Innovative Occupational Therapy Services

Innovative Occupational Therapy Services



Innovative Occupational Therapy Services was founded by Sheila Don on the fundamental belief that every individual has the capacity to rehabilitate, learn and evolve.  Innovative Occupational Therapy Services is a collaborative group of highly skilled Occupational Therapist’s that serve individuals who has sustained traumatic injuries as a result of a motor vehicle or workplace accidents. The team at Innovative provides a unique service to clients through our expertise, collaboration and knowledge of creatively finding solutions to maximize functional restoration. Our therapists work with multi-disciplinary treatment teams to collaboratively create a clear path of treatment for the individuals we serve. We maintain an approach that is proactive, client centered, and take great pride in the services provided. Innovative delivers a model of exceptional service over and above what normally might be expected. This model of practice is driven through our empathy for our clients affected by traumatic injury. We have a reputation in making an instrumental difference in the most complicated clinical situations and assisting individuals in regaining quality of life.

Team Innovative is an involved member and donates to various organizations supporting those who have suffered traumatic injuries. As a team we take pride in supporting individuals and organizations through acts of community service.

For more information please visit our website at www.innovativeot.com


  • Judit Molnar says:

    I want to share my appreciation to Innovative Occupational Therapy Services for their excellent service, advice and support helping my Dad through his illness. The therapist has shown a high level of professionalism and great understanding. All issues has been addressed promptly and effectively. Sessions gave support ,hope and solution through the situations.
    Without hesitation, I would recommend Innovative Services to anyone with occupational therapy needs.

  • Donny Scheer says:

    Good Morning,

    I was involved in a serious car accident in 2014, which resulted in me being flown to Toronto for emergency brain surgery because of a stroke I had. After discharge I worked with Ola Phillips my Occupational Therapist for about 3 years. I was told by a doctor in Toronto after my accident that I would never work again, be able to drive a vehicle, or raise my family the way I did prior to my accident. I’m happy to report that I’m back to my previous position, had my drivers licence reinstated, and am able to raise my young family like I did prior to my accident. None of this could be possible without Ola’s help! She was a regular visitor with my employer for feedback, helped me in getting my driver’s licence back, and provided physical and mental support for me so I could raise my family. I don’t think I would be where I am today without her help.

  • Mary Don says:

    Dedicated,trusting and the most caring professionals.

  • Craig Millar says:

    Thank you Innovative OT. For being there when we needed you. Your hard work and dedication was always first and foremost. Congratulations on being recognized by your industry and peers.

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