Cynthia Sprigings

Cynthia Sprigings



Cynthia Sprigings has over 35 years of experience working in the fields of mental health, child welfare, and acquired brain injury rehabilitation, and is deeply honored to have been nominated for Health Care Provider of the Year.

Cynthia joined Bartimaeus in 1988, first working as a Child and Youth Worker, and later in 1995 as a Rehabilitation Support Worker. She currently serves as Service Director for the Greater Toronto Area, alongside Ms. Leslie Allen, at Bartimaeus Rehabilitation Services. In this capacity, Cynthia oversees the coordination of rehabilitation support services – working closely with survivors of acquired brain injuries, in addition to legal and rehabilitation teams, to meet the needs of clients, while navigating cognitive, corporeal, and psycho-social barriers. Cynthia is proud to work with a diverse and skilled group of Rehabilitation Support Workers, as they facilitate direct therapy, transitional support and community integration to children, youth, adults and seniors recovering from an acquired brain injury and/or serious trauma. Cynthia is honoured to have worked with, and learned from her many skilled colleagues and peers during her tenure within the field.

Cynthia began her career in the social service and rehabilitation sector in 1981, as Recreation Therapist with the Ministry of Community and Social Services, later pursuing the direction of Child and Youth Work, and has subsequently held numerous positions working with vulnerable members of the community facing mental, behavioral, or cognitive impairments. During her career, Cynthia has worked in various adolescent mental health and rehabilitation centres, and educational settings, as well as a psycho-geriatric program. Cynthia is proud to have worked with youth from across Canada through the Katimavik project, promoting experiential education and encouraging community contribution, and additionally holds a certificate as a life skills coach, supporting independence and fostering transition.

Throughout her career, Cynthia has remained steadfast within her devotion to aiding and supporting those with acquired brain injuries. Cynthia is proud to have sat on the board of directors for Brain Injury Society of Toronto for two terms, and continues to support educational pursuits and advocacy for students with acquired brain injuries through her work with the Special Education Advisory Committee of the Toronto District School Board over the past four years. Cynthia has additionally had pleasure of attending numerous events to promote and support ABI awareness initiatives throughout the province, including Eastern and Northern Ontario.

Rehabilitation and community involvement has been a family pursuit for Cynthia, as her daughters pursue careers in law and social work, and her husband, Chris, is a past recipient of the Ontario Brain Injury Association’s lifetime achievement award, for his contributions to rehabilitation. In her free time, Cynthia is an active supporter of community arts initiatives and seeks ways to promote inclusivity and encourage music and art as a means of self-expression.


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