Jennifer Berg-Carnegie

Jennifer Berg-Carnegie


Jennifer is an Occupational Therapist that co-founded Invisible-Care Inc after 25 years of working in community rehabilitation. Over her extensive OT career, she has focused her practice on community health and brain injury. Jennifer has always been an innovator in her rehabilitation practice and her out of the box thinking led her to look at how clients can receive care outside the traditional model.

Jennifer graduated from the University of Toronto in 1993 and started her early career in Brain Injury on the Niagara Children’s Center Multidisciplinary team. This team provided early exposure to the auto sector that inspired Jennifer to launch her own private pediatric clinic (Milestone Therapy Services) in 19909. Milestone Therapy Services focused primarily on brain injury in children and adolescents.

In 2010, Jennifer sold her practice to a larger entity focused on multidisciplinary care across the entire province, with the hope that clients’ families would be able to access care in one place and eliminate the high demands of attending multiple clinics. Jennifer has always looked for ways to provide care in the simplest manner to help reduce caregiver burden and minimize stressors in an already difficult situation.

In 2014 Jennifer joined Entwistle Power Inc. as the clinical manager and had the opportunity to lead and mentor a large group of Occupational Therapists while working with a senior group of Occupational Therapists.

Jennifer is currently the clinical director and owner of Invisible-Care Inc., a revolutionary way to access personal and rehabilitation support services through pairing technology and human care. Jennifer continues to strive to integrate innovation into rehabilitation spaces and is constantly sharing this passion through the education of both practicing occupational therapists and students. She has presented at numerous conferences and is an active presenter to the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists.

Jennifer has been a preceptor at McMaster University since 2010 and actively takes on students each year. In 2023 she began working with the School of Rehabilitation to complete research to back her innovation. Through an Evidence-Based Project, with the assistance of McMaster student Occupational Therapists, Jennifer recently completed a paper entitled “Two-Way Reminder Systems to Support Activities of Daily Living for Adults with Cognitive Impairments: A Scoping Review.”

Jennifer’s ongoing professional goal is to increase access to care for clients while relieving some of the human resource shortages that exist in community care.

  • Bryan Walzak says:

    Well deserved Jennifer! Your innovation of Invisible-Care has impacted my family profoundly. You saw a way to provide support without babysitting in the home. Congrats!

  • Mom to Nathan L says:

    Jennifer was my sons OT in 2010 when she owned Milestone Therapy and she was the person I turned to everyday. She was extremely knowledgeable on ABI and how to support a family. It is not surprising at all that she would figure out a way to provide support to clients with cognitive challenges without having an attendant in the home. She gets what families need and want. Congrats Jennifer and thank you for all you have done for our family!

  • Ellie Lapowich says:

    Jennifer is a trailblazer. She has always found ways to deliver caring and compassionate services to clients, no matter the barriers or obstacles. Her Invisible Care product has made a great difference for our clients, and truly demonstrates her innovation and respect in her approach. Jennifer has consistently been able to reinvent herself and the services that she offers over the years, A well deserved nomination!

  • Rachel V - OTA says:

    I met Jennifer 2009 as she mentored me as a student. She was a wealth of information and a great teacher! She impacted my OTA career and the lives of those I treat as she inspired creativity and a family care approach. Jennifer even back than was always looking at creative meaningful ways to impact her clients. Congrats Jennifer and thank you for all the mentoring you have done over the years as I know many students have benefitted from you willingness to take students.

  • Stephanie Neale says:

    I first met Jennifer in 2010, when she took me on as an OT student from McMaster University. Her mentorship over those few months was immense and got me on my feet and ready to work in the MVA sector of OT. I transitioned to working for her at Milestone Therapy upon graduation. A few years later we parted ways, but I took forward much of what I had learned to continue my OT practice and begin mentoring/managing other therapists in a different company. In 2020, I came full circle and joined Jennifer back at Invisible-Care Inc. to be part of this unique and meaningful application of attendant care services through an OT lens. Her vision and drive have consistently fostered growth for herself and the others she has encountered on the way!

