Brain Injury Association of Ottawa Valley (BIAOV)

Brain Injury Association of Ottawa Valley (BIAOV)



The Head Injury Association (Ottawa Valley) was founded in 1984 by a group of concerned parents of patients and professionals from St. Vincent`s Hospital.   In March of 1985 Letters Patent were granted as well as charitable status.  In 2007 the association applied for Supplementary Letters Patent to change the name to the Brain Injury Association of the Ottawa Valley.  This action was taken to conform more with the names of other community associations and that of OBIA.  It was a stipulation under the by-laws of the corporation that the board be made up of professionals, family members and survivors which has been a guiding factor in the success of our programs over the past 31 years.  We have had start up grants from the Trillium Foundation and the Community Foundation and rely on fundraising (annual golf tournament and fall dinner), membership and donations to fund our programs. We also believe strongly in partnering with OBIA and the other community associations to advocate on behalf of all brain injured people and their families.

Our mission is to offer education, information, hope and support to persons with brain injury, their family members, friends, caregivers and professionals in the Ottawa Valley Region.  The Association advocates, dignity, respect, inclusion and understanding for all.

In 2008 the Step Up Work Centre Program was opened.  This program was started because members felt a need to contribute to their community and the association and wanted a reason to get up in the morning.  This program is member driven member run and provides the membership with an opportunity to share their expertise with other members or to learn from others.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we provide an environment that is safe and healthy for all that attend.  Many have said that this is their family now and take pride in welcoming newcomers and sharing their lives with them.

Our Artistic Expressions Workshop which is held on Tuesdays provides members with the opportunity to learn new coping skills through art and music.  It is through this group that we partner with the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association to provide environmentally friendly gift bags for the helmets and safety literature that is handed out in select schools annually in the spring. We encourage members to share their talents with others and perhaps discover a new hobby.

Our Concussion Support Group celebrated two years of support in January 2017. The group was started to meet the needs of the many survivors of concussion who were either waiting on waitlists or, after seeing physicians, were still not able to return to work or school.  It is sometimes very difficult for families, employers and friends to understand what those suffering from concussion feel and this group has proved to be a valuable learning and stepping stone on their journey of recovery.  The cost of this service is minimal but the rewards are great.  Members of the Concussion Support Group take pride in sharing strategies and stories in our quarterly newsletter which you can find archived on our website at

Our association would not be able to function without the help of a team of dedicated volunteers starting with the board and programming and the support of the community and fundraisers who fundraise on our behalf so that we can continue to provide quality programs and support to those in need.

If you would like more information about the programs offered, please visit our website at or email

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