Recipient of the 2020 CASE MANAGER OF THE YEAR

Maureen Palmer

Maureen Palmer


Maureen Palmer is honoured to be nominated for this award!

Maureen is a Nurse Rehabilitation Consultant/ Case Manager and owner of Palmer & Associates Rehabilitation Inc. She has over 25 years of Nursing, Case Management, Education and Leadership experience. Maureen graduated with a Bachelor of Health Sciences; Nursing from Charles Stuart University, Australia and maintains specialty Certification with the American Association of Rehabilitation Nurses. She has worked with clients with Acquired Brain Injury and complex injuries, along with skilled multidisciplinary teams across a spectrum of health care including as; Critical Care Teacher in the Intensive Care Units at The Toronto Hospital; guest lecturer at George Brown College and Ryerson; clinical nursing in Montreal and across GTA Hospitals and Rehabilitation Centers in trauma, neurosurgery, intensive care; and Rehabilitation Case Management.

Maureen feels fortunate that her experience in a caring profession has provided her the opportunity to build a foundation of medical knowledge, critical thinking and astute assessment skills that have allowed her to excel in her role as a Nurse Case Manager and as a trusted resource to her clients, teams, legal and insurance representatives.

She is passionate about understanding the impact of the injury on her client’s lives and the subtle and complex medical and rehabilitation support needs, in order to help clients successfully reach their potential and achieve their goals. For Maureen, it is a privilege to advocate for and collaborate with clients, families and rehabilitation colleagues in the journey through recovery and living with ABI. She continues to be inspired by her client’s resilience and determination despite adversity, the diverse and creative expertise of her fellow team members and strives to foster a compassionate person-driven team approach that offers hope, optimism, empowerment and the opportunity to help clients define their identity, personally meaningful life activities and maximize their quality of life.

Advocating for her clients and her commitment to quality public and private ABI rehabilitation extends to volunteering her time to promote ABI education and evidenced-informed services. She is appreciative of the opportunity to have presented at webinars and conferences; and participated on committees and initiatives, to speak to colleagues, stakeholders and survivors about the impact of policies on healthcare and access to quality rehabilitation. She has been a member of the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation (ONF) ABI Research Committee, an International Guideline Panel Member for the ONF Guidelines for Diagnosing and Managing Pediatric Concussion 2014, RNAO representative on the Rehabilitation Council of Ontario, and Past President of the Ontario Association of Rehabilitation Nurses. Maureen is delighted to now serve on the Board of the Ontario Rehab Alliance.

Maureen would like to extend her genuine appreciation and gratitude to her rehabilitation peers, OBIA and PIA Law for recognizing her with this nomination. Maureen is proud to have a played a small part in an industry with so many experts, in positively impacting the lives of many individuals living with ABI, SCI and complex injuries.

  • Daniella Caskie says:

    Maureen is an extremely professional, person-centered, knowledgeable, and collaborative case manager. She is a wonderfully caring, positive and personable individual and colleague. She understands, respects, and encourages the expertise and insight each team member brings to a team, is always available to consult with and support team members, and is top-notch at keeping everyone on the team up to date and working towards the same goals. She is extremely knowledgeable and resourceful, which enables her to be the great advocate for clients that she is! Congratulations on this nomination, Maureen. It is truly well deserved!!

  • Rani Bains says:

    Maureen, is truly dedicated to you and your family , she really cares about you deeply! She is so knowledgeable in any type of field for support, she gives you her best ability all the time, Maureen’s effects are endless!.. she has helped my son with a brain injury and my family .. for the past 10 years of support… ,that is the reason why my son is in a great place today because of Maureen ?? Maureen is very unique and goes up and beyond always for you like no other ??

  • Jeff Lee says:

    Maureen is a warm, caring, compassionate person who helps me on a continual basis to navigate my recovery.
    She is extremely professional, conscientious and knowledgeable in so many areas.
    Her vast experience allows her to assist and provide me recommendations, guidance and advice related to my recovery.
    Knowing Maureen is not only on my team but my team leader gives me great confidence when dealing with all these recovery related issues.
    Thx so much Maureen!

