Functionability Rehabilitation Services

Functionability Rehabilitation Services


Today more than ever FunctionAbility is grateful to be nominated for the Rehabilitation Company of the Year award. Never before have we faced challenges like those we faced during the global COVID-19 pandemic. We thank the entire team at FunctionAbility for working tirelessly to ensure that our clients remain safe with uninterrupted services through these trying times.

Our practice was founded over 20 years ago. It all started with Charlie; He was our first one and only client, our top priority. Helping Charlie rebuild his life after his brain injury was what we were meant to do, and we loved doing it! Since then, our team of multidisciplinary rehabilitation professionals has helped thousands of clients across the province of Ontario. Our philosophy and passion remain the same: we treat each and every one of our clients the same way we treated Charlie- as though they are our one and only client. Every day we help someone’s son or daughter, mom or dad, best friend, fiancé, or grandparent get one step closer to returning to function and living an independent life.

At FunctionAbility everything we do centers around service delivery excellence. As a result, we practice from an evidence-based care perspective utilizing research, innovation and education in treatment that leads to superior client outcomes and strong client advocacy. Since 2007 our accreditation through Accreditation Canada stands as testament to our commitment to excellence. In fact, FunctionAbility is among a select few rehabilitation practices in the country that have achieved accreditation. This is a significant designation and symbolizes that an external review was completed on FunctionAbility by senior healthcare clinicians (medical directors, hospital CEO’s, outreach coordinators) from across Canada examining our practice standards.

For more information about FunctionAbility visit us online at www.function-ability.com or email us at info@function-ability.com.

Learn more about FunctionAbility by viewing this quick video of our CEO Nick sharing a little bit of our story or by visiting our website function-ability.com.

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