  • Emily Singh says:

    Jennifer is most deserving of this recognition for her commitment and dedicate to her clients. Through her outstanding leadership and mentorship I have learned so much of what it means to be a client centered Rehabilitation Support Worker. She is compassionate, driven and innovative and instills these same qualities into her team. I am privileged to work as part of her team at Invisible-Care Inc. and look forward to seeing all of the cutting edge and creative work she will do in the field of technology and brain injury!

  • Kerri Kolne says:

    As Jenn’s cousin, when my husband was hit by a car which resulted in him receiving a traumatic brain injury, Jenn reached out and helped me navigate and understand the multitude of information that was coming at me. In an overwhelming and scary situation she eased my mind and helped me learn how to advocate for his care while he was in hospital and rehab. It meant so much to have her knowledge to guide me through.

  • Amy S ( TBI survivor ) says:

    Jennifer was my OT out of the hospital and for five years. She was amazingly creative and always beyond supportive and I did not make it easy on her or the team. She advocated hard for me with CAS and understood my brain injury. She made a huge difference in my life when I was at my lowest point. I wish Invisible-care had been there when I was going through recovery. Thank you Jennifer

  • Cathy V ( mom to Caleb ) says:

    Jennifer was my son OT for over 10 years. She transitioned him from elementary school into college! Invisible-Care is just an extension of Jennifer and her ability to see solutions to problems others do not see! Invisible-Care offers a needed solution for young adults that do not want a shadow with them. Congratulations ? Jennifer !!!

  • Jenna Jeffries says:

    I cannot think of anyone who deserves this award more than Jennifer. Last year I had the privilege of being Jennifer’s student OT while I completed a clinical placement at McMaster University. At the time of my placement, I was recovering from a brain injury myself and experienced first-hand the empathy and expertise Jennifer extends to everyone she encounters. She works tirelessly to ensure that her clients are always receiving the best possible care. Furthermore, when obstacles are present, she is innovative in her approaches to overcome them. It is clear that Jennifer is a true innovator as evidenced by her creation of Invisible-Care Inc. She is always one step ahead of everyone. Being mentored by Jennifer taught me so much about how to be a client-centred, diligent, innovative, and empathetic clinician.

  • Monika Georgia Msc. RP says:

    I had the privilege of working with Jennifer on a very difficult client file through Invisible-Care Inc. Even though she was the owner she took time and care to ensure the client and team understood the support and worked tirelessly with her team to meet the client’s needs. On more than one occasion I had a Saturday night call with her to deal with a crisis. Invisible-Care is innovative to meet the needs of so many clients that have mental health or cognitive challenges. Jennifer is a trailblazer and saw that home support was not the only way to provide care to clients and had the courage to launch into a new role after a 25 year very successful career as an OT. Jennifer’s innovation is the first of its kind to meet the needs of clients with mental health and cognitive issues and I can’t think of a more deserving person for this award. Good luck Jennifer and I am sure you will continue to innovate and provide exceptional care.

  • Meagan Buttle says:

    Jennifer –

    Congratulations on your well deserved nomination! So honoured to be in this group with you. Watching you innovate new ways to meet clients needs during a global pandemic was remarkable. Your willingness to lean into the unknown and find a new way forward in uncertainty is amazing.

    As a fellow owner and clinician, it is inspiring to see the team you have built around you and the leadership and kindness you bring to your group.

  • Jack says:

    As a past client of Invisible-Care I can say this innovative support service is a game changer for clients in their 20s that do not want to have a PSW in the home. Jennifer has created a meaningful support network for clients to allow them to still have independence. Good luck as you are an innovator for neurodiversity and should be celebrated.

  • Hassan K OT reg. (Ont) says:

    Invisible-Care Inc has been a positive addition to the services I offer my clients. Many of my clients are looking for discreet care and this is the best option on the market. Jennifer is professional and compassionate, and her team is highly trained to manage all situations. I have been astonished at the care being provided in this new format. I cannot think of a better person to win this award as it truly innovative client focused care. Best of luck Jennifer!