  • Ken Embury says:

    Having worked with Maureen as a case manager for our son with a brain injury for about 15 years, we are pleased and honoured to be have had the privilege of working with Maureen .Throughout our son’s rehab, Maureen guided us through the many paths to find a successful route for our son to have a meaningful life. Through her help he lived independently and married and had 3 children. He has now passed away but Maureen still stays in contact with us regarding his wife and children and their future.

  • Julie Hannaford says:

    Maureen Palmer is not only a credit to her profession, but she exemplifies and embraces the 360 degrees of multi-disciplinary knowledge and work involved in providing services as a case manager. Maureen knows the medical field; she knows the benefits field; she knows the legal universe that must be navigated for her clients; and, if she doesn’t know a field, she learns it, quickly. Most important, though, is her heart – all of which is invested in making life important for those she serves. Maureen’s heart, life, and soul is in her profession and in the lives and hearts of her individuals and families. For that reason, Maureen makes all the difference.

  • Joanne says:

    Maureen palmer…

    Thxs ..for everything!! You helped us every step of the way! We need more people like you.

  • Donna says:

    Maureen is a very personable, skilled and thorough Case Manager. She works hard to ensure her clients have everything they need. She is great to problem solve with and she thinks outside the box. It is a pleasure to work on teams where her expertise shines through. Truly a gift to her profession. Congrats on your nomination!

  • Arthur Fish says:

    Maureen Palmer brings to her work a big, warm heart, a strong mind and character, oceans of experience and a deep devotion to understanding her client’s needs and finding ways to meet them. She is a true “case manager” adept at bringing a team of professionals together in collaboration to serve people with complex needs: with Maureen’s involvement I have been able to serve clients in ways – and with outcomes – that would have been impossible without her.

  • patricia howell says:

    Maureen is such a talented and dedicated Case Manager. She is completely committed to her clients and their families and has made such a difference in so many lives. Congratulations on this nomination Maureen, it is well deserved!!!

  • Penny Roberts says:

    Maureen Palmer is an amazing case manager I have been her client for many Year’s and I will say i would be so lost without her Maureen goes above and beyond all of my expectations she is sincere, understanding, kind and considerate beyond words, she is the most compassionate and patient person i have ever had the privilege of having met.

  • Joanne Mascarenas says:

    I have had the honour of meeting Maureen through my partner Penny Roberts who is one of her clients! I personally want to thank her for her dedication to not just Penny but her clients for all she does and her warm and compassionate demeanour! My experiences with Maureen have been enlightening and have certainly educated me on many topics I would not otherwise know! Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do and Congratulations on your nomination I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this honour!!!

  • Joanne Mascarenas says:

    I have had the honour of meeting Maureen through my partner Penny who is one of her clients! I personally want to thank her for her dedication to not just Penny but her clients for all she does and her warm and compassionate demeanour! My experiences with Maureen have been enlightening and have certainly educated me on many topics I would not otherwise know! Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do and Congratulations on your nomination I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this honour!!!

  • Doris Wexler says:

    Maureen goes above and beyond for her clients…well deserved nomination!!! Congratulations!

  • Pamela Savage says:

    I first met Maureen over 35 years ago and she quickly became a trusted nursing colleague, mentor and friend. Maureen has always impressed me with her committment to excellence in Patient/Person/Family Centered Care. She is extremely knowledgeable and is one of the most professional, dedicated and compassionate care providers I know. She truly is deserved of this award in recognition of her over two decades of outstanding care as a case manger for clients with acquired brain injury.

  • Svetlana Tsvetkova says:

    Maureen is truly one of a kind Case Manager and I am endlessly grateful for having her involved with one of my clients. Her tremendous support, professional guidance and expertise that she brings to the table is invaluable. My sincere congratulations on your nomination Maureen, it’s so well deserved!

  • gloria plourde and gaspard says:

    Maureen came into our lives at a time when she was very much needed. Such a professional women and such great organizational skills that we needed at that time. She lined up such a great team of Rehab workers that I do not think I would have been able to handle my husband’s schedule. She will be very much needed and we wish the best . Thank you for all she has done for us never seems to be enough said.

  • gloria plourde says:

    Her support and understanding was truly invaluable . Congratulations and Felicitations on your nomination which you deserve

  • Lisa D. Belcourt says:

    Maureen is a very compassionate case manager who thinks outside the box. Her rapport with the team has been easily established and maintained and she has lots of credibility with the client. I have very much enjoyed working with her.

