Recipient of the 2021 CASE MANAGER OF THE YEAR

Mary Anderson

Mary Anderson


Mary is very honoured and grateful to be nominated for the Case Manager of the Year Award of Excellence in Brain Injury Rehabilitation. Mary has her Master’s degree in Community Health Nursing and specialization in Rehabilitation Nursing through the American Association of Rehabilitation Nurses. She has over 30 years of experience providing case management, consulting, and school integration services in the community and is owner of KIDS Community Health Services, established in 1996.

Mary has supported clients of all ages, children, youth, adults, and seniors. throughout southwestern Ontario and beyond. This has enabled her to work with a variety of rehabilitation health care providers, medical professionals, and educators who she feels have all contributed to her level of expertise. She has been a leader in her field with respect to integrating children and youth into the school system. Mary is very dedicated and passionate about providing exceptional services for an optimal recovery. She is a strong advocate for her clients and their families/caregivers incorporating their diversity and cultural differences into treatment goals. Mary is truly client centered and facilitates a seamless collaborative approach to rehabilitation with her interdisciplinary team members, who she values and supports. She is an amazing creative thinker, often finding innovative solutions to problems and being able to access unusual services for her clients. Her sense of humour has been an asset in promoting a comfort level for her clients and colleagues. Mary’s approach includes offering hope, fostering an optimistic view towards the future during recovery, promoting resilience, empowerment, and establishing a new sense of self. Her non judgemental approach is unconditional.

Education has been an important element in Mary’s practice. She has been committed to continuously improving her knowledge by attending numerous courses and conferences enabling her to provide the best possible services for her clients. She has provided educational in-services, spoken at seminars, and conferences, and facilitated support groups for caregivers. She has always felt strongly about the importance of educating individuals about ABI including prevention and the impact on all aspects of daily functioning. Providing education to improve understanding is an important part of her role as a rehabilitation nurse case manager.

Mary would like to express her sincere appreciation and thank you to OBIA and PIA law for this tremendous honour and to the many skilled rehabilitation colleagues with whom she has worked. She is privileged to be recognized amongst exceptional case managers and experts in the field of brain injury rehabilitation.

  • Alex McFarlane (Brideau) says:

    Congratulations on your nomination Mary! Your passion for your clients is evident. Your clients are fortunate to have someone like you walk through their rehabilitation journey with them at such a crucial time.

  • Emily Walker says:

    While working with Mary I am continually amazed by her dedication to her clients. She is a strong advocate and ensures that all of us on the rehab team are united in providing exceptional services. Mary’s innovation and collaboration ensures that her clients are supported throughout their journey in every capacity. Thank you Mary for being a strong leader and giving your all to your clients. Your passion and expertise does not go unnoticed!

  • Manjurani Joseph says:

    Very Happy to hear that Mary Anderson has been nominated! I am very thankful that I have Mary working by our side and helping us take every step to achieve our goal. Mary is such a wonder working case manager who leaves her client with the best satisfaction ever. Thank you Mary for being there for us and and being a part of our rehabilitation journey. She truly deserves this award. God bless you. Keep up the good works. All the best 🙂

  • Arvinder Gaya says:

    Mary has been an exceptional case manager to work with. Her attention to detail, deep understanding of the individual and family’s issues as well as her caring nature is truly extraordinary. I have been fortunate to work with Mary on many files and she has also worked with many of our occupational therapists at PiOT. She is an excellent leader and ensures that the team works well together while respecting the individual expertise of each team member. Congratulations Mary on this nomination. You deserve it!

  • Arden McGregor says:

    I had the pleasure of working closely with Mary for well over a decade when I lived and worked in Southwestern Ontario. Mary stands out as one of the most respected case managers that I have ever worked with. I always felt very honoured to get referrals from her; and, I knew that I would be working on a team that would be completely dedicated to providing the absolute best services to our clients. While I now work in a different part of the province, I still hear of Mary’s very good work continuing on. Thank you for your 30 years of service in our sector, Mary!

