Neurocore Physiotherapy & Pilates Centre Inc.

Neurocore Physiotherapy & Pilates Centre Inc.


Neurocore Physiotherapy and Pilates was founded in 2008 by Carole Chebaro and Rich Vander Wal. Their combined life and work experience lead to the fruition of establishing a space for those with acquired brain injuries and complex neurological conditions. Neurocore started out as a small space with one physiotherapist, one therapeutic recreationist and a handful of clients and over 10 years has grown as a leading clinic in assessments and treatments that focus on patients with traumatic and non-traumatic brain injuries delivering a plethora of adaptive therapies.

Neurocore is comprised of a team of 30 exemplary therapists who speak over seven languages with diverse national and international certifications. Our therapists value ongoing learning as demonstrated by weekly participation in in-clinic education sessions and frequent professional development. This learning extends beyond Neurocore and into the communities that we serve. We host and sponsor community outreach events with a variety of foci such as: adaptive athletics, complimentary therapies introduction to university students and self-management. We believe that when community supports work collaboratively, we are all better able to serve our client population.

Neurocore is an open concept clinic with a number of rooms for private care. We believe that a caring nurturing environment where therapy is delivered in a positive, upbeat, friendly and inclusive environment leads to faster healing and recovery. Our clients and their families attest to this approach and continue to return well after their recovery.

Our staff takes great pride in the work that they do as they focus collaboratively on creating interdisciplinary treatment plans that place client care at the centre. We value ongoing and consistent communication with the client, the family and the entire team involved in our client’s care. We pride ourselves on creating a Neurocore family where everyone works together for client care. We are part of the client’s healing journey each step of the way.

Our work as therapists is holistic in nature where we listen and understand the clients’ life stages and needs and we work towards fulfilling their goals. We have helped clients regain sensory and motor control so they can walk their child down the aisle safely. We have helped students find the correct footwear in order to ensure they can dance at their graduation party and prevent a fall. We have helped grandmothers regain hand mobility to lift their first newborn grandchild. We prepare our clients for conquering birthday parties given the excessive noise, lights and sound. Our work with our clients is often life changing and we are present each step of the way to celebrate these accomplishments with gratitude.

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