I am honored to be nominated for the 2016 Awards of Excellence in Brain Injury Rehabilitation in the area of Health Care Provider, alongside several of my colleagues.

I have worked in healthcare for the past 20 years. I started as an Addictions Counsellor at Stonehenge Therapeutic Community and eventually moved to the HILL Program, a private community residential care facility for adolescents with brain injury, as the outreach coordinator. I also worked as a private Case Manager in the community with clients who suffered traumatic injuries from motor vehicle accidents. I started at Hamilton Health Sciences in 2003 as an Advanced Rehabilitation Therapist with ABI Community Services and eventually moved to my current role as a Community Intervention Coordinator with the Acquired Brain Injury Program. In addition, I enjoy working with Dr. Rathbone, neurologist, in his private practice mainly focusing on treating clients with post concussion syndrome.

During my time in healthcare, I have demonstrated my devotion and concern for individuals with acquired brain injury. I have experience with brain injury rehabilitation, neurobehavioural management, case management and adult learning principles, all based in a consultative and collaborative approach to rehabilitation. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Development Studies from the University of Waterloo and diplomas in both Recreation Leadership and Human Services Counselling.

I hold a Director’s position with the Hamilton Brain Injury Association, in which I assist in developing long-term community resources, raising awareness and promoting fund raising efforts for individuals with brain injuries. I am part of the walk/run committee and have recently revised the ABI Education Booklet which is used both in the community and hospital setting to help clients and families.

Recently, I organized the June 2016 ABI Awareness campaign by developing a video series featuring clients that I work with. The videos were posted on the Hamilton Health Sciences Intranet for all employees and community members to view. I was also featured on the Bill Kelly radio show to educate the community on the video series and to promote brain injury awareness month. I am always eager to take on any opportunity to educate others, a good example of which is the Bikes, Blades and Boards program, which provides education to grade 2 students on the importance of wearing a helmet. I founded and continue to facilitate the Lunch and Learn program, which involves working with various community agencies in order to facilitate ABI educational and networking opportunities for all of Hamilton Health Sciences staff. In addition, this year I was a speaker at the annual ABI conference, Hamilton Health Sciences, as well as a guest presenter at the Hamilton Wentworth School Board, where I delivered education on concussion. I have also spoken in the past to the Mohawk College community. Also this year, I became a member of the Hamilton BrainSmart community committee to assist with promoting awareness and treatment for adults with concussion. I have a goal to continue these positive changes and strongly advocating for clients with acquired brain injury. Because of these efforts, I feel I would be an excellent recipient of the 2016 Awards of Excellence in Brain Injury Rehabilitation for Health Care Provider.

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