  • Susan Jenkins says:

    Maureen exemplifies excellence, caring and compassion in her professional and personal relationships. She has demonstrated a dedicated commitment to advocating for her clients and has established effective and efficient relationships with her multidisciplinary team colleagues.

    I highly recommend Maureen for the Case Manager of the Year Award.

  • Gerald Brown says:

    I had the privilege of meeting Maureen 7 years ago . I have never met someone that goes above and beyond for her clients as she does ! She is an incredible lady that deserves to be recognized for the amazing work she does.

  • John Yates says:

    I have known Maureen for over twenty years and without a doubt she is the best case manager that I have had the privilege to work with. I have been lucky enough to watch her clients grow and flourish. In my capacity as an adaptive technology specialist I have worked with several dozen case managers over the years and none have come close to accomplishing what Maureen has with our mutual clients. Professional, caring, and resourceful – she always goes above and beyond what is expected. She absolutely deserves recognition.

  • Brenda L. Perkins-Meingast says:

    I have had the privilege of knowing Maureen for over 30 yrs. She continues to amaze me with her professionalism, passion and commitment to the clients and families under her care. She is a natural at building strong relationships with both her clients, families as well, with members of the health care team; and, she never shies away from a challenge. She is able to create a climate in which people feel comfortable sharing when trying to build an idea or solve a problem.
    I strongly support Maureen’s nomination for Case Manager of the Year award….she is well deserving.

  • Laureen Karry says:

    Maureen sets the bar extremely high for Case Managers. Her heart-felt dedication to her clients is evident in everything she does. The combination of her expertise, professionalism and compassion is what allows Maureen to achieve results for her clients, and sets her apart from others in her field. Congratulations Maureen on your well-earned nomination for Case Manager of the Year…I cannot imagine a more deserving candidate.

  • Lisa Martin says:

    Maureen is a genuine, caring, knowledgeable and collaborative case manager. It is a pleasure to be on a rehabilitation team with her. She goes above and beyond for her clients and keeps the rehabilitation team working closely together on the clients goals. Congratulations on the nomination Maureen. It is well deserved.

  • Julie Manley says:

    Maureen is an extremely organized, caring and professional case manager. I always enjoying sharing cases with her.

  • Chanth Seyone says:

    It’s always a pleasure to work with Maureen. She is caring, compassionate and knowledgeable about her patients, advocates strongly on their behalf and carries through any tasks that will help her patients. She exemplifies what a Case Manager should be.

  • Susan Goode says:

    Congratulations on your well-deserved nomination for Case Manager of the year, Maureen! I have always appreciated your compassion, care, and dedication to your clients and colleagues. Your commitment to excellence absolutely deserves to be recognized.

  • Reheleh Pourkhodayar says:

    It has been such a pleasure to have Maureen as a case manager. Maureen is an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated professional. But more than that, she is a caring, approachable and warm person. Maureen truly listens to her clients, without judgment and approaches every issue wholeheartedly. She encourages and facilitates a wholistic perspective to care that takes into account her clients’ complex needs. This nomination is truly a well-deserved!

  • Cathy Holmes says:

    Maureen is a powerful advocate for her clients. She creates a bond through her empathy and collaborates and coordinates with the necessary professionals to provide the best possible outcomes for her clients.
    Congratulations on the nomination, well deserved.

  • Teresa Zadra says:

    Maureen is an exemplary example of the Power, Passion & professionalism of nursing skills used at an Optimal Level.

  • David Frake says:

    Maureen has an uncanny knack for connecting with clients and colleagues alike. Her communication skills are the best in the industry. Her organizational skills and ability to creatively problem solve are also incredible strengths.
    I have worked with Maureen for over 15 years and always look forward to seeing her name on new files!

  • Arvinder Gaya says:

    Maureen is excellent at making sure that all the details on any case are taken care you. She is an excellent team player and has worked with our Occupational Therapists at PiOT for many years now helping clients with very complicated situations. Her knowledge and experience as well as her caring and and warm demeanour makes her a great case manager! It is our pleasure to work with her.

  • Ellen Lipkus says:

    I have had the pleasure of working and collaborating with Maureen for many years. She is a committed, compassionate and caring case manager who advocates on behalf of her clients to ensure they have access to much needed services and supports. Her rehabilitation plans are well thought out, thorough and well coordinated. This is a very well deserved nomination. Congratulations!

