Brain Injury Association of Sudbury & District (BIASD)

Brain Injury Association of Sudbury & District (BIASD)


The Brain Injury Association Sudbury & District (BIASD) had its beginning 24 years ago (1995) as a result of one parent’s need for her child. Since then, BIASD has developed into an organization with a Board of 14 highly dedicated individuals focused on ensuring the continuance of their member-centered programs and campaigns in Sudbury District and Surrounding areas. This year we are pleased to announce that we are up and running on Manitoulin Island.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of individuals of Sudbury and District living with the effects of acquired brain injury through education, awareness, and support and we achieve this through support, collaboration, leadership, and inclusion.
We have established monthly support groups that provide education and an ongoing platform where individuals affected by brain injury can share their experiences and gain knowledge from speakers within the community.

Regular outings and events encourage members and caregivers to get social with others. Events such as the Annual Charity Golf Tournament, St. Patrick’s Day Porketta Bingo, a Summer Fish & Chip Excursion to a local marina, Halloween Party, Unmasking Brain Injury Events, and our year-end grand finale Holiday Gala. This event has brought out over 60 survivors, 80 caregivers and family members.

Our Quality of Life Bursary continues to be a huge success. Every year our members can apply for this bursary. Last year the recipient attended Toastmaster and is becoming quite a proficient public speaker.

Partnerships with rehabilitation clinics, health care providers, legal firms and community organizations including the March of Dimes all continue to support the much-needed programs like the Helmet Awareness Program, Brain Basics Course, and the Survivor & Caregiver Support Groups.

Last year the program Unmasking was launched through OBIA and with that, BIASD wanted to elevate the engagement and raise the awareness “throughout the community – with the community – in the community”. Our events and programs to date have supported our members and created awareness, and the Board chose to use ‘Unmasking’ to communicate the important role of BIASD’s programs and services and the key role they play in supporting people’s recovery and helping them transition as community members.
In 2019, we have decided to take our unmasking campaign on the road to various communities to further expand the awareness of ABI.

For 24 years, the Brain Injury Association of Sudbury and District has been exclusively devoted to serving Sudburians with brain injury, their families, and those that care for and about them. to find out more detailed information about our programs and services visit our website at

We are honored to have been selected as a nominee for the Award of Excellence and wish to extend best of luck to all other nominees.

  • Gina Kennedy says:

    What is staggering is how the efforts of one person 25 years ago, has grown into an organization that is filled with passionate individuals that have truly made a difference in our community about Brain Injury. Even with a vast geography, this amazing team of volunteers has utilized every every available “pulpit” in their efforts to raise awareness about this issue and most importantly support the survivors and their families. Constantly, reconnecting with their community and leaders to help their members and their community about ABI, the BIA Sudbury and District through support groups, peer mentoring, creative outings working tirelessly but with great enthusiasm to ensure that the ABI community for as much as they can, heal and be a part of their community. They are truly an amazing organization of truly passionate individuals and I am proud to be a member.

  • Dr. Matias Mariani says:

    I am so happy to see this excellent organization here. They are a wonderful group of caring professionals and volunteers who fill a large void in the North with education, advocacy, and support. They deserve all the recognition in the world!

  • Nicholas Hanousek says:

    The Brain Injury Association has given my mom the most support, they are kind, they include her in many events and provide support for her. She is proud to be a part of this great organization and they are deserving of this award

  • Charles Tossell says:

    Excellent organization that pays for beneficial courses brain injury survivors can’t afford such as toastmasters public speaking courses.

  • Julie Wilson says:

    BIASD is the best associations in Northern Ontario. The board, staff & volunteers are dedicated to helping survivors & educating & raising awareness of brain injury in the Greater Sudbury & area

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