Colleen Boyce

Colleen Boyce


I am truly humbled and honoured to receive this nomination as I have never regarded myself as a clinician. There are so many esteemed colleagues in this category and I am so proud and thrilled to be associated with them.

Bayshore Therapy & Rehab NRIO has allowed me to run a company and also the time to give back to the community for nearly 25 years; embracing Bayshore’s mission and vision – passionate, caring, being the difference and the clinical / rehab foundation to include respect, dignity, compassion, quality and safety!

We strive to help anyone who contacts us. If we are unable to help through our programmes or at one of our residences, I will do all I can to find the appropriate resources in the community.

I lead the BTR NRIO team with compassion, dedication, commitment, team work, diversity and strong relationships to reach common goals for our clients and their families. It has been my honour to represent the Ontario Rehab Alliance at PABIN (Provincial Acquired Brain Injury Network) and volunteer for various organizations including Chair of the Toronto Acquired Brain Injury Network conference planning committee. The numerous boards and committees I have sat on has given me the ability to listen to my clients, their families, the internal BTR NRIO and external team members and learn from them; the medical specialists, the insurer and the legal team.

I am a strong advocate for our clients, families and the brain injury community and believe in trust, passion, caring, improving, pride, appreciation, learning (best practice), listening, making a difference, and having an impact!

  • Marlene Morse says:

    Colleen is amazing in her role. Congratulations Colleen.

  • Anton Tucker says:

    One amazing lady who is totally dedicated to the cause.
    A worthy recipient of this award for sure.

  • Sandy Navarrete says:

    Caring, giving and dedicated.

  • Susan Glickman says:

    Colleen is very passionate about her job and completely devoted to her clients. I am happy to support her nomination.

  • Mark B says:

    Colleen is so deserving of this nomination. We have seen her incredible work ethic all these years; always ensuring her clients and families received the best possible care, her staff are supported and have the tools to be successful and going above and beyond. There were many special occasions missed due to work or a crisis and at the time we did not understand it, but as adults we now do! Some proud moments include Founding Chair of BIST, founding board member of the Ontario Rehab Alliance; recipient of the OBIA and BIST Volunteer of the Year award; Chair of the Toronto ABI Network Conference Planning committee and countless hours dedicated to committees and giving back. Good luck mom! Mark and Ian

  • Jennifer Westcott says:

    Colleen is the best. Just the best.

  • Christine Romanenchuk says:

    Amazing lady. Caring, passionate, dedicated.

  • Sarah Ramsden says:

    Congratulations, Colleen, on a well-deserved nomination! You have always been extremely dedicated to your company and its clients – well done!

  • Deanna S. Gilbert says:

    Colleen puts energy and passion into her work. She brings reliability, consideration, and thought-provoking comments to any project. A pleasure with whom to work!

  • Paul McCormack says:

    I have lost track of the number of years (at least 25!!) that I have had the pleasure of working with Colleen and I have always admired her committment, her caring, her dedication and love for her work. Her many contibutions and volunteer work have always been above and beyond in making a differnce in the lives of so many. Thank you Colleen for the many years of mentorship…

  • Darcy Merkur says:

    Colleen has time and time again gone above and beyond to assist anyone in need. Countless times I have asked Colleen for guidance and she always comes through. Just a wonderful person. We are so lucky to have her in this industry!

    A very well deserved recognition.

  • Gundy Jackson says:

    Colleen’s commitment and enthusiasm for her work is evidenced in all areas of her life. Go girl!

  • Maria Stella Puopolo says:

    Congratulations on the nomination Colleen!! I have had the pleasure of working with Colleen for the past few years. She is extremely dedicated to her team, her clients and the ABI community. I am very lucky to be able to call her a colleague, friend and mentor! There is no one more deserving of this recognition.

  • Robin de Rosnay says:

    Colleen is the most caring and self driven person we know. She is totally dedicated to her field of caring, and her efforts are surely appreciated by all her patients and fellow workers.