  • Dr. Sonia Prokopetz says:

    I have known Mary professionally for many years. She truly is a dedicated and caring rehabilitation nurse case manager. She goes over and beyond to meet the individual needs of her clients. I have been impressed with her ability to find innovative solutions when many barriers have been presented. She has a nice way about her which puts people at ease and makes her very approachable. Over the years she has continually educated me about the impact on and the needs of individuals who have sustained brain injuries which I am very grateful for. You could not ask for a better advocate. I am so thrilled that Mary has been recognized.

  • Dr. Sonia Prokopetz says:

    I have known Mary professionally for many years. Mary is an outstanding rehabilitation nurse case manager. She goes over and above with tremendous dedication to meet the individual needs of her clients. Mary is very caring, conscientious and passionate about her work. She has a very nice way of putting people at ease which makes her very approachable. She finds innovative solutions when many barriers have been presented. Mary has continually educated me about the impact on and the needs of individuals who have sustained brain injuries which I have been grateful for.You could not ask for a better advocate.I am thrilled to hear that Mary has been recognized as an exceptional case manager.

  • Colleen Boyce says:

    Having worked with Mary for many years, she is innovative, compassionate, and very dedicated to her clients, families, the rehab team and everyone working conjointly for the best outcome. A great advocate; especially within the school sector. Congratulations on this well deserved nomination and recognition.

  • Maureen Palmer says:

    Congratulations Mary! As a fellow Case Manager, we have worked together on files where your role was as the Educational Specialist for youth with ABI. Your tremendous knowledge of ABI and the educational system, assessment skills, compassion, humour and tenacious advocacy have been instrumental is supporting clients and families move forward with their life and Rehabilitation goals. Congratulations on a well deserved Nomination!!

  • Dana Kinchen says:

    Our team at Wright Rehab has had the pleasure to work with Mary for many of years. Her innovation, advocacy for clients, compassion and leadership shines through daily as she assists her clients with their journey through recovery. Congrats Mary- well deserved nomination.

  • Marj Bogaert says:

    Congratulations Mary on your nomination – you are an outstanding Rehab Case Manager. I have worked with Mary for over 30 years, she has deep rehabilitation experience across the health care continuum and the education system. She has exceptional skills to access her clients / their family situation and develop / implement a supportive treatment plan for her clients. Mary follows her clients journey through the recovery process, sometimes over many years and modifies plans as necessary. She is an outstanding advocate for her clients / their families and the school system. Mary is compassionate, caring, innovative and has strong leadership skills. She has continued her learning journey to integrate her new skills and knowledge into her clients treatment.
    Congrats Mary – a well deserved nomination!!

  • Jan Stanley says:

    Congratulations Mary on your nomination. You certainly are deserving of this nomination. Mary is truly dedicated to her work, and clients. She truly loves what she does, and her passion is contagious. Mary spends alot of time during vacation and down time dealing with clients and other professionals. I have known her to go on numerous conferences to keep updated on her career. Having worked with Mary, she is truly a professional. Her clients are very lucky having Mary advocate for them.

  • Colleen Cooper says:

    Congratulations on your nomination Mary. You have been a dedicated advocate for many years improving the lives of many.

  • Deb Crowe says:

    Congratulations Mary! You are so deserving of this nomination. When our family needed a case manager you were our first choice.

  • Rachelle Dahl says:

    I have known Mary for 5 years and since day one she has been one of the most kind and compassionate people I know. She is generous with her time and always approaches her work with professionalism and careful attention to make sure she is giving the best care she can. She goes above and beyond what is expected of her and is ready to help regardless of how simple or complicated a problem might be without judgement. Congratulations Mary on your nomination. You deserve it!

  • Susan Stephen says:

    I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mary Anderson for the past 3 or so years
    I know how much she has changed her clients’ life. She is caring and will fight to the end for what she believes in. If you need someone on your side she would definately be the one. She is passionate about her work. She throws that same passion in helping her clients. I truly hope she wins this award for all her professionalism through the years.

