Meagan Buttle

Meagan Buttle


I am overwhelmed and so grateful to be nominated for the health care provider of the year award. It is humbling to be included in a group of such fantastic colleagues and friends. I have worked exclusively in ABI rehabilitation since becoming an SLP, but my passion for this community began before that, when a family member was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. During their recovery I learned about intervention, advocacy, and the challenges of rehabilitation. I read reports by professionals I now call colleagues, and found passion for this niche area of SLP.

My career started at a support group with the Brain Injury Association of Peel-Halton, where I now volunteer as a Board Member. An SLP was guest speaking when I attended with my family member. She graciously mentored me, and her functional, individualized approach became the core of my clinical work. I furthered my knowledge through advanced training in assessment and treatment of cognitive communication disorders, ABI conferences, professional groups, and research. I now speak at brain injury associations and universities about the role of SLP in cognitive communication, and am looking forward to presenting at OBIA’s provincial conference this fall.

I opened my own practice in 2019, and the Buttle SLP team has grown to 10 SLPs since. As a family member of a survivor, it was imperative to me that client-directed care be at the forefront of our practice. I strive to be the SLP that I would want on my team. Someone who is warm, empathetic, action-oriented, and with a good sense of humour. A clinician who cares personally about the outcomes of clients and their successes, and someone who will sit in the muck with you and help find a way through, knowing (in the words of Mark Ylvisaker and Tim Feeney) that “there’s always something that works”. An SLP who is “real”, and is in your corner, listening to concerns and designing therapy that fits real life. Seeing a client write their wedding vows, return to elementary school, or become a parent are big moments I am grateful to be part of. But the small victories are just as sweet – writing a birthday card to a spouse, creating an online dating profile, or being able to participate in a monthly book club.

Our advocacy is not always on behalf of one client, but also our industry. In addition to volunteering with BIAPH, I am a member of the Canadian SLP association Interest Group for Brain Injury, lend my knowledge to online forums of SLPs, support SLP ABI research, and mentor clinicians who are entering the TBI field. I actively engage with the ORA on initiatives, and lend a hand in finding clinicians or connecting professionals.

I often am asked by SLP colleagues and friends why I chose to work in this field. They frequently cite how hard it must be, or ask how I handle the challenging and sad experiences my clients have lived through. But those who work in this industry know, it’s worth it for the people, the wins, the resilience, and the joy that comes between the hard parts. I am so grateful for the work I get to do each day, and this nomination.

  • Ellie Lapowich says:

    Meagan is full of positive energy and ideas. She is client centered in her approach, and seeks the collaboration and input from the rehab team in her attempts to help her clients reach their goals. She is practical, creative and lovely in the way in which she approaches issues. A well deserved nomination!

    • Meagan Buttle says:


      Thank you for such kind words! Working alongside you and the ICM team make my job easier and more fun! Thank you for being a great case manager who is always willing to lend an ear or jump in and help when things get messy! <3

  • angie cunningham says:

    Meagan is fantastic! She is a great collaborator, innovative, client centered and thinks outside of the box. Lawlor staff love working with her!

    • Meagan Buttle says:

      Angie –
      Thank you for this – I love working with the Lawlor team too! Your team makes project based therapy and community care easy to do with their collaborative spirits. Congratulations on your nomination as well!

  • Rebekah Y. says:

    I have never known another healthcare provider as devoted to continuing education and maintaing the highest standards of excellence and ethics in their practice while being so immensely humble. She readily points to and uplifts others in the collaborative process of care when she receives positive feedback.

    Meagan’s devotion to her clients and their best interests is truly a beautiful and wonderful thing to be witness to. Megan’s compassion for others and her fierce advocacy for their wellness is an inspiration. As a POC and member of the LGBTQ+ community, her deep work as an ally to bring awareness to the intersectional challenges these groups face has been heartening in its humility and authenticity. Meagan deeply cares about the lived experiences of others and how this informs their care, and her dedication to staying informed and being wholehearted in her practice has fostered a truly safe space for her clients to heal.

    • Meagan Buttle says:

      Rebekah – I can’t even begin to say what this comment means. Your kindness, compassion, and knowledge sharing is something I value in my personal and professional life more than words can say. Thank you.

  • Marianne Ward says:

    Meagan was so helpful when I took a cognitive communcation client. She was eager to help and mentor me in the process. She generously offered her time and resources. It was clear she was very passionate about brain injury recovery and advocacy. She has a super personality to boot!

    • Meagan Buttle says:

      Marianne – it’s always lovely when our paths cross! Cognitive Communication and ABI can feel like such an unknown area for SLPs to dive into, especially as we are often limited in the training and exposure we receive in school!

      Your eagerness to dive into EBP, research and practical supports for this pediatric client was awe inspiring. I am so happy I was able to lend a hand in their recovery and therapy planning. The work your team does is so needed- especially in rural and under served areas around you!

      Thank you for these kind words!

