Piot Occupational Therapy Services

Piot Occupational Therapy Services


Nothing makes our PiOT Occupational Therapy Services team prouder than seeing our clients apply the strategies they learned during therapy in their daily life so they can improve their functioning after an injury.

It’s this devotion to see our clients thrive that motivates us to provide compassionate service with respect and excellence.

Since 2012, PiOT has been servicing patients from across Ontario, including the Greater Toronto Area, north to Barrie, east to Coburg and as far west as Hamilton and Niagara Falls.

Our occupational therapists have an average of 20 years of experience and work with people who have acquired and traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord and complex orthopedic injuries, as well as amputations, chronic pain and mental health challenges. Our diverse team speaks 13 different languages, helping us to better understand and meet the needs of our clients.

PiOT’s founder and clinical director, Arvinder Gaya, is dedicated to brain injury rehabilitation. She served as director for the Brain Injury Association of York Region’s board of directors for eight years.

With her leadership and experience as an occupational therapist, PiOT has continually evolved to bring the best client care and offer lasting, holistic solutions.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, PiOT quickly adapted to better support our clients so their rehabilitation plans would not be interrupted. We worked with personal injury lawyers to ease client frustrations around virtual assessments. Arvinder, who is a certified applied positive psychology practitioner and IntenSati leader, lead free guided meditations and IntenSati programs for our brain injury clients and community, equipping them with skills to help cope through the uncertain times.

Our drive to improve quality service for our clients also led us to develop an innovative program for people recovering from concussions. The workshop helps people deal with the challenges and isolation of post-concussion syndrome while supporting them to develop resiliency and coping skills for their well-being.

Our commitment to seeing our clients thrive in all areas of their life moves beyond therapy. We advocate for our clients to their adjusters, school boards or workplaces to get them the time, support and resources they need to heal. PiOT also teaches our clients skills to advocate for themselves and educate others about their brain injuries and limitations.

Sharing our knowledge and experience is vital to us. We invest in the future of occupational therapy by providing free mentorship to occupational therapists. We also give placements to occupational therapy students from the University of Toronto, where Arvinder volunteered as an adjunct professor.

We are humbled and honoured to be recognized as a finalist for the Ontario Brain Injury Association and PIA Law’s Rehabilitation Company of the Year.

To learn more about how PiOT helps people in Ontario with brain injuries, visit www.piot.ca.

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