  • Paul VanderGriendt says:

    Maureen is the full package! Experienced, organized, reliable and dedicated. The case manager people like me dream of to take all your worries away. She is a lock for case manager of the year.

  • Vivien Tyers says:

    Maureen’s nomination as the 2020 Case Manager of the Year is without a doubt worthy recognition of her outstanding contributions to the brain injury community.

    Maureen’s extensive experience and expertise (25+ years) has enabled her to be a strong advocate for her clients and effectively collaborate with a wide range of multidisciplinary teams – delivering excellence in rehab plans and strategies. She consistently goes above and beyond to support her clients and their unique needs as demonstrated by her strong work ethic and meticulous and professional manner.

    You can also check all the boxes as it relates to Maureen’s caring and compassionate approach. My experiences with Maureen over the past 5+ years has provided many insights into, not only how well respected and valued she is in the community but more importantly, how devoted she is to each and every one of her clients. Congrats Maureen!

  • Christina Fung says:

    Maureen was a pleasure to work with. She was professional, thorough, patient and team-focused. She made it easy to work with even a complex case

  • Richard C says:

    Maureen is very professional, approachable, and knowledgeable as a Case Manager. She has always given 110% for all her clients and brought the rehabilitation and medical team together.

  • Angel Brooking says:

    Maureen is enthusiastic, very supportive, her ability to problem solve is top rate. Maureen has a great ability to think outside the norm, she has great personable skills that makes it comfortable to be open with her. She truly puts her clients interests first and she is very compassionate towards the individual circumstances of her clients.

  • Charlene VanderGriendt says:

    Maureen is simply fantastic. Her positivity and ability to find solutions to complex challenges continually impress me. I am so grateful Maureen is our case manager.

  • Allana McLeod says:

    As a Physiotherapist working with brain injury and complex musculoskeletal injuries, I am always thrilled to see Maureen’s name as the case manager on a new file. I have worked with her on multiple very complex cases, and Maureen has always shown an uncanny ability to connect with her client and their family, and to make them feel truly supported and cared for. She effortlessly balances all of the client’s needs with a patient-centered, holistic approach. From the social/emotional, psychological and cognitive needs, to the physical, medical and nutritional needs, Maureen is on top of addressing each piece of the puzzle that will contribute to the best possible outcomes for the client. As well, she has an incredible ability to make each team member feel completely valued, respected and essential to the client’s rehab. She is so deserving of this nomination. Congratulations Maureen!

  • Joanne leblanc says:

    Maureen is kind, compassionate and makes herself always available. She works tirelessly for all off her clients and puts them first above all else. Her years of experience being a nurses first and then a case manager always shine through. I cannot think of anyone that deserves this nomination more than her.

  • Kristen Matthews says:

    I have had the great pleasure of working alongside Maureen over the last eleven years in helping on of my regular patients. Maureen has always been professional beyond measure, but beyond that, has brought a level of good humour, calming influence, and compassion to what can be difficult situations. Maureen goes above and beyond to make sure that the needs not only of her clients but of their care teams are met respectfully and appropriately. It is a privilege to recommend her for this award.

  • Catherine Wiseman-Hakes says:

    It is my pleasure to support Maureen Palmer as an outstanding candidate for Case Manager of the Year. I have had the privilege of working with Maureen for many years. She is an outstanding case manager who is extremely organized, highly professional, detail oriented, and an excellent communicator. Her knowlege of brain injury and her understanding of the needs of her clients are second to none. She is a strong advocate for her clients and she is kind, compassionate and can bring a sense of humor when needed. I

  • Amy Reinsilber Goldberg says:

    Always a pleasure to work with. Maureen is collaborative, dedicated, knowledgeable and an excellent advocate. Congrats on the nomination, well deserved!

  • Jean Schuller says:

    Maureen’s wealth of knowledge and years of experience allow her to give clients the best possible outcome.
    Congratulations on your nomination, Maureen!

  • Mary-Ellen THompson says:

    It is a pleasure to work with Maureen – she is a wealth of knowledge and forms collaborative teams. Maureen is an exceptional advocate who motivates her clients to move forward and find their new path in life. Congratulations!