    • Leigj Craney says:

      Well deserved nomination Meagan! Meagan is an incredible SLP, supportive health care provider, and welcome team member. In addition to the great therapeutic work with clients, Meagan is exceptionally collaborative and offers practical feedback to team members regarding treatment approaches to augment rehabilitation goals. An exceptional provider and an genuinely amazing person! Congratulations on this nomination Meagan!

      • Meagan says:


        Thank you so much! I don’t think twice about supporting a client or family when I know you are captaining the team alongside the client. Some of the most challenging (and rewarding) experiences of my career have been on teams with you. Your ability to bring together providers and bridge the most challenging of circumstances is second to NONE.

        Thank you for bringing your quick thinking, collaboration and (sometimes dark) humour to work. Working with you, Mary, and Vanessa is always a highlight and a hoot. Your music recommendations consistently rock also 😉

        I am so glad to know you <3

  • Jennifer Berg- Carnegie says:

    Meagan – it is an honor to be nominated with this strong group. Your dedication to client care is inspiring and your always positive attitude is so contagious. All the best as you truly are deserving of this award.

    • Meagan Buttle says:

      Jennifer – back at you! Watching you innovate during the pandemic to find creative service delivery models is something I truly admire. Flexibility and creativity are so integral to our work, and you are one of the best! ?

  • Jennifer Randev says:

    Meagan is an SLP colleague who I have recently connected with and who has been a valuable source of information for me. I wish I met her sooner! She clearly has a passion for the field and the population she serves. Her knowledge and insight is highly respected in the SLP community and she is generous with sharing information and making herself available to consult with other SLPs.

    • Meagan Buttle says:

      Jennifer, I wish your friend the best in their recovery. I am grateful I could play a tiny role in helping them find the resources and advocacy they need. Happy to help if I can be useful in the future!

  • Candice Fourie says:

    Meagan is an exceptional clinician who goes above and beyond for every client, no matter the circumstances. She also goes above and beyond for colleagues, offering insight and advice, and sharing her knowledge and expertise. She has so much passion for what she does, and supports other clinicians to be their best as well. She shines in her own practice but always takes the time to lift up others. She is an incredible person who deserves this award over and over again!!!

    • Meagan Buttle says:

      Candice, watching your grow your specialty practice has been a true joy. I’m so grateful you chose to call Buttle SLP your clinical home as you grew your own. Proud of all the work that you do to support families of vulnerable babies. You are a true force to be reckoned with, and I’m happy to know you!

  • Allie Flanagan says:

    It is always a pleasure having Meagan on a file. She is not only a passionate, caring, and skilled practitioner, but also a collaborative, reliable, and approachable team player. Meagan goes above and beyond to meet the needs of her clients and her multi-disciplinary team. Her energy is contagious and I am happy to have her apart of my circle! Cognitive communication is such a niche area of SLP, and I would consider Meagan and her team to be strong leaders in this area. The BIAPH community is lucky to have such a great individual on their board as well!

    • Meagan Buttle says:

      Allie! Thanks for such kind words! I am grateful I get to call you a teammate on some complex cases! Your energy, enthusiasm, and tik tok hilarity is such a source of joy for me ?. Thanks for being so awesome.

  • Kimberly Butcher says:

    Meagan is an incredibly passionate and creative individual and therapist. Her hard work and dedication to support clients, encourage team collaboration and communication is outstanding! I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Meagan both as a friend and colleague!

    • Meagan Buttle says:

      Kimberly- thanks for the lovely comment! Working with you has been so wonderful too! Your straight shooter approach and sense of humour make problem solving tough situations a breeze. Glad we get to work (and play) alongside each other in KW and beyond!

  • Leah MacQuarrie says:

    Meagan and I were classmates at McGill. I have had the absolute pleasure of watching her grow and innovate in her practice over the years. Her dedication to the field has always been an inspiration for me. I am so proud of her nomination and it is so well-deserved! Good luck Meagan!

    • Meagan Buttle says:

      Leah! Your support and friendship throughout the years has been such a wonderful gift to me. Your love for music and passion projects outside of work reminds to work for better balance in my own corner of the world. Thanks for such a lovely comment. ?

  • Jacob Lawrence says:

    Meagan is incredible! Transparently, I am one of her staff, so I am of course biased, but from the perspective of someone who has been mentored by her, you would be hard-pressed to find someone more committed to clinical excellence than her. She has worked non-stop over the years to foster expertise in all things SLP and brain injury and is as kind, compassionate, and client-centred as she is knowledgeable. A true innovator and an incredible boss!

    • Meagan Buttle says:

      Jacob – having you on our team is part of what makes BSLP so wonderful. Your energy, humour, and depth of experience in the voice world make you a fantastically skilled clinician and team mate. You are brilliant pediatric ABI therapist, and you made mentorship so easy with your inquisitive and curious approach.

      I am also biased (we hired you!), but I think our team is some of the best there are. Thanks for sharing such nice things. ?

