Complex Injury Rehabilitation

Complex Injury Rehabilitation



We are honoured to be nominated for this award! Complex Injury Rehab’s mission is to promote health and maximize quality of life with our clients. Founded in 2008 by occupational therapists, Tracy Milner and Heather Condello, to focus on people who have experienced more severe or complex injuries, we are proud of our reputation for leadership and innovation.

We leave no stone unturned when working to understand our clients’ journey from injury through rehabilitation and the impact it has had on their life. We are passionate about our clients achieving their goals and reaching their potential and strive to provide the ‘best in practice’ therapies, including specialized techniques and approaches, digital health assessments and rehabilitation technologies. Our therapists are skilled and compassionate and are the best representatives of our commitment to quality rehabilitation, collaboration, and client empowerment.

Advocating for our clients extends beyond our organization and is demonstrated by our efforts in the Ontario Rehab Alliance, where Tracy is a board member and has been very active in the changes to catastrophic definition and SABS, in the OSOT Auto Sector Committee for >13 years including co-authoring the Attendant Care Resource and creating BrainFx assessments to address our frustration in identifying mild to moderate dysfunction in those with brain disorders for clinicians nationally and globally. We are appreciative for the numerous opportunities to speak to survivors, stakeholders, and colleagues about the practical impact of policies/legislation on healthcare, the use of technology in therapy, and strategies in rehabilitation.


  • Brian Delahey says:

    I have been with Brian for 3-4 yrs. Brian has always had my Heath as a priority. I’ve been hospitalized , and Brian would stay with me and explain why my injury is doing strange episodes .
    Brian would answer all my questions about my Brain injury to the best of his ability, even sex. That would put my anxiety at ease. And he could make me laugh, and enjoy my visit with him.

  • Colleen Boyce, Director, NRIO, A divsion of Bayshore Therapy & Rehab says:

    Complex Injury Rehab is an organization that has grown, developed and expanded over the years, under the leadership of Tracy Milner and Heather Condello.

    As Occupational Therapists, both Tracy and Heather have excelled in all they do. They have this incredible ability of combining research (Brain Fx.) with clinical practice and have developed innovative, outcome-based and best practice therapies for their clients as well as excellent leaders. I am always excited to find out what else or what next Complex is doing! Life Care Plans, Social Worker, Case Management, Mindfulness, MyndMove, Cognitive, Physical software programmes/devices, to name a few. They are truly trailblazers within the industry.

    Their therapists are experienced, client centred, team players and work closely with the family and referral sources to ensure the best outcome for the clients. They all give back to their clinical profession and sit on respective committees.

    It is a pleasure working with Complex Injury Rehab and they are deserving of this recognition and nomination.

  • Lisa Iliadis says:

    Complex Injury Rehab is made up of a strong team of highly capable therapists with many years of experience. The team is cohesive and each professional brings some form of specialized training to the table. We all learn from one another. Heather and Tracy value innovation, consistency and a high standard of client care. They are true leaders both as OTs and as Entrepreneurs.

    It’s an exciting time to work at this company. We’ve been growing in leaps and bounds. I truly believe that the Complex Injury Rehab team is the strongest out there and am proud to be part of it!

    Go Complex!!

  • Maureen Palmer, Nurse Rehabilitation Consultant, Palmer & Associates Rehabilitation Inc. says:

    I would like to take this opportunity to provide a letter of support for the nomination of Complex Injury Rehabilitation for the “Rehabilitation Company of the Year” award of excellence in Brain Injury Rehabilitation for 2018.

    Complex Injury Rehabilitation is a diverse group of experienced and committed Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants who maintain the highest standards of practice in their assessment and treatment of youth and adults with neurological dysfunction, including the mild to catastrophically injured brain injury survivors with whom they work. As a Nurse Rehabilitation Consultant/ Case Manager, I have had the privilege of working with several of CIR’s highly skilled Occupational Therapists, often with specialized skill sets, to meet the complex and unique cognitive, psychosocial or physical needs of clients with ABI. I find their Occupational Therapy Team to consistently be collaborative, dedicated, compassionate and client-centered professionals that advocate for and contribute immeasurably to the everyday success of clients in their physical recovery, social participation, home and environmental accessibility, family interactions, vocational, academic pursuits and daily life.

    CIR offers comprehensive and integrated neuro rehabilitation services that help maximize function and ability, reduce limitations and promote overall well-being for their clients with ABI. Access to Rehab Groups, programs and services such as CogMed, PGAP, yoga and Mindfulness, ADP authorization etc., along with the delivery of Occupational Therapy services at the CIR Clinic and in the community, ensures that CIR’s ABI clients have access to integrated services as their needs evolve, to maximize their outcomes and daily living.

    Demonstrating a commitment to the highest standards for ABI rehabilitation and ongoing professional development, CIR Occupational Therapists attend conferences and hold regular meetings and training sessions for their staff to review the latest in research /practice and consult regarding complex ABI client solutions. As an example of their leadership role in the field of ABI and neurological function, Tracey Milner, President and Heather Condello, Vice President have developed BrainFx 360, a digital assessment tool to assist health professionals gather information for early detection, diagnosis and treatment of neurological dysfunction. BrainFx is being used in the Hospital settings and in the community.

    In summary, compassionate, strong client advocates and committed to excellence are attributes that CIR and their Occupational Therapy Team consistently demonstrate in their work with clients living with ABI. CIR has earned the trust and respect of their peers and clients alike and, I believe, is highly deserving of the “Rehabilitation Company of the Year” award of excellence in Brain Injury Rehabilitation.

  • Colleen Worsley says:

    I have known Heather and Tracy for years previous to joining their team. I was always impressed by their intelligence, creativity and compassion for their clients. They have been supportive to my efforts to build a community for survivors of brain injury, joining fundraisers and leading free seminars if needed. Since joining their team I am pleased to be able to join in their efforts to create comprehensive and professional services for individuals that will support them to achieve their maximum potential in healing. Consider this team when voting as they continually rise above and beyond for their clients and are deserved of the recognition.

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