  • Andrea Beatty says:

    A well deserved recognition for your years of service in rehabilitation services.You are a strong advocate with a well articulated approach and vast medical knowledge to effectively help your clients and their families to achieve the best possible outcomes. Your ability and desire to help people with professionalism, commitment and a high level of expertise has made you a leader of distinction. Congratulations on your nomination, Mary!

  • Susan Stephen says:

    Mary is very professional at what she does. I have had the pleasure of knowing her and working with over the past few years . Her knowledge is amazing. She is always upgrading her education. She truly does change the lives of her clients. Her encouragement towards her clients brings them a ray of sunshine where they think there is no hope.

  • Asia says:

    Mary has been a great help to me. She actually listens to me and has helped my teachers understand what it is like for me and what I need. I am so lucky to have her involved. You are the best, congratulations!

    Asia- grade 8 student

  • Voula says:

    I have been so fortunate to have Mary involved in providing services for my daughter. She is a well informed, caring and compassionate person who has done so much for us. She has even helped me with my father which is going beyond what is expected. She knows the system and has made a significant difference in our lives as we continue on the path of recovery. Thank you. You deserve this award, you are an outstanding rehabilitation nurse case manager. Congratulations!

  • Dayanay Rodriguez Aguiar says:

    Mary Anderson arrive to my life and my son to help both with a lot support and she is being more of at nurse to us she is like family for us always are in are heart and always she is there to support with a lot love and positive work
    I love her work very much .

  • Jeannie Robinson says:

    I know one of her clients and from the difference in him since she has been working with him I would highly recommend her. She has done amazing work with him.

  • Naomi Lambright says:

    Congratulations Mary on your nomination! I am so very thankful for the support that you have provided to our whole family during this very difficult and trying journey of having been in a major MVA.
    I appreciate the caring manor with which you advocate for the needs of each member of the family which includes therapy, school integration, and medical appointments.
    The passionate and thorough way that you address the indivual needs of the family members for which you case manage. The highest level of dedication and professionalism that you provide is greatly appreciated by both your clients and interactions with providers.
    I am glad that others have recognized the excellence with which you perform your role as a Case Manager. You truly deserve not only the nomination but even more so it is my hope that you will win this award because of the outstanding way you represent this profession.

    Most Sincerely,
    Naomi Lambright & The Lambright Family

  • Raisa Chowdhury says:

    Mary has been a part of my rehabilitation journey since 2015. She has been a huge advocate in ensuring I recieve proper accommodations in school, and has played a significant role in my academic success. Mary has consistently provided me with a comfortable space where I am able to share my struggles and emotions openly, both school related and personal. Mary’s positive and uplifting spirit, persistent support, and resolute determination in advocating for your mental wellbeing and health is admirable and has changed my life tremendously.

    Congratulations on your nomination Mary! Wishing you all the best!

  • Shan says:

    Congratulations on you nomination Mary. I really appreciate your warm heart and thoughtful ideas and your consistency of supporting. Wishing you all the best Mary!

  • Marlene Moss says:

    Congratulations on your nomination Mary, you have worked very hard over many years to become an expert practitioner in your field of rehabilitation services. Your commitment, dedication and motivation to be an excellent client and family advocate has afforded you the recognition and accolades you deserve. Your drive to be the best you can be through continuing education, networking and inspiration has served you well. Wishing you all of the best!!!

  • Kevin Benninger says:

    Miss Mary Anderson Has been a life changer for me to be honest. Everything I have making a impact in my life is due to Miss Mary
    Anderson. If anyone deserves rewards it is Mary. I definitely would not have what I have today with out her hard work and dedication simply for me Kevin Benninger I simply am at an awe for what Mary has done for me in the last few years.

  • Iven Chung Psychotherapy says:

    Congrats on your nomination Mary; it is well deserved! I must say, having you as case manager on a team helps me feel even more confident in my role as a psychotherapist with our mutual clients. With you at the helm, I know that somebody competent and kind-hearted is in our clients’ corner advocating for all their case management needs. All the best!

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