  • Rita Lenhardt says:

    Meagan: Congrats on your well-deserved nomination for Professional of the Year! Your expertise in traumatic injury and passion as a speech language pathologist make you an exceptional clinician. Your kindness, wisdom, and professionalism are truly admirable. I cherish our friendship and look forward to witnessing your continued success.

    • Meagan Buttle says:

      Rita, thank you ?? your mentorship and faith in hiring me as a new graduate is part of what made this happen. Learning from you and with you shaped how I approach every client and team member interaction. Your passion for project based therapy and EBP shines and was folded into my baby SLP brain. Thanks for not giving me the side eye when I walked up to you at the BIAPH support group and offering me a mentorship that changed everything for me.

      Your friendship is something I cherish and am so grateful for. ?

  • Sarah Bago says:

    Meagan is more than deserving of this recognition. As the leader and owner of Buttle SLP, she provides us all with motivation to continue to provide the best, most functional treatment for our clients on a daily basis. She continues to put clients first, no matter the situation and leads with empathy and understanding. Her skill is above that of her years of practice and she continues to pay it forward by sharing her knowledge with other clinicians and new graduates alike. Meagan, you are an incredible leader and SLP.

    • Meagan Buttle says:

      Sarah, thanks for taking a leap to be the first BSLP team member back in the day! I am happy you decided to trust me and brought your hospital expertise to our community.

      Watching your passion for clinical expertise and teaching continues to shape how I practice and approach my own challenges, both with clients and outside the clinic. You are always an ear to listen, and have fantastic ideas on how to shape the future of this practice and field. You help our team practice at the top of their licenses, and are part of the reason this nomination came to be. Thank you! <3

  • Emily Burtt says:

    I had the pleasure of spending six years at University with Meagan. Even then I knew she would go on to do great things. She has incredible passion for learning. I believe this passion is the driving force behind her success today. She continues to strive to be the best for her clients. Meagan, I am so proud of you!

    • Meagan Buttle says:

      Em, I could not have asked for a more fantastic human to share all those years of school with. Thanks for being the best recipe tester, errand buddy, and study partner a girl could wish for. So grateful to our friendship. Watching you grow as an SLP and mum has been a joy! <3 Thanks for such a lovely comment.

  • kindrey Rowland says:

    Congratulations Megan! Thank you for all you do for people living with acquired brain injury. You are an amazing advocate for cognitive communication services in our province!

    • Meagan Buttle says:

      Kindrey – thanks for the kind words! I always look forward to our chats and learning from your experience in ABI-SLP and clinic ownership. Thanks for always having time for my questions and cheering on my ideas!

  • Danielle Hyde says:

    I am honoured to express my utmost admiration and respect for Meagan as a colleague whose dedication goes beyond the ordinary. Meagan has a deep understanding of the intricate challenges that individuals with brain injury face and consistently goes above and beyond to ensure the best possible outcomes for each of her clients.

    Meagan is committed to collaboration, continuous education, and engaging fellow clinicians with insights and the latest advancements in the field of speech-language pathology and brain injury rehabilitation. Her willingness to mentor and guide others is a testament to her leadership qualities and genuine desire to see her community thrive.

    Meagan’s advocacy efforts within the community have been nothing short of admirable. She tirelessly works to raise awareness about the importance of cognitive-communication therapy and person-centered care for brain injury survivors and their families. Meagan’s dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to her clients make her a valuable asset to our profession and an exceptional advocate for brain injury survivors.

    Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition!

    • Meagan says:


      It’s been such a pleasure to watch your grow your own practice in cognitive communication and begin supporting MVA clients through NeuroConnections. I am so honoured to call you a friend and colleague. The work you do to spread information and remove barriers to access about ABI research on your social media is so important, and your content is making other SLPs BETTER. Your impact is wider than you know. <3

      I am so confident in recommending you if our team is ever unable to support a client, and know they are in the BEST hands.

  • Colleen Boyce says:

    Meagan is an exceptional SLP, person, collaborator, creative thinker and team player. Clients and families love working with her and she is dedicated, committed, compassionate and the ultimate professional. Meagan works tirelessly giving back to the brain injury community (BIAPH) and her profession. Congratulations and well done on this nomination and recognition. We love working with you!

    • Meagan says:

      Colleen, Thank you for these kind words! I always value our chats – you’re so willing to share resources and go beyond when families need specialty carer. The passion you have shines through in the team you’ve surrounded yourself with, and I love working alongside them!

  • Nicole Galeotalanza says:

    Congratulations Meagan on this well-deserved nomination. Your energy and enthusiasm with clients is infectious. You a phenomenal SLP, and I am always grateful to have you on a rehab team. Best of luck with this nomination 🙂

    • Meagan says:

      Nicole – back at you. Working alongside your creativity, empathy, and sense of humour make teamwork smooth and cohesive. I have my fingers, toes, and eyeballs crossed for you to win as well! <3

  • Ana Gollega says:

    Meagan is an incredible clinician passionate for her work as SLP. Her knowledge and professionalism is a great addition to any rehab team. She is collaborative and always focus on the best to her clients. I am grateful and honor for the opportunity to work with Meagan.

