Functionability Rehabilitation Services

Functionability Rehabilitation Services


FunctionAbility is honoured to be nominated for this Award of Excellence. We sincerely thank our amazing teammates, community partners and referral sources for helping us care for our clients and their families.

2020 marks our 20th year of service in the rehabilitation community. In this time, we have seen our company grow from a single practitioner to a full-service multidisciplinary, multi-company rehabilitation practice serving the entire province of Ontario and B.C. with over 250 employees.

Everyday, we feel privileged to help someone’s son or daughter, mom or dad, best friend, fiancé or grandparent get one step closer to returning to function. FunctionAbility started with one client. It started with Charlie. He was our top priority. Helping Charlie rebuild his life after a combined spinal cord injury and brain injury was what we were meant to do and we loved doing it! Our passion has not changed, and our priority remains the same – treat every client like they are our one and only client.

Congratulations to all of those nominated for this years’ Awards of Excellence.

For more information about FunctionAbility visit us online at www.function-ability.com or email us at info@function-ability.com.

  • Marlene Morse says:


  • Lisa says:

    True passion

  • Jennifer Westcott says:


  • Rachel Shackleton says:

    A great achievement.

  • Paul McCormack says:

    Congratulations on your nomination!

  • Erin says:

    Extremely well deserved! Congratulations to this amazing team!

  • Amanda says:

    An organization that truly puts the needs of clients and families first!

  • Ruth says:

    An organization with true heart and compassion towards people with brain injuries, who goes above and beyond to support individuals and their families.

  • Keely says:

    Congratulations on the nomination!

  • Debbie says:

    Congrats to an amazing group of therapists and staff.

  • Anat Barak says:

    What an honour to be nominated by the community we serve. It is a privilege to get to do this work with our FA team who is beyond compassionate, skilled and hold such high regard for integrity and excellence. Thank you!!!
    Anat Barak

  • Rachel says:

    Truely is a company that will go to the end and back to ensure doing the best they possibly can for clients.

  • Ricky says:

    Truly an amazing organization! Congrats team!

  • Ella Gur says:

    Awesome service. I will highly recommend you guys to my friends

  • Zachary Gur says:

    Great service. Professional attitude.

  • Nick Gurevich says:

    I am feeling very privileged to have been nominated for this honour after winning it in the inaugural year. This is a testament to the amazing work and commitment of our clinicians, admin staff and leadership team. Your hard work and dedication inspires me daily.

  • Assaf Barak says:

    What an amazing accomplishment. So proud of the entire team!

  • Nicola says:

    Wonderful team with wonderful leadership!

  • Tonya says:

    Amazing team inspired by great leadership!!

  • Meghan Shory says:

    What an amazing group of therapists, administrative staff and leadership. It is a privilege to be part of this team putting clients’ needs at the top of the priority list every single day.

  • Stephanie Amos says:

    A great and well-run company staffed by dedicated and talented professionals! My friend’s daughter has benefited enormously from the therapy she has received.

  • Bruce Amos says:

    Congratulations to Functionability on your nomination. Well deserved.

  • Beverlee Melamed says:

    Congratulations for this award nomination! Many years of hard work!

  • Colleen Boyce says:

    I have had the pleasure of working with Nick, Anat and their incredible team for many years. Thank you for all you do for the clients, their families and ensuring they receive the appropriate rehab and supports to aid their recovery. Nick and his staff have given endless hours to the brain injury communities and the Ontario Rehab Alliance. They are also one of the few private providers who are Accreditation Canada accredited. They are dedicated, committed, client / family centred, providing excellent care. Congratulations on this nomination.

  • Deena Ginsberg says:

    This organization across the board, from directors, to supervisors, to therapists to admin team is top notch…the thought and care that goes into each client and therapist is truly exceptional. Well deserved nomination!

  • Brenda Power Ahmad says:

    I am inspired every single day by the passion and perspective of the entire FA team from the leadership and admin teams to the front line clinicians who work tirelessly with their clients to help them achieve their goals. Truly an honour! Congrats to everyone for the nomination.

  • Angela Croft says:

    Long before I began working with the FA organization (as part of The Social Work Consulting Group), I was always thrilled to receive a referral from FA or discover that I would be working with one of their Occupational Therapists… as their reputation is synonymous with a deep ethic of quality and care that is unsurpassed and I knew that the collaborative experience would be stellar. I am beyond fortunate to now be a part of this outstanding organization where excellence and well-being is so consistently aimed for and achieved- both for clients and staff alike – a very well earned and deserved nomination indeed!

  • Vikki says:

    Truly an inspirational team of professionals to be working with! A well deserved nomination to an exceptional company that truly puts clients first!

  • Bandana Chopra says:

    Congratulations on your nomination. Very well deserved!

  • Carolyn R says:

    Incredibly proud to be a part of this team. Very well deserved nomination. Congratulations!

  • Guy S says:

    Great organization. Well deserved!

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