  • Arthi Anthony says:

    Jen’s skills as a therapist, her commitment to her clients, and the creativity she brings into her practice are highly commendable. Her love for innovation and passion to implement out-of-the-box solutions within community care is unmatched. She leaves no stones unturned when it comes to client care. She’s been a tremendous contributor to the OT community, crafting state-of-the-art technology, implementing remote care solutions, mentoring students and leading novel research studies. As her colleague for the past two years, I can attest that Jennifer is a dynamic, inspirational, and fearless leader who empowers her colleagues and employees and is an absolute pleasure to work with. I cannot think of a more deserving person for this recognition.

  • Andrea B. says:

    Invisible-Care changed my life. They got me through the painful ordeal after my accident and were the only consistent support that stayed by my side through all times. Even after my file settled, Jennifer and her team made sure I had access to supports and worked with me to create a plan to get through the transition which none of my other providers did. Eternally thankful!!!

  • Shameka says:

    Invisible Care literally saved my life! In my darkest days after my accident. I had no self-worth and constant pain, and they were the only team I could turn to late at night and on the weekend. They worked hand in hand with my CM and where able to assist me avoiding being Formed and hospitalized. Everyone after a catastrophic injury should get Invisible Care. Thank you Jennifer and Invisible Care. I am still here!!!!!!

  • Lynette says:

    I was involved in Invisible-Care Inc at the start of 2019 and knew Jennifer would be wildly successful as she pours her entire heart and positive energy into her clients and staff. Having worked for Jennifer I know firsthand the long hours and hard work she devotes to ensure not only her clients, but her staff are well cared for. Jennifer is a trailblazer as many of you have said but more importantly, she is an exceptional human being that genuinely cares for others. She is beyond humble, and I imagine many have not even met her as she does not want to be in the limelight, she just does the work. Jennifer I am so proud to have had any small part of this endeavor and watch you soar!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    My brother uses invisible-care and speaks highly of Jennifer. He calls her Amo (meaning boss), and he loves this service. Before Invisible care he called all PSW’s babysitters or referred to his day program as the jail. This service has been so beneficial to provide him some independence while allowing me confidence to know he is supported, and someone is constantly checking in on him. I do not know Jennifer, but this service has been the best thing for my brother, and I think everyone with a brain injury should have an opportunity to have this support.

  • Mike L says:

    Jennifer this is amazing! I remember way back in 2009 you and I had this exact conversation about young adults not needing a live person with them. My daughter, Danielle, in her 20s gave you such a hard time and refused to have a PSW or RSW. It would have also saved me some grey hair with all her calls constantly coming in. A well deserved recognition to you. You were a fabulous OT and made such a difference in our lives. I hope your new service makes the same impact for families living with someone with ABI.

  • Jackie Van L (SLP) says:

    I have had the pleasure of working alongside Jennifer on many neurocognitive files. Jennifer is a team player and able to adapt quickly. She is compassionate and truly understands the challenges adolescent clients face and can turn therapy into a motivating task for all. Her innovative approach to service delivery is second to none! Congrats Jenn on a well deserved nomination.

  • Maverick says:

    I think I was the first Invisible-Care client or close. Jennifer was great and this service really helped me as I was leaving NRIO and dealing with a lot of issues. The team is responsive and provides exceptional care. I am so thankful to my OT for referring me to this service and not forcing a person in my home on me. Good Luck!

  • Matthew OTA says:

    Jennifer and this company deserve all the recognition they are receiving. She is a trailblazer, an out of the box thinker who always puts her staff first! This is seen by OTs following her from one company to another. She knows that a happy team make for great care and therefore the clients always get cared for exceptionally. I have known Jennifer since the blue balloon days, and she brings passion and commitment to everything she does. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award.

  • Celia Y says:

    Jenn was a my mentor when I was a student OT. I could not think of a more deserving person for this award. She is kind, intelligent and taking on tech in this space! Hats off to you Jenn!

  • Lorie S says:

    I worked with Jennifer in the early days of her career and later when she tutored, and guest lectured at McMaster, and she is a skilled clinician and gives back to the OT community with mentorship each year. Over the years I have had the privilege watching her continue to evolve and change the OT and rehabilitation landscape. Jennifer is well deserving of this award for being a pioneer in this rehabilitations pace.