    • Meagan says:

      Ana, thank you! It’s been such a joy having the chance to collaborate more in recent months! The warmth and caring you bring to supporting families with difficult diagnoses and challenging roads ahead is something I am in awe of, and so thankful when you ask us to join your team <3

  • Stacey Levine says:

    Congratulations Meagan, my fellow nominee! You are an exceptionally skilled speech therapist and an incredible colleague to work with, along with your staff who are following in your footsteps. Your knowledge and expertise stands out with your client-focused approach and collaborative team focus to ensure the client goals are being addressed and the families are well-supported. I’ve learned so much from you and love working together as I always feel more confident with you on the file. I looked forward to presenting with you at the OBIA conference!

    • Meagan says:


      I am so proud of you! The work you do on challenging and complex files makes it look like a walk in the park. Your listening ear, creative approach, and stellar boundaries are something I try to emulate in my own clinical life. I am glad we get to dose each other with confidence when we are on a team together – because I also learn so much from you every time! 😉

      Can’t wait to take over OBIA with our concurrent session! Happy to know you, and you are so deserving of this award as well! <3

  • Sheila Don says:

    Congrats on your nomination Meagan. I know you bring clinical strength and positivity to your client’s lives and deserve the recognition.

    • Meagan says:

      Thanks Sheila! Your passion for your team and clinical approach shines through what you do too! Congrats on your nomination as well! 🙂

  • Rachel Greenwood says:

    So well deserved, Meagan! Thank you for always having time to connect, talk through, and problem solve with me. Glad to share files with your incredible team of SLPs!

    • Meagan says:


      Thank you, too, for picking up my calls when I have a conundrum! Your win last year was so deserved, and I am so grateful when we get to work alongside you. Your leadership and advocacy on files make our SLPs better! Your communication, big picture thinking, and connection to clients shows in every email, phone call, and team meeting. I am so glad to know you and work with you <3

    • Meagan says:

      p.s. – best of luck to BIAYR! your nomination there is further testament to how amazing you are! 😀

  • Nakema Walker says:

    Meagan Buttle!! What a superstar!!!
    I have had the pleasure of working with you for a number of years, and I grow more and more “Wowed” by your true passion, and dedication for every single client, and team member you work with. You are a true gem in the industry, and this nomination is proof of that. Best of luck!

    • Meagan says:


      This was so kind, I am tearing up… What can I say? You were one of the first RSWs I had the pleasure of working with as a new grad. I learned so much working alongside you in supporting our pediatric client. In the years since, it’s been so amazing to watch you grow into your leadership and develop and mentor a team of amazing RSWs of your own. I always know you have our client’s back and your joy and passion for learning new things while supporting them is so contagious. You make this field better! <3

  • Courtney says:

    Congratulations on your nomination Meagan! So well deserved. Your passion is contagious and every time our RSWs work with you, we know they will learn something new which allows them to help our clients even more! Good luck 🙂

    • Meagan says:

      Courtney, Thank you for this comment! The team at Lawlor are some of the best in the biz. Getting to know you more behind the scenes has been such fun – your drive to support your team and clients is so visible to anyone who interacts with you. Congrats on Lawlor’s nomination – so well deserved, and rooting for you all! <3

  • Victoria Sweetman says:

    Congratulations on this nomination, Meagan. Whether it’s at an event or in a zoom meeting the energy that you exude always serves to motivate and inspire others. It is a pleasure to work with you!

    • Meagan says:

      Victoria! Thank you for the kind words! Your steady presence and drive to support clients is a wonderful compliment to my exuberance lol. So grateful we get to work alongside each other – your deep dive and relationships with clients make it easy to run ideas by you and support challenging files in creative ways. Congratulations on your nomination too! <3

  • Adam says:

    Congratulations, you are one of the best. Your attention to detail and your big heart is what separates you from the rest!

    • Meagan says:

      Adam, people like you come along once in a decade if we’re lucky! The team and energy you have surrounded yourself with at CONNECT is second to none. I am so grateful our paths have crossed, and looking forward to all the ways we get to work together in the future! 😀

  • Sherry Kettyle says:

    Meagan is great to work with. I have had the chance to work with her a number of times. She is such a “team player” and puts her clients first. She has also passed this work ethic on to the SLP’s who work at Buttle SLP.

  • Kelly Murray, Executive Director, SAC Ontario says:

    Meagan is such a valuable part of the Brain Injury Interest group at Speech-Language & Audiology Canada! She consistently gives her personal time and wisdom to support government advocacy and help policy makers understand how the system needs to evolve to ensure those hurt in an auto accident get the care they need.

