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As a small isolated northern Ontario community (population 45,000) we have struggled since 1988 (28 years) to bring much needed services to our community of Timmins and the two districts of Cochrane and Temiskaming. We provide programs and services to an area the size of the province of Newfoundland.

What has kept us going has been the positive outcomes that we have been able to provide to our clients. To see a client who has been living in isolation, suffering from depression and lack of motivation become an active part of our agency is why we are here.

Currently we offer day programming to over 36 clients that operates Monday to Friday with minimum two activities per day such as computers, arts & crafts, walking, bowling, coffee & games, scrapbooking, yoga, two men’s support groups and a support group within a long term facility. In addition we have other activities such as gardening, mini-putting, paddle boating, movie nights, camping and other excursions dependent upon the season and weather. The Centre has been part of the Peer Mentoring Program since its exception and allows us to offer a much needed service to our rural clients. Brain Basics has been offered every two years and one of the most gratifying part of the program is the success of the clients who participate feel when they obtain their certificate. Brain Basics has given the clients an opportunity to understand themselves better and in return several have participated in the Peer Mentoring Program. In addition we participate in a number of bike rodeos (over 1,000 children attend), educational forums and health fairs, and publish a bi-monthly newsletter. In 2015 we received over 523 calls for information and referrals, created in-house an updated website.

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