  • Carol Rudderham says:

    Voted! Good job Jennifer.

  • Jocelyn H says:

    Jennifer has amazed me with her ability to adapt and pivot in a very demanding industry. She can see a client’s need and fill it. Without her dedication and ambition so many clients would not be getting the care they need or want. I am so pleased Jennifer is getting recognition.

  • Claire Ruff says:

    I got to see the work of Jennifer and her team on a very challenging client file when a client became homeless. As the social worker I saw firsthand the high level of training her staff had and the benefits of her program. Invisible-Care was especially critical on evenings and weekends to ensure the client was safe and the team had information on the client. Jennifer’s concept and execution for Invisible-care has been remarkable. Congrats Jenn!

  • Sarah Smith Jones says:

    I met Jennifer after my son’s accident. He was only 3 years old at the time and Jennifer was the positive energy my family needed. She not only treated him but understood the impact on all of us! We are forever grateful we got Jennifer as our OT. Well deserved after a long career and impacting so many families.

  • Pearl says:

    I am writing to express my gratitude from my family for the care given to my mother, Carmelita. With Invisible-care, there was care, compassion, and respect. Jennifer’s team was able to provide care and connection daily despite a language barrier. Her creative approach to client care allowed me to know my mom had support when I was at work. Thank you and good luck!

  • Kelli Brent says:

    Jenn has been the most amazing support and mentor. Her dedication, compassion and commitment is next level. I have personally seen the amazing compassion and support Jenn provides her clients.

  • Jess says:

    Jenn was my student placement supervisor and then later my clinical supervisor. I have seen firsthand that she is extremely knowledgeable on brain injury and cognitive rehabilitation. Jennifer has always been innovative and, not surprising, she would create a new service focused on this population. This is a game changer for all our clients, and I could not be prouder to know Jenn and have had the privilege of collaborating directly with her.

  • Adam Wright says:

    I do not know Jennifer personally but her team at Invisible-Care are fantastic. She has great vision to come up with an idea like Invisible-Care which is simple yet so impactful to individuals. Hats off!

  • Jeff says:

    Jennifer is deserving of this award. Invisible-Care has helped many of my clients and my firm with managing attendant care needs on our files. We need more services like hers.

  • John says:

    Invisible-Care is the talk of the town! Jenifer is definitely doing something right. I had the opportunity to work with them on a file and their service offered my client superior client care. I recommend Jennifer and her company for an Award.

  • Tony R says:

    Jennifer is an amazing rehab provider! She was my OT several years ago and really helped me manage the challenges of recovery. Congratulations on the well deserved nomination all the future success with Invisible-Care. I wish you had started this when I was in rehab, so I did not have to endure people in my home.

  • John A says:

    I cannot say enough good things about Invisible Care Inc. As an entrepreneur I am aware of the challenges Jennifer must have faced in starting this company and I applaud her creative mind and determination to make this a success. After my accident I worked with the IC team for a year, and I can tell you they are the best support team in the business. I highly recommend this team to everyone and a well deserved award nomination for Jennifer as she has set the bar for innovative support services.

  • Jack P. Poirier says:

    Invisible-Care helped my brother after his accident. He had several treatment providers, was overwhelmed and nothing seemed to help. There was always a clock ticking over our heads. Invisible-Care was a life saver. They were patient and took time to understand his needs. They gave his reasonable goals to work on and kept him on track. I am so thankful to have been able to relieve some of that burden and guilt of not being there 24/7. He continues to live with brain injury but has come a long way with their help and he knows he can fall back on them anytime he needs to. Thank you Jennifer!

  • Estelle Larson says:

    Jennifer has been groundbreaking with Invisible care for clients with brain injury. I have found the team at IC to provide top notch service to my clients and provide the team with valuable information on function. Jennifer has created a cost effective solution to provide a high level of care both in the home and in the community. Jennifer deserves this award for her innovative contribution to this community.

