LRS Inc. – Lajeunesse Rehabilitation Services

LRS Inc. – Lajeunesse Rehabilitation Services


LRSinc. is a small rehabilitation company made up 10 full time staff and 9 contractors who service the vast and spread out territory of Northeastern Ontario covering Timmins, Sudbury, North Bay, Parry Sounds, Hearst, Kapuskasing, New Liskeard, and surrounding areas. Servicing the North poses many challenges as in the remoter parts of the province, developing realistic and effective rehabilitation plans poses unique problems and often require creative thinking and planning due to the limited access to medical treatment. At LRSinc. we care passionately about helping our clients and take a best-practice, client-centered approach. Many of our clients come to us with acquired brain injuries coupled with their other injuries.

Our dynamic team has extensive experience in helping these individuals through their rehabilitation and our focus is to connect clients to highly trained, compassionate professionals including: Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Speech and Language Pathologists, Recreation Therapists, Rehabilitation Support Workers, Educational Assistants, Vocational Counsellors, and Case Managers/Rehabilitation Consultants, to best help the clients mentally cope and physically navigate along their recovery journey. Furthermore, the LRSinc. care providers connect our clients to their community supports for ongoing care and collaborate with the services on support services and programs. Through Centres such as the Brain Injury Association Sudbury And District; Seizure and Brain Injury Association in Timmins; and Brain Injury Association of North Bay and Area we connect our clients to essential services: Peer Support Programs, Caregiver Education Program, Online Concussion Support Group, and the Brain Basics ABI training, when it is being offered in our communities.

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