:

    I first met Rachel when she sat in on a meeting I was having with an accessibility designer, discussing changes to my home. I was struggling to make myself understood when Rachel smoothly intervened, confirmed my meaning, and began advocating for my needs.

    That moment stands out for me because neither person I spoke with that day had ever met me before.

    Both had received some briefing on my situation.

    Both worked in disability services.

    But Rachel was the only one who saw my personhood beyond my disability, saw what she could contribute to facilitate my communication, and leveraged her position as a professional to advocate for me.

    I had not appreciated, until that moment, how much of a toll the managing of my care had taken on me.

    I had come to expect that my post accident reality included a near constant state of mental exhaustion and an oppressive sense that I was failing and letting people down.

    I was wrong.

    Having Rachel as my case manager has brought me a level of peace and a sense of safety that I had not dared to hope I would ever find again.

    In addition to being supremely competent, empathetic and professional, Rachel has the singular ability to understand how one’s personhood affects all aspects of their recovery and care.

    As my needs have evolved, Rachel has selected the new providers to join my team – and, like some kind of legendary talent scout, has only brought in new recruits ideally suited to help me meet my goals and safely push my limits.

    On the rare occasion that I present her with a challenge she had no immediate solution to, she replies that she will think on it. She always does just that, and always follows up with me once she knows how to proceed.

    Rachel has impacted my life in a way so significant that I will never find the words to adequately express my gratitude or thanks: I am elated to learn she has been nominated for the 2022 OBIA Award of Excellence in Brain Injury Rehabilitation in the category of Case Manager of the Year as she is so very, very deserving of this honour.

    Merci Rachel

  • Elaine Tucci says:

    I have had the pleasure of working with Rachel, and the compassion, strength and faith she offers and shares with all of her clients should not go unnoticed, so this nomination is well deserved, though it is obvious that everything she does, comes from the heart, not any need for any form of recognition. She is attentive, and patient, she is authentic and strong. The love she has for her chosen vocation in life shines through in everything she does for her clients and team members, it would be difficult to measure the trickle effect of how positively she has affected the lives of so many. Thank you Rachel for all that you do, Congratulations Lovely Lady, so many are lucky to have you.

  • Meredyth Wobowsk says:

    Working with Rachel for many years, I have come to learn she is one a kind. She works tirelessly for her clients every step of the way, putting her whole heart into her work. Still, she is never too busy to answer a question or help me problem solve. As a case manager, as a friend, Rachel is an all around great person and is so deserving of this nomination.

  • Julie says:

    Incredible, compassionate and ever so cool under pressure. Rachel had been my peer, mentor and dear friend for many years. She is most deserving of this honour for her tireless work for those with brain injury. An advocate like no other with a fierce, client centred heart. Team Rachel forever!

  • Jen says:

    I have had the pleasure of working with Rachel for many (not going to say just how many) years in different capacities. She is a compassionate leader and teacher, advocate and is perfectly placed in her role as case manager. Everything she does is done with heart and is she is very deserving of this nomination (and win)!

  • Rohit Tamhane says:

    If it wasn’t for the Back to School Conference, I would not have met Rachel seven years ago. No matter how difficult the client or circumstances. my team truly enjoys the challenge of exceeding Rachel’s expectations. The caliber of her advocacy, attention to detail, level-headed approach, quality of communication, and compassion has raised our team’s standards and consequently and most importantly, the client benefits.

    Rachel exemplifies the qualities and character of an exceptional case manager. She is truly worthy of this honour.

  • Maureen Palmer says:

    Congratulations Rachael on all your accomplishments and this well deserved nomination!

  • Kyle Whaley says:

    Well done Rachel! It’s been an absolute pleasure to work together over many years. Your dedication, support and insight working with the ABI community is second to none.

  • Maxine Fyffe-Roberts says:

    Congratulations on your nomination Rachel. This is a wonderful accolade. Having worked together for several years, as part of a multidisciplinary team approach to client-centred care, Rachel has consistently demonstrated her commitment to client outcomes through strong advocacy. Rachel further extends her time in support of the Brain Injury Association of North York. Good luck Rachel!

  • Sade Akande-Jones says:

    Congratulations Rachel! Your passion and dedication to your clients shines through your work. Best wishes on this wonderful achievement!

  • Jean Witten says:

    As a mom of one of Rachel’s clients, I get a better night’s sleep since she became involved in my daughter’s care and life.

  • Kristina Borho says:

    I have had the pleasure to work along side Rachel for a number of years on many levels to support clients who have had brain injuries and their families.

    Rachel plays an integral role in keeping a rehabilitation team communicating and providing treatment that is client and family centred, always keeping in mind not only how to support a client to return to their activities of normal living but really focuses on the whole person and their wellbeing. She gets to know her client’s thoroughly and builds strong rapport and trusting relationships that support clients to step out of their comfort zone to explore new opportunities in their recovery process. She thinks outside the box constantly asking the rehabilitation team, what else, how else and who else to best meet the needs of her client’s and their family in their rehabilitation journey. She researches innovative treatments and community resources and introduces them to her client’s and rehabilitation team. She considers both the short-term and long-term impact when recommending and facilitating referrals, treatment and resources for a client and their family.

    As an Occupational Therapist, I always feel supported by Rachel in my treatment ideas and approaches. She consistently makes herself available to collaborate and brainstorm challenging situations that arise with clients and their families. She supports me to step out of my comfort zone as a therapist to improve professionally so that I can best meet the needs of our client. She constantly reflects on her role as a Case Manager to do her very best by the client and their families. I feel apart of a strong and cohesive team when Rachel is the Case Manager and I know with confidence that when Rachel is the Case Manager, the client will be put first with the utmost care, compassion and professionalism.

    In addition to her role as Case Manager, I have seen Rachel work really hard to best serve the members of the Brain Injury Association of York Region. Much like how she works as a Case Manager, she is always trying to research and collaborate to best meet the needs of the larger brain injury community and has a way about bringing people together where they feel special, included and an important.

    Congratulations Rachel on your nomination, you are an excellent Case Manager that I am proud to work alongside.

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