  • Katie S (CM) says:

    Jennifer was the first to market this concept and I have tried competitors that have copy-cat her concept and none compared to the service Invisible-care is able to offer. Their team is highly trained and has provided exceptional service. In addition, IC notes and billing are the best in the industry. I have never had an IC client denied service and use them for all my economical files.

  • Shannon O says:

    Jennifer and IC worked with me and my team on a very difficult file with a homeless amputee. She personally became involved due to the difficulty with this file and was able to secure a cell phone for the client. She is willing to step up and make sure each client is cared for. Her creative plans meet many challenging clients needs.

  • Victoria Bristow says:

    Congratulations, Jennifer! Well deserved! I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer in various capacities over the past 15 plus years, your knowledge, compassion and attention to detail to ensure that all of your clients are well cared for is just a few of the reasons you are so deserving. Congratulations again! Wishing you all the best and look forward to continued work together in the future.

  • Sarah Fitzpatrick says:

    I could write a book on why Jennifer deserves this award! She has been a force in the OT world for over 25 years. She not only supervised me as a student but then became my manager and then assisted with a research project. Jennifer has done it all! Now after working for 25 years in community cognitive rehabilitation, she successfully launches the most innovative support in years. Invisible-Care has been adopted by so many OTs and case managers for both ABI and mental health because Jenn’s vast understanding of these populations has been transferred to Invisible-Care Inc.

  • Joel Figuireda says:

    I recently got to discuss a very difficult mental health file with Jennifer. Her effort to understand and resolve the situation was endless and never wavering. Jennifer’s knowledge and understanding of this sector cannot be matched. She is an expert at problem-solving, thinking outside the box and can quote a vast array of case law and clinical learning tools. With over 25 years of contribution to this sector I cannot think of a more deserving healthcare provider. Best of luck Jenn and it was an absolute pleasure speaking to you.

  • KO says:

    Thank you so so so much Jennifer for Invisible Care!

    I truly don’t know what to say but say thank you, you guys go above and beyond for me and its greatly appreciated!

    Before I did not have people that motivated me and kept my spirit going, I’m usually doing everything by myself but I don’t feel that way no more.

  • Sarah Kate says:

    I had the great pleasure of being a student of Jennifer’s and later working alongside her. I can endorse that her positivity and drive impact both clients and her staff. Jennifer is a compassionate and resolute healthcare provider, always going the extra mile. She is an exemplary leader and as noted in this thread many of her students go on to work for her! The fact that so many OTs have supported IC speaks to its need in the community.

  • Brenda says:

    Jenn congratulations on this well deserved nomination! You are truly a trailblazer in the rehabilitation space. You have been a mentor for so many and your passion to develop strong OTs has impacted many organizations. I am so happy to have worked beside you and use IC to assist my clients and build files. Your understanding of function and how to document is a benefit to any file.

  • Lisa M says:

    I am proud to say I have watched all of Jennifer’s career as we went to OT school together. She has been committed for 25 years to out of the box treatment and unique service delivery for clients with cognitive and mental challenges. She is the only provider that has developed and successfully created a new way to provide our community support! Invisible- Care is amazing!!!!’ The most well deserved nominee!

  • Julia Brudzinski says:

    Jennifer’s wonderful work with Invisible-Care has had a profound impact on clients living with brain injuries. Jennifer leads a highly skilled team, consisting of dedicated Occupational Therapists and students, who organize and tailor prompts specifically to address each client’s unique needs. Their holistic approach assists clients in achieving their daily self-care, productivity, and leisure goals. Jennifer’s unwavering commitment to client-centered support enables individuals to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives. Her groundbreaking virtual prompting system for ADL completion deserves recognition within the field of brain injury rehabilitation.- Julia Brudzinski

  • Rebekah P Haydon says:

    Thank you Jennifer for giving the community Invisible Care Inc. This was an amazing support service during my recovery and honestly I would have been lost without your team. The weekend and nighttime support was incredible and relieved so much anxiety for me. Best of Luck

  • Janet B says:

    I am another OT that was mentored by Jennifer early on in my career (2009-12). I cannot express the level of time and patience she gives new OTs in the auto sector, which is a very hard industry. Jennifer has continued to challenge status quo and Invisible-care certainly has done that with its one of kind service model focused on activities of daily living. Best of luck Jenn you truly deserve to be recognized!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michelle says:

    Thank you Jennifer for Invisible Care! This service had provided me so much peace of mind after my daughter’s accident. As a 25 year old she would not allow someone to stay with her but has severe memory and emotional challenges. With Invisible Care I can have reduced stress knowing your highly trained team has got her ! Thank you

  • Faith G says:

    Our team uses IC and it has been a game changer to provide clients access to Attendant Care between sessions, nights, and weekends. Great support and functional observations.