    • Meagan says:


      Thank you for these words! Working alongside you and the team at SAC-Ontario has been a wonderful learning experience for me. Learning about policy making, advocacy, and government relations has been a new area of growth for me. I appreciate every opportunity I have to contribute to our profession’s role and scope in cognitive communication and brain injury. Supporting other SLPs in our interest group and learning from you has been such a rewarding experience so far. Excited to see how it continues! 🙂

  • Susan Fray says:

    Meagan is a dedicated and exceptional SLP who consistently goes above and beyond to make a meaningful impact. With unwavering commitment and a tireless work ethic, her passion for helping others communicate and connect knows no bounds. Meagan expertise extends far beyond her job description, as she constantly seeks innovative ways to enhance the lives of those she serves. In every interaction, her hard work and dedication shine through, making Meagan an invaluable asset to the field of Speech-Language Pathology.

    • Meagan says:

      Susan, It has been so lovely to get to know you professionally and personally over the years. The love and care you have for your clients is so obvious. You are vulnerable, and have tough conversations with their best intentions in mind. I always know I can turn to you for a pep talk, catch-up, and confidence boost. Thanks for being one of my cheerleaders when I decided to launch my own practice. <3 I look forward to every visit at your residence to see your smiling face!

  • Kaela Southwell says:

    Meagan is not only a fantastic SLP but an even better colleague in our healthcare field. She is organized and professional yet also fun, engaging and brings an appropriate sense of humour and lightness to her work. She has been a joy to work with and always refer clients her way!! All the best Meagan- you deserve this award!

    • Meagan says:


      It’s been so lovely working with you and your team. Your practice is such a fantastic resource for the small town community you serve, and you’re always game to collaborate on creative or outside of the box ideas. Congratulations on adding ‘Parent’ to your resume this year – I am guessing the most rewarding and challenging role yet! 🙂

  • Cristina Stanescu says:

    Meagan is a strong advocate for individuals living with an acquired brain injury and a valuable asset to the SLP profession. Meagan is deeply committed to collaboration, consistently sharing both her knowledge and advancements in the field of cognitive-communication assessment and treatment with her SLP colleagues. Meagan’s genuine desire to see her clients, community and colleagues thrive shines bright. Congratulations on this well-deserved nomination and recognition!

    • Meagan says:

      Cristina – it has been such a fantastic journey from McGill lecture halls to ABI Rehab with you! I am so grateful to know you – your eloquence and warmth is something I continually strive for. Holland-Bloorview gained such a stellar SLP when you joined their pediatric ABI team – and though I miss seeing you at events, I know you are such a force to be reckoned with there as well! Thank you for such kind words <3

  • Ellen says:

    Congratulations Meagan on this well deserved nomination. You have amazing energy, exceptional skill and expertise that your clients benefit from, as does each professional that is lucky enough to work with you.

  • Maxine Fyffe-Roberts says:

    Congratulations on your nomination Meagan!! You bring an exemplary level of dedication, professionalism, and commitment to your clients. Having had the pleasure of working with you for the past few years, your client-centred approach to getting the best outcomes for clients…. consistently shines brightly!!

    • Meagan says:

      Maxine, Thanks so much for your kind words. The team you have at Essentially You is stellar – and the providers I have had the opportunity to work alongside have been nothing short of amazing. Warm, kind, above and beyond for their clients.

      Congratulation on your nomination as well! So well deserved!

  • Garvin Moses says:

    Congratulations Meagan and a well deserved nomination. Your positive attitude always shines through the moment you walk through the door and I know my clients are in good hands whenever you are on the file!

    • Meagan says:

      Garvin! Working with you and your team has been a highlight for me as well. The collaboration on our mutual client a few years back is something I will not soon forget. Your passion for pairing rehab with real life (and running in this case!) was such a game changer for this client. <3

  • Christine MacPherson says:

    Congrats Meagan! You are a wonderful advocate for your clients and the profession of SLP. Your energy, compassion, and knowledge shines through 🙂

    • Meagan says:

      Chris, it’s been so great to get to know you over the years – thank you for welcoming me into your SLP circle and sharing your own knowledge and expertise in ABI and clinic ownership. The safe spaces you foster and create put so many at ease, allowing you to do the hard work with them <3

  • John Shamoon says:

    Meagan is one of the most caring people I have met. She always listens and provides solutions to problems that are in her way. I can’t express how much I enjoy working with her. She is eternally optimistic and makes it very easy to navigate challenges that most find difficult. I look forward to working with Megan for many years to come! It goes without saying that she has an amazing team! A true leader in our industry!

    • Meagan says:

      The warmth and genuine joy you bring to rehab shines through every thing you do, and every interaction I have with you. I am so glad our paths have crossed and can’t wait to see what the future holds too! <3

  • Thomas N. says:

    Meagan’s endless compassion is truly inspiring. She goes above and beyond for her clients and makes sure they get the care they deserve. Congratulations Meagan!

  • Nichola Nonis says:

    A short paragraph is simply not enough to capture Meagan’s remarkable character.

