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Neuro-Rehab Services



NRS has been providing a full range of home, work, school and clinic-based rehabilitation services to adults and children with a brain injury or another serious injury for 35 years. We have helped thousands of people across Ontario to successfully rebuild their lives.

In 2021 NRS teamed up with Brainworks. In a recent article, the Crash Support Network, NRS and Brainworks were described as “two powerhouse, award winning companies combining efforts: Smarter Together, with the common goal of reaching as many people as possible with their services”:

  • NRS, by way of multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual programs and services, meeting the needs of our multi-cultural society.
  • Brainworks, providing services to most remote areas of the province where services are limited.

And both companies are proud recipients of the 2022 Canadian Business Excellence Awards which recognize companies that excel in terms of client satisfaction, employee engagement and innovation.

We offer a full range of in person and virtual, pediatric and adult assessment and rehabilitation services. Each client’s team works together to help them achieve their unique goals, which may include:

  • Becoming as independent as possible
  • Resuming old interests or discovering new ones
  • Achieving at school, paid or non-paid work
  • Engaging in physical activity and sport
  • Improving their quality of life and relationships.

What makes us different is that, in addition to having some of the most experienced and compassionate rehab professionals, we are a true “one stop shop”, committed to client and family centered, multi-disciplinary and team-based rehabilitation services across Ontario. Services offered include:

  • Case Management
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy/Kinesiology/Massage Therapy and Chiropractic
  • Speech and Language Pathology
  • Social Work
  • Psychology
  • Child Life
  • Nutrition
  • Life Skills, Fitness, Vocational and Academic Rehab Coaching
  • Driver Assessment and Training
  • Life Care Planning
  • Neuropsychology and Capacity Assessments.

NRS has always been committed to giving back to the brain injury community. Past initiatives have included:

  • Planning and chairing major symposia, with topics including:
    • Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury: Rehabilitation and School Programming Under Bill 59.
    • Success after TBI: Clinical, Ethical and Medico-Legal Considerations in Defining and Measuring Outcome.
    • Celebrating Your Success as We Enter the Millennium.
    • Diversity and Health (two annual conferences).
  • Presenting at numerous conferences and workshops attended by hospital and community rehab professionals, educators, insurers, lawyers and university students on various aspects of pediatric and adolescent brain injury rehabilitation. Topics have included:
    • Client and family centered programming.
    • Multi-cultural programming.
    • Supporting the student with brain injury in the classroom.
    • Self advocacy training.
    • Adaptive technology.
    • Standardized assessments, outcome measures and report writing.
    • Discharge planning and effective programming across the continuum of care.
    • Ensuring quality of care in light of changes in auto insurance legislation (Bill 59; Bill 198; Life after DAC’s; Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) Five Year Review).
  • Participating in multi-stakeholder committees. Accomplishments include:
    • Planning four bi-annual Toronto ABI Network conferences and two conferences on Diversity, Health and the Law.
    • Helping to develop one of the first college programs in Ontario for front line workers working in the area of brain injury.
    • Championing processes to involve private providers in the activities of the Toronto ABI Network.
  • As Founding/Executive Members of the Alliance of Community Medical and Rehabilitation Providers, our staff advocated against the Financial Service Commission of Ontario’s proposed changes to the auto insurance regulations. They helped develop a government relations strategy, drafted position papers and briefing notes for key decision makers in the government and met with over 30 Ministers and MPPs. They developed a public relations strategy, contributed to press releases and were interviewed by dozens of newspaper, radio, and television media. One staff member was project lead for a multi-stakeholder expert panel responding to the Financial Services Commission of Ontario Expert Panel Catastrophic (CAT) Impairment Report.
  • Organizing and/or participated in such worthwhile events as Helmets on Kids (giving out free helmets in low-income communities), BIST Birdies for Brain Injury Golf tournaments and Run, Walk and Roll, and volunteering for such organizations as CADS (Canadian Adaptive Snowsports).

We are honoured to share our anniversary with OBIA and proud that we have been able to raise funds to help them to fulfill their mandate of “education, awareness and support”. Most recent fund-raising events have included:

  • 30th Anniversary Celebration at Second City Theatre
  • 25th Anniversary Celebration “Celebrating Success”, a tribute to NRS clients and their families.
  • Parent says:

    When tragedy strikes, we feel helpless, lost, confused and alone trying to navigate the hurdles of
    brain injury.

    I was presented several profiles however, my gut feeling led me to choose Patricia as my
    son’s Occupational Therapist. I met her at Holland Bloorview on Kilgour Road in March 2012 and
    was comforted in my decision.

    From the onset, Patricia showed empathy, encouraged and reassured me that things will get better.
    My son survived a major traumatic brain injury 6 weeks prior to his second birthday. It was a
    double whammy because my husband passed away in the motor vehicle accident.

    Patricia quickly set up a plan for my son’s rehabilitation and was a key player in advocating
    for funding to cover the costs of several programs, tools and services for my son’s rehabilitation.
    Her extensive knowledge and experience dealing with brain injury survivors was a blessing
    because she found the best school for my son and convinced my legal counsel to provide the
    necessary funding. My son has been in this school for eight years and his progress is phenomenal.

    Today, I can proudly say that I owe a huge part of my son’s progress due to the quality of services
    received from Neuro- Rehab Services. Since March 2012, I have received occupational therapy,
    life coach, physical therapy and case management services from this organization and everyone
    involved showed a high level of professionalism, empathy and simplicity.