  • Kindree Alkins says:

    I have had the privledge of working with Ms. Colleen Boyce for 4 years now. She has been an imapctful care provider, mentor and leader for me throughout my employment with NRIO and now, Bayshore Therapy and Rehab. She spends long hours and goes out of her way to build a relationship with clients, families, front line staff, management and stakeholders. She is so passionate, intentional and thoughtful and always takes a client/family-centred approach to care. She has shown me how to be a true leader, visionary, and how to make connections and networks in order to make a difference. She is involved in numerous committees and is always looking for ways to teach, lead and share her expertise. Additionally, she is an advocate, a volunteer and a supporter of community initiatives and programs all over the GTA. Colleen, you are truly an amazing and inspirational care provider and this is such a testament to your leadership and hard work.

  • Bernard de Rosnay says:

    There is no better person to care for brain injury patients than Colleen. She should be right on top.

  • Margy S says:

    Focused,driven,passionate,energetic combined with a true South African work ethic I hereby nominate Colleen Boyce for this esteemed award.

  • Alison Rogers says:

    I have only known Colleen for just over a year, however it doesn’t take long to see her dedication to her work and the Brain Injury community. I have never met such a passionate leader, showing support to staff and clients. Colleen is seen going above and beyond on a daily basis, always demonstrating a client centered approach. She is truly a role model in every aspect of her work and I can not wait to see how much more I will learn from this amazing women. Congratulations on your nomination Colleen, there is no question you deserve this recognition!

  • Lanie Elle says:

    Colleen is so deserving of this recognition for all of her years of passion and dedication.

  • Melanie Lawrence says:

    A very energetic, committed and passionate lady. Colleen deserves this and more!

  • Rhea Bhim says:

    I have worked with Colleen for almost 5 years and I feel honoured to work with someone who demonstrates such a genuine passion for making a difference on a daily basis. She brings a particular energy and vibrancy with her wherever she goes – anyone who has met her will know exactly what I’m talking about – it is something that cannot be replicated! One of the things I love about Colleen is the way she always encourages staff to consider “what else” can be done; with this type of leadership, our staff are never those of a “clock in, clock out” mentality, rather we are always looking for ways to go above and beyond, ways to hone our individual strengths to better serve our clients. She is someone I admire immensely and have learnt a lot from – truly deserving of this recognition!

  • Monica Cassin says:

    If you can’t tell by all the fabulous comments so far, Colleen is truly an exceptional health care provider to the ABI population. It doesn’t take long to quickly be drawn to Colleen’s enthusiasm, passion and caring demeanour. She is a strong advocate for patients and is incredibly knowledgeable about the resources and services available for ABI patient. Colleen is a delight to work with. She is so respectful and takes time to build strong, supportive working relationships with her colleagues and care partner’s. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of such an award.

  • AnneMarie S says:

    An absolute gem and most reliable resource! Colleen you have a big heart , go above and beyond daily, are a leading force, and deserve this award!

  • Garvin Moses says:

    I have worked with Colleen for over 10 years and worked with her in different capacities but one thing that has always remained is her kind and compassionate nature and personality. Colleen is the type of person who genuinely cares about the clients under her charge and ensures that they are receiving the best possible care. Colleen is the type of person who is always striving to be better and in meetings will often ask, “what else can we do for our clients?” Despite her role of Director at BTR-NRIO, she still is not afraid to pull her sleeves up and help from dealing with adverse behaviours to changing incontinence briefs. It really is a pleasure working with Colleen and getting the opportunity to learn from her.

  • Linda Levy says:

    Great lady. Full of energy. Compassionate, friendly and hard working.

    Well deserving of this award!

  • Lesya Kashytska says:

    After my accident I remember being so hopeless and depressed. I was at NRIO for 9 years and over this time, Colleen has just been amazing. It really makes a difference to meet people that care and want to help. She is always smiling and in a good mood. I always feel like I can speak to her about anything. I actually feel like she is family. She’s the type of person that when she says she will call, she really does call. After I settled, she still checked on me and I knew I was not forgotten which really meant a lot to me.