    In her role as a healthcare provider, Meagan’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional care stands out. Meagan is a fierce advocate who thoughtfully takes into account the multitude of factors that impact individuals from diverse backgrounds. What sets Meagan apart is her superpower of compassion and a dedication to continuously learn and understand others.

    Through my close collaborations with Meagan at BIAPH, I’ve had the opportunity to directly witness her exceptional leadership and proactive approach. Her passion for supporting others knows no bounds and shines through with every interaction. Even with her demanding schedule, Meagan consistently extends a helping hand, actively supporting our association across a range of initiatives.

    Meagan, I wholeheartedly appreciate the countless hours, insightful advice, and genuine friendship you’ve generously shared with both me and the entire team at BIAPH. Working alongside you and learning from your expertise has been an immense privilege.

    This nomination is incredibly well-deserved!

    • Meagan says:


      Watching you grow in your role at BIAPH has been nothing short of amazing and inspiring. Initiatives and ideas that were lofty goals of the board are now reality thanks to your energy and work ethic. You passion for inclusivity, representation, and access to care is something every leader in a BIA should strive for.

      Your approach to problem solving and leadership is awe inspiring – you cultivate a work culture that fosters growth, creativity and open communication, and the proof of your success is in BIAPH’s program growth, retention, and funding. You navigate challenging conversations with wisdom and perspective that exceeds your experience, and you have taken on a role in a complex and niche industry that would be a struggle for many. I am so honoured to be able to provide a sounding board for you as you continue to grow and challenge the status quo.

      Thank you for bringing such amazing energy to the BIAPH team. You and Kirsten are change makers by the definition of the word, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for BIAPH with you as a co-captain. <3

  • Jennifer Arthurs says:

    Since having met Meagan this past year, I can say that her compassion and positivity is contagious! She is an amazing person all-around, and her clients can attest to this. She listens with an empathetic ear, watches with knowledgeable eyes, and speaks with her experienced voice. I am definitely more enriched having her in my life, let alone what she does for her clients. She is a trendsetter and leader in this industry, and I look forward to working with Meagan well into the future!

    • Meagan says:

      Jennifer – it’s been such a great opportunity to learn from your experience as an RN. The wealth of knowledge you bring to this industry from other healthcare sectors makes you such a warm, empathetic and effective case manager. You might be a fresh face to the KW scene, but I feel like I’ve known you for years. 😀

  • Justyne Russell says:

    Congratulations Meagan! A well deserved nomination!

    It is always a pleasure when our paths cross, you are such a strong advocate for your clients, and your treatment approach is client focused and functional. You are a collaborator and strong communicator. Your knowledge base and expertise is always welcomed. I look forward to seeing where your career takes you in the future.

    • Meagan says:

      Justyne – Thank you for your kind words!

      It’s so wonderful when our teams get to collaborate. Your flexibility and creative service delivery models for our rural clients is stellar, and I learn something from you each time our paths cross! Grateful to have connected with you and looking forward to all our future work together! 😀

  • Melissa V says:

    Yay Meagan! Always there with a smile on her face and willing to help out or cheerlead others along the way. An absolute force in the world of ABI. Best of luck to you!

    • Meagan says:

      Melissa –
      Thank you! I try – but your energy (and passion for fashion) is unmatched!! Grateful to know you and work alongside you! Eagerly following along with all of your new adventures! 😀

  • Sarah Tinkler-Josephi says:

    Congratulations on a well-deserved nomination! Meagan has always had such a strong passion for working in the field of traumatic brain injury and this was obvious from the moment I met her. Her dedication, kindness, passion and professionalism are truly admirable and make her a phenomenal clinician, colleague, and advocate for her clients and the SLP profession. I’m so grateful for you as a colleague and friend and can’t wait to see all the wonderful things you’ll continue to accomplish!!

    • Meagan says:

      Thank you for supporting me as a new grad way back! I know that I (and the ABI world) miss your presence in the GTA dearly but I know the work you are doing in Thunder Bay is changing lives of families every day. 🙂

  • Becky McArthur says:

    Congratulations Meagan on this incredible achievement to receive a nomination for healthcare provider of the year in brain injury rehabilitation! As a fellow private practice owner, it is remarkable how you allocate your time to your own clinical practice while also supporting your growing team of professionals and a business. I am so grateful to have met you, learn from you, and can’t wait to see where you, the team you lead, and your private practice blossom into the future.

    • Meagan says:

      Becky –

      It’s been so fulfilling to know someone with such like-minded approach passion for supporting families and team members! Even though our practices look so different in their structure and client population – your ethics, leadership, and organization systems are so strong. I learn something from you each time we connect and look forward to growing our practices alongside each other.

      Your drive to empower families, students, and other SLPs is contagious, and I am so wowed by the team of amazing clinicians your have in your practice. Congratulations on building a practice that fits your life, your family, and your goals! Cheers to your next chapter! <3

  • Jenn Hicks says:

    Congratulations Meagan! You are always so helpful and such a kind colleague.