  • Carrie Lundstrom-Brown says:

    Maureen is a compasionate, knowledgeable, and professional Case Manager. I am grateful for working with her.
    Her approach to supporting clients demonstrates excellence in rehab plans and strategies.
    Congratulations on your nomination Maureen, it’s well deserved!

  • Rhona Feldt-Stein says:

    I have had the extreme privilege to work with Maureen on paediatric cases for many years. She is the most organized person I know. Her knowledge, empathy and compassion are so important to her clients. Maureen works tirelessly to do the best for her clients and arranges for high level professionals who can make the best changes as team members.

  • Hoong Phang says:

    I’ve had the distinguished opportunity to work with Maureen on several occasions. She carriers herself personally and professionally with grace, and always brings great ideas to assist in our clients’ goals. Maureen facilitates discussion and communication between team members, and also offers strategies to ensure the best care is being delivered to her clients. Congrats on the nomination!

  • John Schuller says:

    Congratulations Maureen on your nomination for case manager of the year. I think that you are well deserving of the recognition and hope that you win the award. I can’t imagine someone more deserving.

  • Jeffrey Kerr says:

    It is my pleasure to support Maureen Palmer for the 2020 Case Manager of the Year. I have worked with Maureen on a number of client files and have found her to be very responsive, detailed, and knowledgeable. She excels at creating collaboration and advocating for her clients.

  • Michelle Cohen says:

    I have had the pleasure of working with Maureen for approximately 20 years in the private sector. Maureen works tirelessly to help improve the lives of people living with acquired brain injury, and their families. She is collaborative, an excellent communicator and extremely knowledgeable in brain injury. Maureen demands the highest standards of care from the rehabilitation teams with which she works and is her clients’ strongest advocate. With her wisdom, experience, compassion and good humour, she empowers her clients as they navigate their journey to best possible outcomes.

  • Aimee Hayes says:

    Congratulations to Maureen on her well deserved nomination. I have had the pleasure of working with Maureen several times over the years. She is a wealth of knowledge and a great communicator. She is highly organized and brings teams together to help clients achieve their goals.

  • Grant Clement says:

    Nominated for best brain injury rehab case manager of the year!

  • Maxine Fyffe-Roberts says:

    I have had the pleasure of getting to know Maureen through our joint work as Ontario Rehab Alliance (ORA) board members. Maureen brings a range and depth of knowledge and experience to all our discussions, meetings and education events. She consistently contributes to the work of the ORA in a professional manner that demonstrates strong and informed advocacy which is also firmly grounded in a client centred approach. Congratulations on your nomination Maureen!!

  • Stacey Levine says:

    I am writing this testimonial on behalf of Case Manager Maureen Palmer. I’ve had the privilege of working with her over the past several years on many highly complex and challenging files. One of the things I continue to admire about Maureen is her level of involvement and commitment to the clients and families that she is supporting, ensuring that the team is providing the highest level of care for the best possible outcomes. Maureen is involved every step of the way and is always there to support members on the team while working closely with the client, families and all support workers involved. Maureen makes sure that there is a collaborative and cohesive approach as each team member is providing their expertise and training those involved.
    Maureen is always available and works very closely supporting the team’s recommendations and helping support the families during this challenging time and understanding the rehabilitation process. Her genuine kind nature and professionalism always stand out and ensures confidence in her team as well as the clients that she is supporting. I always feel confident knowing she is the case manager on my team.
    She continues to exceed in her role as case manager due to her determination to have the best for her client’s and their families. Her ability to bring in every possible resource and supportive intervention on her teams always stands out and demonstrates how client focused Maureen is as she endlessly works to help ensure the client’s recovery will continue and reach the optimal outcome.
    Maureen is very deserving of this nomination for an award of excellence in brain injury rehabilitation for case manager. She is valued and admired by those who work with her by her endless efforts and commitment to her clients and families.

    Stacey Levine, B. A./Behaviour Therapist
    Journey Rehabilitation and Behaviour Therapy

  • Justin Kline says:

    I have had the privilege of working wth Maureen since the very beginning of my career. Maureen’s passion for her work can be seen through the successes of both the clients and families she serves. Her approach to multidisciplinary teams is inclusive and is always geared to improving the outcomes of her clients. Maureen is an excellent leader and has been able to successfully coordinate and facilitate rehabilitation for individuals with complex needs along side a variety of multidisciplinary treatment providers.