    In conclusion, I proudly recommend Neuro-Rehab Services for their strong sense of advocacy,
    their top-notch therapists, their level of empathy, professionalism and flexibility.

    Thank you, Neuro-Rehab Services, for putting my fears to rest and giving my son a new lease on
    life. My family and I are eternally grateful.

  • Client and Lawyer says:

    It is my honour to write a recommendation for the wonderful service providers at NRS.

    I have been working with NRS for over 20 years, my entire career. In that time, it is a blessing to
    have had continuity with the many of the staff and be able to rely 100% on the quality of care they
    provide to my clients.

    I, myself, have been a client of NRS and can attest first-hand to their excellent rehabilitation
    techniques for soft tissue injuries. I have referred many clients and even friends to their clinic for
    complex injuries, mental, cognitive, and physical to specialized drivers retraining programming.

    At every step of the way, the assigned team is responsive to the client and to me and I have only
    had excellent feedback from my clients.

    I have worked most recently and most often with Doris Wexler, social worker. I have had clients
    tell me that Doris has brought them back from the brink of suicide and reconnected them to society
    and their families. Doris even has a calming effect on me. She is an angel.

    I have worked with Patricia as a case manager who went out of her way to research
    facilities in New Brunswick for a client with a brain injury who had moved from Ontario. Patricia
    worked through the challenge of finding equivalent care for my client so his rehabilitation could
    continue smoothly. She rose to this challenge and went above and beyond for this client.

    The support staff at NRS and everyone from the top down are committed to the rehabilitation of
    the client and are non-hierarchical in their team approach to getting the job done. It just gets done
    and the right professional is always assigned to the right client in a culturally sensitive manner that
    considers nuances and personalities that are ever changing.

    I look forward to many more years working with NRS and wish them all the success with their continued desire to learn, enhance and expand.

  • Case Manager, Occupational Therapist, Life Care Planner says:

    I am very proud to have worked for NRS for the past 25 years and am thrilled that NRS has been
    nominated Best Rehab Company of the Year.

    Why have I stayed at NRS so long? It is because of the people I work with. If I could describe my
    fellow teammates with just a few words, I would have to include “knowledgeable”, “skilled”,
    “experienced”, “dedicated”, “client and family centered” and well, “just a pleasure to work with”.
    I am proud to work with a group of people who are so committed to working as a team to ensure
    our clients and their families have the type of coordinated and comprehensive rehabilitation, they
    require to achieve success.

    On behalf of the NRS team, thank you OBIA and PIA for this honour!

  • Lawyer says:

    I have had the privilege of working with the NRS team for a number of years now. The
    individualized care they have provided for clients of mine has been exemplary. Their ability to
    assist clients with significant disabilities has been incredibly helpful both to my clients, and to me.
    Serious cases often have multifactorial medical issues and require a multidisciplinary approach.
    NRS has always had the ability to address these needs. They are attentive to the needs of the client
    ensuring that they have the best chance of recovery.

    I have also been able to rely on both Jodi Harendorf and Trish Cook as case managers. I look to
    them to be the quarterback of my client’s treatment team. They are able to liaison with treatment
    teams to ensure clients are properly taken care of. They frequently go the extra mile to ensure that
    both the client’s needs are fulfilled, and that they are educated as to treatment goals and
    requirements. This has left clients feeling comfortable and confident that they are in good hands.
    Highly recommended.

  • Lawyer says:

    NRS delivers compassionate care to individuals suffering from traumatic brain injury, severe
    mental health issues and orthopedic injuries. Offering top-notch multidisciplinary model
    rehabilitation services, the clinic has assisted my clients through the most difficult times in their
    lives. NRS has been with my clients each step of their recovery, never faltering from quality.

    Jodi Harendorf and Trish Cook, in particular, are professional and reliable case managers. Their
    detail-oriented and thorough approach to case management ensures that my clients receive
    seamless care. As excellent communicators, Jodi and Trish work with a multitude of treatment
    providers to identify issues and coordinate appropriate care. Jodi and Trish are also very
    knowledgeable in the SABS and experienced working with adjusters to obtain funding for costly
    and complex treatment plans. Where other case managers would have difficulty in obtaining
    treatment funding, Jodi and Trish succeed.

    Congratulations Jodi!

  • Paula says:

    I am so glad to be a part of the Neuro Rehab/ Brainworks team! Powerhouse is right! No stone goes unturned to make sure that clients get the treatment that they need. Staff is passionate about what they do, and together they make a difference in the lives of clients everyday. A great company to work for, and a wonderful example in the community. Congratulations on a VERY well deserved nomination.

  • Colleen Boyce says:

    Congratulations on this well deserved nomination. NRS has been around for many, many years and your standard of care, commitment and loyalty is commendable. It has been a pleasure working with you and collaboratively all these years. You have great therapists, LCP’s and case managers supporting the clients and their families.

  • Beverlee Melamed says:

    We’ve known each other so very long- I’m proud to have the experience we’ve shared! All the best of luck for this well deserved nomination! Congratulations!

  • Maureen Palmer says:

    NRS was one of the original centres of excellence in ABI rehabilitation and continues to be a leader in the field!! It has been such a privilege to work with and learn from your team of exceptional therapists (OT, SLP, RSW, LCP etc.) over the years to support the goals and life plans of the most complex client/families! NRS therapists are knowledgeable, dedicated, professional and passionate in their work and go above and beyond to support the needs of persons living with ABI. Special mention to Patricia, Catherine, Trish, Hariette, Marie, John! Congratulations on this well deserved nomination!

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