    • Meagan says:

      Thanks Jenn – Fellow ABI SLPs are the best, and you are no exception! 🙂 Always eager to read your perspective when your name pops up in our forums.

  • Lisa says:

    Meagan is a wonderful human being and fantastic SLP. Her industry awareness, SLP knowledge and client advocacy is both an asset and admirable. Meagan, congratulations on such a deserving nomination, and best of luck! We are rooting for you!

  • Neenah Navasero says:

    Congratulations Meagan!
    A well deserved nomination. You go above and beyond for your patients and are always a collaborative team player in your approach to the healthcare that you provide as a clinician. Our community is truly blessed to have you not only providing clinical care, but also the amazing number of hours you spend supporting brain injury associations (in coordinating/planning events, participating in fundraising events, the list goes on), as well as building and supporting your growing Buttle SLP team. Thank you for being you!

    • Meagan says:

      Neenah, it was chance that I happened to cross paths with you in Hamilton Health Sciences, but so glad we did! Love working alongside you and the NNN physio team – they are some of the most knowledgeable, functional, and fun neurophysios I have had the opportunity to work with!

      I love every chance we have to connect about clients, practice development, problem solving tricky situations, or finding creative solutions and projects for our clients. The gardening and dahlia project we did recently is one of my standout favourites!

      You lead your own team with kindness, honesty, and a work-life balance that I admire each day! I am lucky to know you as a colleague and friend – thank you! 🙂

  • Nevena Moylan says:

    Congratulations Meagan!

    I am not at all surprised by the above-comments made and this nomination! Meagan, you bring light, positivity, creativity in every interaction we have. Your passion is palpable and your commitment to your clients & their families, your team, and colleagues in the industry is inspiring. Thank you Meagan for all that you do!!!

    • Meagan says:


      Thanks for your kind words! I am grateful and honoured to call you a colleague too! The initiatives your team brings forward to increase access to care in marginalized communities is so needed. The fundraising, consultation trips, and education abroad to communities in need is inspirational.

      The drive you have for mentoring clinicians in ABI is obvious, and the team you have surrounding you somehow always know what is happening on any file. I know when I reach out to your office, there is someone there who can help. <3 Thank you for your kind words and support – love working with you!

  • Marla Vicente says:

    Congratulations on this nomination Meagan!! We were classmates at McGill and I always looked up to you! You have always been so dedicated, smart, well-spoken, and most importantly, kind! I am very much rooting for you!!

    • Meagan says:

      Marla! Thanks for the lovely comment – what a sweet thing to say. I hope you and Chris are doing well <3

      Thank you for being such a warm welcome when all of us were new to the city, sharing your favourite places, and helping us around McGill. I loved being your classmate! 🙂

  • Cindy Miller says:

    Congratulations on this nomination Meagan! You are a leader in your field. Your positive approach and attitude is admired and clearly noted by all those around you! I feel fortunate to have you and your growing team in our community. Well deserved achievement!

    • Meagan says:

      Cindy – Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Wow. I am so grateful for the collaboration, advice, and connections you have fostered with our team in the KW Region. We are lucky to know you as well! <3

  • Trevor Buttle says:

    Congrats Meagan!

    While I recognize that my perspective as Meagan’s father may naturally come with an inherent bias, I hope you can consider the words that follow with an understanding that my experiences and interactions with Meagan go beyond the normal family dynamics. In fact, my commentary encompasses dual perspectives: as a survivor of a mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) and as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Public Accounting who has had extensive dealings with driven entrepreneurs.

    As a mTBI Survivor:

    Twelve years ago, I sustained an mTBI, a chapter in my life filled with complexities and unknowns. Meagan, even as she was navigating her educational pursuits towards becoming a SLP, became an instrumental figure in our family’s journey of understanding and adapting to this new reality. She effortlessly translated the complex world of medical evaluations and diagnoses into a language that was comprehensible to me at a time when clarity and understanding was needed. Through her guidance, I grasped concepts such as ABI, DAI, PCS, and the vast implications they had on my daily life. Meagan wasn’t just a source of knowledge; she actively suggested and reinforced coping strategies, and the reasons why they were needed, that would help me transition from my “old self” to a version of me that could navigate the world post-injury. Her support assisted me with my acceptance and eventual advocacy for ABI awareness. Today, when I share my journey and the intricate nuances of living with a brain injury, when I don’t have the answers, Meagan has been the invaluable resource I point others towards. Her unwavering commitment to assist, without expectation of compensation, speaks volumes about her dedication to her profession and the immense positive impact she can leave on individuals’ lives. I’ve had the privilege of meeting various health care providers during my recovery, and while many are commendable, very few resonate with the passion and authenticity that Meagan does.

