Holly Mo

Holly Mo



“I want to be able to put the engagement ring on her finger by myself”.  Helping Matt, a young man who had recently sustained a spinal cord injury (quadriplegia), propose to his girlfriend, became the driving goal behind the next few months of Occupational Therapy treatment.  And by the way, she said yes!  This was definitely a turning point in my life and when I knew I wanted to work with clients who had sustained serious, life changing injuries.  My years working as an OT at UHN Toronto Rehab – Lyndhurst Centre shaped me as a clinician and provided me the experience to work with clients who have had all systems in their bodies affected by trauma.  What a blessing to be able to support individuals find their way back to meaning and purpose, the way I live and lead my own life. 

I carried this passion for SCI and ABI into community treatment when I joined FunctionAbility in 2008.  Whether it was supporting clients in their earliest days post-injury in a critical care unit, or helping them navigate their first evening home after a lengthy inpatient stay, or seeing them return to previously meaningful activities such as competitive horseback riding, or developing new skills and interests within their new post-injury abilities, I was hooked.  My roles as a Manager of Clinical Services on the Executive Leadership Team, Case Manager and Occupational Therapist allow me to work in the most meaningful context, the client’s home and community.

In the almost 15 years since graduating as an OT from Queen’s University, I have worked across many sectors of our healthcare system and this has allowed me to develop special insight as a Case Manager into clients’ needs and how to effectively navigate very complex healthcare challenges. 

Whether it be church, chasing my two kids Noah and Caris, or chasing waves to surf around the globe with my husband Caleb, zest for life, faith and growth keep me focused.  My calling in life is to be working with clients who have faced unimaginable odds.  I am humbled and grateful to be able to work with the clients and their families, colleagues I get to call my FunctionAbility family, and the many interdisciplinary team members in this rehab community.


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