Carole Gour

Carole Gour


Carole has 25 years of combined clinical experience working in hospital-based mental health programs and in community-based rehabilitation; predominantly with clients who have sustained a brain injury and/or are experiencing mental illness leading to functional impairments. During her career, she has enjoyed teaching in various settings (Western University, Canadore College), acting as a clinical field preceptor and providing psychotherapy supervision to fellow OT’s. She has also chaired a provincial occupational therapy group in developing resources, academic objectives and standards related to delivering occupational therapy to persons experiencing mental illness in their pursuit to return to work. Carole is a life-long learner; you can regularly find her reading books and articles on neuroplasticity.

Carole enjoys accompanying her clients in their quest for increased independence, improved self-management of their TBI symptoms, and most importantly regaining meaningful participation in activities that provide quality of life.

In her spare time, she loves spending time with family and just about anything outdoors! Hiking, camping, paddle boarding, gardening, swimming, fishing and snowshoeing. She keeps herself grounded with kundalini yoga and meditation – daily! She has volunteered to lead mindfulness practice workshops in her local community.

  • Sue Tasse says:

    Carole provides exceptional care with her years of experience in the field.

  • Carrington Ryan says:

    Carole is an amazing OT. Her care for clients, expertise and knowledge says it all. She goes above and beyond for everyone.

  • Rhaili says:

    This occupational therapist has never stop educating herself or learning how to better help her clients. Carole takes the time to teach, understand and makes real change in the peoples lives that she touches. There is no one that I could recommend higher for Health Care Provider of the Year.

    Thank you Carole for being such an outstanding community member and helping all of the people you do.

  • TD says:

    Here are some of the things that describe Carole Gour and what makes her HEALTH CARE PROVIDER OF THE YEAR 2023.

    First, her patience is unmatched!!!!!

    – She is attentive, caring and very competent (she can see what others can’t)

    – She is compassionate, empathetic and her passion for helping always shines through.

    – She is dedicated to and dependable. Even after 25 years in the field she still brings an energetic, educational approach. Her ability to multitask and her problem solving skills allow her to handle any situation.

    Keep on changing lives!

  • Michelle Morenz says:

    Carol is an excellent OT. She taught me so much in the short time we worked together.

  • patrick wymes says:

    Excellent OT! knowledgeable, experienced ,committed, comprehensive, understanding, thorough, patient focused. A truly fine person and OT.

  • Marie Carr says:

    Consistently an outstanding care provider throughout her career. So deserving of this wonderful recognition.

  • Sue says:

    Carole is a wonderful OT who dedication to her clients allows them to achieve their goals. She is a credit to our profession.

  • Colleen Boyce says:

    Congratulations Carole on this nomination and recognition.

  • Victoria Sweetman says:

    Congratulations on your nomination, Carole!

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