  • Bryan says:

    After my accident, my life changed. I had several providers in and out of my house. Unlike most psw companies that were only interested in making money off my misery, Invisible-Care genuinely cared and were there for me in ways no one else was. I cannot think what would’ve happened if I didn’t have their support.

  • Sayed says:

    My lawyer told me about this service for my mum and I could not be more thankful. Incredible service, there is no service like theirs out there. I’m happy to see them do so well and get this nomination. They deserve it!

  • Judy G says:

    I have been lucky over the last 25 years to have worked with Jennifer both through her OT practice and Invisible-Care Inc. I can confidently say Jennifer is most deserving of this award. She carried a large caseload as an OT and always went the extra mile with care and compassion. As a business owner Jennifer is exceptional in her creativity and execution of services. As noted by many she has a team that often follows her from one company to another just to work with her!

  • P. B. says:

    Incredible service. Jennifer pioneered a service that wasn’t just another of many rehab companies, but a service that filled several gaps in care. Although many will surely follow on their steps, Invisible-Care is the best at best at what they do.

  • Cheryl Henry says:

    I learned about Invisible-Care at a recent event for brain injury survivors. The lady was so kind and explained everything in detail. Incredible supports that I wish existed during my rehabilitation period 12 years ago. Kudos to Jennifer Berg-Carnegie for creating an accessible and affordable support service

  • Nicholas says:

    Invisible-Care is amazing!!! Everything about them, their quality of care, their team, their leadership, everything is top tier. I’m surprised Invisible-Care hasn’t won Rehab Company of the year. Best of luck to Jennifer!!!

  • Colleen Boyce says:

    From the time I met Jennifer and her innovation with Invisible Care, I was in awe. So inspiring, creative and a genius invention to help so many clients become that much more independent and self-sufficient and to put families mind at ease. Congratulations Jennifer on all you have accomplished during your esteemed career! Well done and so deserving of this recognition.

  • Nicole Galeotalanza says:

    Congratulations Jennifer on this well-deserved nomination! You and the Invisible Care team have been such an amazing support for my clients over the years and I am grateful for your hands on approach. Your expertise as an OT has been such an asset to the Invisible Care service model. It is always a pleasure to work with you and your team! 🙂

  • Chris Bell says:

    Congratulations Jenn ! You deserve all the recognition for your creativity and service delivery. invisible Care has been a game changer in rural areas and with economic file management. I wish you and the team continued growth ! It has been amazing to watch the development of this super service.

  • Anu Thompson says:

    Invisible-Care is an excellent service. It has helped us with several catastrophic files. Highly recommend this service to rehabilitation providers treating individuals with cognitive and psychosocial challenges.

  • Benjamin Ignaciov says:

    Well deserved nomination. Innovations such as hers should be recognized and promoted within the community. Good luck Jennifer!

  • Shelley Vaisberg says:

    Congratulations to an extraordinary Occupational Therapist! Jennifer’s creativity, innovation, and dedication to this field is inspirational. She has been my role model as a clinician entrepreneur and continually pushes the boundaries to provide accessible and innovative care. Her nomination for Health Care Provider of the Year is well-deserved. Keep leading the way!

  • Aimee Lee says:

    I truly hope Jennifer wins this award as it is so impressive to see clinical excellence, innovation and the ability to execute it successfully! The OT community is so proud of you! Truly remarkable and everyone should be considering Invisible- Care Inc for client care and cost effective support!