  • Zainab Bukhari says:

    Congratulations Colleen!!

  • Maureen Palmer says:

    Colleen is such a committed, dedicated and knowledgable force in in the Brain Injury community! She is passionate about the clients and families she serves, is a leader at NRIO and a trusted resource to us Rehab Peers in the community! Congratulations Colleen!

  • Glenn Fincham says:

    Colleen is a dedicated person!!!

  • Glenn Fincham says:

    Great at her job.

  • JENN STEACY says:

    Congratulations Colleen, well deserved!

  • Simranjot kaur says:

    She is very inspiring person And dedicated too.

  • Olwyn Lewis says:

    So very deserving of this recognition. She truly is everything that has been said above and more. Honored to have her as a work colleague. Congratulations Colleen.

  • Laura says:

    Wonderful nominee!

  • Stacey Grammick says:

    Colleen is a passionate, committed health care professional!

  • Lily Aubé says:

    Amazing accomplishment Colleen

  • Lev Reisz says:

    Dedicated, skilled, kind and awesome person!

  • Oluwatoyin Farinloye says:

    Colleen, we serve better because she’s a dedicated person. I’m sure she will not disappointed us!!!!

  • Abi Vinodkumar says:

    I have worked with Colleen for the past 3 years and she is one of the most dedicated individuals i know. She is extremely passionate and committed to her work and clients.
    Colleen works around the clock to ensure her clients and families are in the best of care. Her heart is always at the best interest of her clients; inspiring you everyday to do better around you.
    Congratulations Colleen on your Nomination. Well deserved!

  • Sandra Licata says:

    I have the privilege of working with Colleen. She is a very passionate, committed and extremely knowledgeable in Brain Injury community.
    Congratulations Colleen

  • Paula Harvey says:

    Colleen is an trusted ambassador for excellence when is comes to delivering client-centred care to clients in our community. Her passion is genuine and her dedication and deep – her knowledge shines and she strives for continuous learning! She equips herself well by constantly modelling and collaborating with her teams and industry colleagues. Thrilled for you Colleen!!

  • Pearl Torkuebu says:

    Congratulations! Colleen, your dedication and commitment to venture is profound. Very proud of you.

  • Pearl Torkuebu says:

    Congratulations! Colleen, your and commitment to this venture is profound. Very proud of you.

  • Agness Nyakudya says:

    Congratulations Colleen

  • Diana says:

    congratulations ! You have my vote.

  • Shelley Wilson says:


  • Amanda corbett says:

    Congratulations! I dont know you personally but you have my vote 🙂

  • Tammy Stevenson says:

    Congratulations Colleen! For your positive, compassionate, and dedicated hard workmanship. Which Strengthens & Calms the Client and Family, with a Positive Halo!

  • Rolf B. Gainer, PhD says:

    I have known Colleen Boyce for over 25 years, initially in her role at NRIO which is now Bayshore. Colleen has worked tirelessly on behalf of people living with brain injury and their families. She establishes trust and rapport with everyone she meets to facilitate communication and positive results. As a leader of a rehabilitation organization Colleen leads her staff by example. Her principles and values serve her well. She is a tremendous advocate for people living with brain injury.

  • olamide says:


  • Mary Lou Penera says:

    You’re a winner already Colleen! Continue touching the lives of many… Congratulations!

  • Marion says:

    Congratulations on your nomination

  • Rossette Namukwaya says:

    Colleen deserves this, she makes a difference in the lives of individuals with brain injury!

    She is compassionate and kind

  • Carol Chan says:


  • Kuljeet Kaur says:

    You inspired me during difficult times when I needed words of encouragement. She is seen going above and beyond as she helped me in my difficult time personally as well as professionally. I am going speechless when I talk about her, she has beautiful smile on her face always and she deals with staff as well as with clients in so polite manner. Workplace is feel like a home because of her as she gave us such a comfortable environment. So in my eyes Colleen is winner already.

  • Tanya Baker says:

    A very well deserved nomination!