    Maureen is not only a reliable case manager for her clients, she is also a supportive colleague to many of the healthcare professionals she works along side. Maureen has been a wonderful colleague and mentor to me and many other professionals that have had the privilege to work along side her.

  • Randy Sora, EZaccess Incorporated says:

    Working with Maureen and her clients over the years has and continues to be an absolute privilege! Maureen is a hands on Case Manager and her expertise and knowledge brings her to the forefront in assembling highly skilled team members to collaborate for her clients. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, an outside the box thinker and most of all, caring and committed. A well deserved nomination that has my vote!! Congratulations!

  • Beverlee Melamed says:

    Congratulations Maureen on this well served award nomination! Many years of such consistent, dedicated hard work!! Good luck

  • Cathy Clement says:

    Maureen is an extremely personable, professional, knowledgeable and caring case manager.

  • Jeff Chartier says:

    Maureen is one of the most compassionate and dedicated health care professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. Working along side her on two files in the passed year was a tremendous experience. Both the clients and the teams all worked together under Maureen’s terrific leadership style with fantastic results


    I have had the privilege of knowing Maureen Palmer for over 9 years. Since my first interactions with Maureen, I have been stuck by her dedication to providing excellent client care and the best possible opportunities for her clients. Maureen brings enthusiasm, energy, and she makes clients feel appreciated. Maureen offers creative ideas to resolve problems in a very cooperative manner. Congratulations on your nomination, it is well deserved.

  • Colleen Boyce says:

    Maureen and I go back many years and I have witnessed her compassion, dedication and commitment to her clients, families and a collaborative team approach. She is passionate about her work; also giving back to the community and a Board Member of the Ontario Rehab Alliance. We have also loved working with Maureen over the years and congratulations on this nomination.

  • Summer collins says:

    she makes my day and puts a smile on my face every time i see that beautiful face shes great to have around she tries her best

  • Brenda D'Alessandro says:

    Congratulations on your nomination Maureen – it is well deserved!!! It is always a joy to work with you. I am continually impressed by your above-and-beyond dedication and stellar work. I so appreciate your wisdom, expertise, and care, as well as your thorough, collaborative and welcoming approach. Clients, as well as their family and team members, are in excellent hands when you are providing Case Management!

  • Joe says:

    Everything you could ask for in a Case Manager & much more.
    I consider myself very lucky to have Maureen on my team. Congratulations Maureen on the nomination!??
    Well deserved!??

  • Deena Ginsberg says:

    I have had the pleasure of working with Maureen for over 25 years and her passion and energy for the work she does has never wavered! Her dedication to her clients is incredible and her knowledge is always impressive. A much deserved nomination!!

  • Liesel-Ann Meusel says:

    A well-deserved nomination. Maureen has been a pleasure to work with, and a tremendous asset on a very complex case!

  • Mary Strang says:

    A well deserved nomination. It is a pleasure to work with Maureen, she brings to the table compassion, enthusiasm and amazing organizational skills. Her clients are in excellent hands.

  • Andrea Lauzon says:

    Maureen’s contribution to nursing care in rehab is exceptional. She brings to the case manager world, a knowledgeable, straight forward approach, compassionate and respectful client centred care and is enthusiastic about life. I have had the opportunity to work with Maureen for most of my career in the adult rehabilitation, over 12 years where we have ‘shared’ multiple clients. She is organized, professional in giving her best to her clients. Maureen is beyond deserving of this award.

  • Naomi Ben-Aroya says:

    Maureen is a very dedicated and thorough Case Manager, who advocates for client’s needs and ensures that all the necessary resources are in place. She is creative and strategic is addressing any barriers to accessing resources and services for her clients. She is professional and reliable and demonstrates a strong leadership style when coordinating team initiatives. I enjoy working with Maureen to support our clients.

  • Carol Hutchison says:

    I have had the pleasure of seeing Maureen work directly with one her clients. She is professional, reliable, patient, compassionate and respectful. I know that her client would not be able to cope with her day to day struggles without Maureen’s expertise. She is truly a dedicated professional and enriches the lives of her clients. Maureen is truly deserving of this honour.

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