  • Bibi Mohabir says:

    I found Invisible-Care through my PT ( Himani ) and it was the best service for me as I did not want someone in my home but was struggling greatly with activities. I was so depressed and could not do anything without Invisible-Care. Jennifer has created an amazing service that impacts so many struggling after accident.

  • Charlie says:

    Jennifer and her team provided exceptional service to my daughter, Mel after leaving CAMH. They are skilled at ABI and addiction and had the patience of a saint changing prompts and supporting her. As a parent I felt confident in this service to support my very high needs child. This was the only service my daughter would accept and it was a blessing.

  • Jennifer K. says:

    It is nice to see a new company/fresh face getting recognized, versus the same people every year. Good luck Jennifer! You truly deserve this award. Through your service I have been able to help my clients in more ways than one and I see the direct impact on their day-to-day lives. You’re already a winner in many eyes!

  • Tara Henchel says:

    I worked with Jennifer between 2000-2010. I was an OTA/PTA working under her direction. Her 30 year career is a testament to why she is so deserving of this award.

    Jennifer has amazing clinical skills and can connect with very challenging clients and offer empathy while still moving them forward to increase function. She is approachable and easy to work with and yet has superior knowledge on cognitive challenges. As noted by many she has mentored several OTs and OTA / RSW to enhance the lives of all her clients.

    It is not surprising that Jennifer took her knowledge and skills to create a remote system to support clients with ABI and mental illness as she truly understands the challenges and need for autonomy and support at the same time.
    I can’t image anyone more deserving of this award! Clinical excellence over a long standing career and ending with Innovation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sheila Don says:

    I have worked alongside Jennifer for now over a decade, assisting clients with brain injuries to rebuild their lives. Jennifer came into my world as a force helping Occupational Therapists learn how to treat and assess clients. For many years she worked within Innovative OT alongside my team. She was a core team member who showed her extraordinary knowledge and skills through the services she delivered to our clients. Anyone who has worked with Jennifer knows she is a force. She is personable, talented, and brilliant.
    Jennifer, congratulations on this nomination! No surprise to see the volume of support and comments on your page.

  • Dr.Khan says:

    Jennifer’s 30 year career has impacted so many clients and therapists. However, her innovation has an impact on the greater community. Through Invisible-Care clients have 24 hour support that does not leave them feeling babysat but supported. I have seen Invisible-Care support my clients from basic ADLs to high level crisis management. Jennifer is the most deserving of this award and I recommend everyone give Invisible-Care a call to discuss how they can assist your client.

  • Laura says:

    Congratulations on the nomination Jenn. You have worked hard and deserve to be acknowledged for the same. Best of luck with this award and the future success to Invisible Care.

  • Penny says:

    Knowing Jennifer started Invisible Care prior to the pandemic truly makes her not only innovative but ahead of the curve. I see others trying to catch her but I can say it will be hard to produce the reports, care and overall service of Invisible Care. Most deserving of all the recognition!!! So glad to see another old school OT making this impact.

  • Victoria Sweetman says:

    Jennifer is a pioneer in our field!
    Congratulations on this well deserved recognition!

  • Andrew Huleci says:

    I have had the opportunity of working with Jennifer on many projects and she is a force! Her innovation, drive and dedication to assisting clients in the community is extraordinary. She is always thinking of affordable solutions based on data. Congratulations on your nomination, Jenn!

  • Helen Leimonis says:

    Jennifer is an exceptional OT, innovator, and mentor. I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from her and collaborate and work with her. Jennifer, your dedication not only to your clients but also to OT profession is admirable. Congratulations on this nomination!

  • Kevin Brackley says:

    Jen is one of the most innovative and intelligent OT’s that I have worked with in my thirteen years of work as a Rehabilitation Support Worker.
    Her work with InvisibleCare is truly innovative and she’s helping bring support to those who otherwise might not have access to it.

  • Zhilla H says:

    As a support worker it is exciting to see a team that is lead by a mission for innovative care. Innovation that is working to meet the needs of clients across many sectors. Jennifer brings a breath of fresh air into this space and opportunity for both clients and support staff to be able to access and provide innovative services. I truly hope you win this much deserved recognition.

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