  • Temitope Agbadaola says:

    Congratulations, Colleen!
    This is a well-deserved award. You have my vote.

  • Diana Aramburo Lee says:

    Congratulations Colleen! Well deserved nomination and recognition of your hard work and dedication.

  • Ifeoma Abah says:

    An amazing woman. Colleen, you have my vote

  • Meri says:

    I have worked with Colleen for several years and I am constantly amazed at her dedication to the ABI community as well as the extent of her knowledge. Very well deserved!

  • Crystal Hendrie says:

    Colleen was a big part of my recovery, she was caring, helpful, and seen what I was worth and motivated me to push harder and with pushing harder I completed the program and I’m on my own now. Without Colleen and her wonderful team I couldn’t have done it. Thanks so much Colleen. Your the greatest !!!!

  • Editha castillo says:

    Congratulations for a job well done.

  • Carrie Lundstrom-Brown says:

    Dedication, knowledge, kindness, advocacy these make her an exceptional leader in the ABI community.
    A well deserved nomination Colleen, congratulations!

  • Ann Pogson says:

    Colleen is dedicated and passionate about her work. This nomination is so very well deserved.

  • Beverlee Melamed says:

    Congratulations Colleen on this well deserved award nomination! We are lucky and grateful to have you in this work we do!! Good luck and thank you always for your years of contribution!

  • Betty Ann Schnurr says:

    Colleen you are very deserving of this award.
    I have known Colleen since early 2000’s. She has been instrumental in bringing much needed services to improve the lives of those affected by brain injury. Wherever there are projects or professionals working to improve the lives of those affected by ABI in Ontario, Colleen is involved.
    She is extremely dedicated to helping, and uses her many professional and personable and caring skills to help clients, and other health professionals.

  • Maxine Fyffe-Roberts says:

    I met Colleen just over 12yrs ago and I was immediately impressed with her passion, dedication, leadership style and commitment to achieving positive outcomes for clients living with a brain injury. Over the years Colleen’s boundless energy reserves have touched the lives of many whether through her work on brain injury committees or when we have been running side by side at fundraising events. Congratulations on your nomination Colleen – very well deserved!!

  • Dianne Warmenhoven says:

    I’ve known Colleen since our kindergarten days as a bubbly, energetic & fun-loving person. She is a focused hard worker & excelled academically & in sport. Congratulations on your nomination Col!?? You have my vote Col.

  • Dianne Warmenhoven says:

    I’ve known Colleen since our kindergarten days as a bubbly, energetic & fun-loving person. She is a focused hard worker & excelled academically & in sport. Congratulations on your nomination Col!?? You have my vote Col.

  • Colleen Boyce says:

    I cannot thank you all enough for your incredible support. I do appreciate your votes and comments. This means a lot to me and further endorses the work we all do on behalf of our clients, families, organizations we work for/with and the brain injury community. Congratulations to everyone who was nominated in the different categories. Thank you everyone!

  • Maria Endita says:

    I have worked with Coleen with a number of our clients who sufferred from a TBI. . Her support, knowledge and dedication in helping our clients is truly remarkable.
    Congratulations Colleen. You deserved it.

  • Bandana Chopra says:

    I cannot use enough words to describe the dedication and passion Colleen exemplifies on a daily basis working tirelessly to support and advocate for individuals, clients and their families who are living with brain injury. Her support and care is valued and appreciated by these families and the people around her always leading with a client centered approach. She is truly a role model and an encouraging voice to those around her. I have been working with Colleen for six years and I can truly say it is a pleasure to learn from her professionalism, expertise and experience. Congratulations Colleen! Your leadership and guidance speak for themselves and are deserving of this nomination!

  • Sade Akande-Jones says:

    Colleen is truly dedicated to the clients & families she works with. Over the years I have worked with Colleen, I have learned a great deal from her wealth of experience and knowledge.
    Congratulations on your nomination!

  • Susan Fray says:

    Congratulations Colleen! You are an amazing person who always put others first. You are dedicated professional who is always client centered. Thank you for being you. Good Luck

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