    As a CPA:

    In my professional experience, I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with countless entrepreneurs, each with their unique passion and drive. Meagan’s fervor for ABI awareness seamlessly transcends into her entrepreneurial endeavors. She selflessly shares advice, resources, and connections with peers, both seasoned and novices. This, I believe, stems from her genuine belief that by elevating individual expertise, it can collectively uplift the entire industry, ensuring ABI survivors and their families receive the best care possible.

    In summation, Meagan Buttle is not just deserving of the title “Health Care Provider of the Year” due to her unparalleled expertise and compassion, but also for her ability to galvanize change and impact both within and outside her immediate professional circle. Her dedication to bettering the lives of ABI survivors and their families, coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit, truly sets her apart.

    • Meagan says:

      Well…. Dad, I don’t know what to say to all of this, except thank you.

      Thank you for being a strong support of what I’ve ever chosen to do, whether it was one of my (countless) hobbies, deciding what to study, starting a private practice. Your advice is always sound without being judgmental, and your experience and perspective is something I value every day.

      Thank you for being the person to push me out of my comfort zone, to be scared and do it anyways, and to help me re-calibrate when things don’t go as planned. You never tell my ideas are too big (often the opposite – “go 10x bigger Meg”), and you’re usually right (don’t let that go to your head).

      Though I would never wish the role of brain injury survivor or family member on anyone, I am grateful that it provided me a path in SLP that I had never considered. My hope is that I can turn what was a challenging and emotional experience for our family into hope, resilience, and support for those who need it like we did back then.

      Love you pops. <3

  • Rusald says:

    Congrats Meagan. This nomination is a well-deserved recognition of your work. Your patience and kindness is truly awesome, and regardless of whether you will win or not, you definitely deserve all the kind words everyone has expressed in the many comments above.
    Good luck.

    • Meagan says:

      Thanks Rusald! Working with your team is always a great experience. The attention to detail and communication you bring makes it easy to navigate difficult conversations with adjusters, advocate on behalf of clients, and facilitate collaboration with team members.

      Thank you for the kind words!

  • Danya Hiob says:

    I met Meagan in our graduate SLP program at McGill, and I’ve been so impressed by how she has started and grown her own private practice in the years since then! She is very generous, sharing her knowledge and experience with her peers, and is an active and engaged member of the SLP community in Ontario and beyond. This nomination is so very well deserved!

    • Meagan says:

      Thanks Danya! It’s so cool to chat about CCD with you out outside of the classroom and about differences across provinces in advocacy and funding! Was very happy to see you landing in Ontario – looking forward to continued collaboration and hope our paths cross again soon!

      Thanks for your lovely comment!

  • Alycia McAllister says:

    Meagan’s heartfelt commitment to this industry is evident in every action and decision she makes. I’ve witnessed first-hand how she goes above and beyond to ensure that each client AND their family receives not only the best care but also a compassionate and empathetic experience. Her ability to connect with both clients and her team at BSLP on a personal level creates an atmosphere of trust and collaboration that’s truly inspiring. She is dedicated to fostering a supportive and empowering work environment which has resulted in a highly motivated and very skilled team of SLPs, and I am absolutely blessed to be part of it as her Controller of Chaos.

    Meagan’s genuine passion for making an impact is not just admirable, but it’s the essence of who she is. As can be seen by reading the comments on this page, her leadership not only inspires her colleagues but also transforms lives, making her a truly deserving candidate for the Health Care Provider of the Year award.

    • Meagan says:


      Thank you! 🙂 Having you on the BSLP team has been one of the best things to happen to us. As our admin (though I think we should officially change your title to Controller of Chaos 😉 ), you have managed and taken care of pain points we didn’t even know we had.

      You take my wild ideas and turn them into systems and automations that help our team be their best, and your ability to get ahead of a problem and solve it arises makes you one of a kind. When I say I could not build our practice or do my job without you, it is the absolute truth. Your sense of humour, eager attitude, and tech savvy save our butts on more occasions than we will ever publicly admit. <3

      Thank you endlessly for sharing your comment, and for being you. You make our team (and me) so much better – this nomination is definitely a reflection on you too!

  • Nina McQuigge says:

    Meagan is such a wonderful SLP, adept at working within super complex situations and bringing an ease and humour to it. She is always client focused, and just a generally amazing all around human being. Congratulations on the nomination! You deserve it.

    • Meagan says:


      Thank you! I love every opportunity we get to collaborate and work together. The calm and confidence you bring to complex files and family dynamics is always so welcome. Your experience in youth rehabilitation makes supporting students returning to learn a breeze. Your familiarity and expertise in our region is so valuable, and I know whenever I am looking to find resources or talk out a sticky situation, I have a great mind on the other end of the line.

      Thanks for being a great colleague and friend! <3

  • Aimee Hayes says:

    Meagan is an incredible advocate, clinician and team member. She pours so much energy and passion into her work. She is a great connector, educator, collaborator, and cheerleader. It is always a pleasure working alongside Meagan and seeing the care and attention she puts into her clients rehab. She brings out the best in everyone! Congratulations Meagan!

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