Recipient of the 2018 CASE MANAGER OF THE YEAR

Leigh Craney

Leigh Craney



If I ever became seriously injured and was provided a label of being “catastrophic”, how would I handle this, and what would I want?  Who would I want guiding me through this recovery process?

I would want someone to make me feel heard, and see me as an individual, not just my injuries.  I would want someone to help me regain control when I feel like I’ve lost everything important to me.  I would want someone to help me find elements of joy within the rehab process so my life doesn’t feel like one long therapy session.  I would want someone who can reassure my family that I’m working hard to recover, and offer supports to help them as well.

I would want someone to help empower me when I’m struggling, and when things fall apart. I would want someone to think outside of the SABS box when it appears there are no solutions for my current situation.  I would want someone who I can rely on, and who will surround me with rehab professionals who share these same goals.

With compassion, without judgement, and with all efforts of making a difference, I strive to be that person. The person who would never turn away a client in need.

I have earned professional qualifications over the years including 15 years’ experience working as a case manager for both catastrophic and non-catastrophic clients with acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputation, chronic pain, addiction and complex mental health diagnoses.  I obtained a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree from Brock University and am an accredited Registered Rehabilitation Professional (R.R.P.) through the Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada.  Additionally, I have completed extensive brain injury and spinal cord injury educational training through the Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA) & Brock University, McMaster University, and the University of Calgary. 

 When not working, I enjoy time with my family and generally lie about the number of hockey teams I actually play on.


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