Brain Injury Association of York Region (BIAYR)

Brain Injury Association of York Region (BIAYR)


The Brain Injury Association of York Region (BIAYR) is a non-profit organization that helps countless numbers of survivors, caregivers, and their families in the York Region area. BIAYR’s mission is to build awareness, foster an environment of ongoing learning and support, and advocate on behalf of communities to ensure survivor and caregiver needs are understood and fulfilled. We pride ourselves on offering free support and services to all members of our community living with the effects of brain injury. This includes running free weekly educational talks; a variety of in-person and online programs (e.g., archery, gardening, yoga, mindfulness, music therapy, etc.); a biweekly support group; a monthly caregiver support group; monthly blogs; weekly educational social media posts; and other special interest groups. This year, we hosted several in-person events, including a Highlights Tour at the McMichael Gallery and the Maple Syrup Festival at Kortright Centre, which allows us to support local venues. The ability to offer all the above is made possible by generous donations, fundraising efforts, and the support of the community.

To celebrate our successes and show our appreciation to all who contribute to our organization and access the services offered, we were pleased to host our Annual Mixer again this year at the beautiful Kortright Centre for Conservation. It was a wonderful opportunity for all members, volunteers, and generous supporters to recognize and honour the work that we do every day for our community!

To learn more about BIAYR and the programs and services offered, please visit and follow us on Instagram @brain_injury_yr and Facebook

  • Ellie Lapowich says:

    I have been consistently impressed with the services and programs offered by BIAYR, in not only the variety but the range, Their in person summer programs in particular are innovative and creative, and have been incredibly successful in providing brain injury survivors with a place to grow, flourish and belong. I have a deep appreciation for their online programming as well, which has made a great impact on many of our clients and their families. Their Mixer is also amazing- I very much look forward to it every year. This is a well deserved nomination!

  • Marek Siekanowicz says:

    Great organization always involved in promoting practical solutions or event for TBI client’s


  • Colleen Worsley says:

    Incredibly dedicated group volunteering to make this support group grow.

  • Meagan Buttle says:

    Congratulations BIAYR!

    The volunteers, staff, and members who make up BIAYR are amazing, and their work is tireless in support of the ABI community. The development of programs for members is varied and unique, and look like so much fun! Your advocacy and hard work is so appreciated by clinicians like me whose clients rely on your offerings as part of their rehabilitation and return to LIFE!

    Cheers to you!

  • Lori Nawrocki says:

    BIAYR is an amazing brain injury organization!
    They offer a wide range of different programs and educational webinars for brain injury persons, both in person and by zoom.
    I especially love the outdoors, and BIAYR offers outdoor activities (in person), that offers a way for us to socialize, enjoy the outdoor healing experience, and have fun things to do.
    BIAYR run activities and zoom programs are very cognizant of our needs and really try to accomodate us where they can, at a pace you can handle. They are very empathetic to our struggles.

    Their board members and volunteers are amazing and very helpful and fun! They also work very hard to offer many helpful programs geared to us with brain injuries and fundraise and get great organizations to support us.

    I encourage people to come out and take advantage of the amazing programs that BIAYR offers, as they are great! It is also a great platform to meet other people with brain injuries and others that relate to what we are going through.

  • John says:

    BIAYR has been a great support system for me. I have meet an incredible group of people that I can relate too without judgment. All the volunteers & board members work extremely hard to offer amazing programs.


    I live in the UK but regularly use BIAYR classes. They have been very helpful to me and I’ve learnt new ways of coping with my trauma and ABI. The music classes improved my breathing and intonation, yoga classes and so many others have provided me with leisure activity and companionship over Zoom. This in turn has uplifted me and contributing to my mental well being.

  • Lori Lawrence says:

    For over three years BIAYR has been a lifeline for my brain injury recovery.

    Not only do they provide a safe space but have provided me access to a very special community that is resilient and inspiring.

    BIAYR provides opportunities and services to us with such great dedication and passion.
    From education to outings and gatherings as well as continuous support, BIAYR is constantly “ checking in” to ensure our needs are not only met and provided for, to the best of their ability, but do so in a fun and accessible manner.
    BIAYR readily makes themselves available to hear our needs.
    Their dedication to programming and activities have created a close community amongst it’s members .
    I have yet to feel so connected to a group until I joined BIAYR.
    I really appreciate BIAYR’s devotion to us. I personally find it very moving.

  • Brittany says:

    BIAYR goes above and beyond to create a variety of innovative programming to support those impacted by brain injury and their caregivers. The BIAYR Board and Volunteers are passionate individuals who dedicate their time to not only create these programs but to create a Community of individuals who rely on each other for friendship, support and recovery. Thank you for supporting me and many others during our journey! Thank you BIAYR!!

  • Robyn says:

    Biayr has become my Brain Injury community.

    As a mild tbi survivor, I did not qualify for brain injury programming near my house. But with great sensory overload and an inability to travel far, my world with “long term PCS” started to become very isolated.

    Somehow I fell upon Biayr as I was looking for programming that would work with my new limitations. I found virtual, body-centred, zen-energy programs at Biayr – namely Friday sensory exercise class, and expressive art workshops. I was so happy that I had somewhere to go that brought variety to my week.

    Then I started going to the Biayr support group. This group has an empowerment spirit – we encourage each other to keep going and be resilient. After going for a while now, I finally feel connected to my virtual community.

    I am very thankful Biayr is accessible to all tbi survivors, no matter where you reside, and no matter how “mild” your tbi is. Joining this community has made a positive, mood-enhancing difference in my life.

    • Ellie Berger says:

      I cannot thank BIAYR and their board members enough for all of the support and amazing programs they offer. You can tell that a lot of thought goes into the selection of their programming and they ensure that there are both in person and online offerings. I have truly loved every class I have gone to. In particular, the art, mindfulness, and music therapy classes are my favourites. It’s wonderful knowing the instructors are sensitive to TBI needs or have had a TBI themselves. The support group is amazing as well and I also love going to the in person bonfires or walks when I can. Everyone that I have met from BIAYR has been so supportive and helpful in my TBI journey. THANK YOU!!!

  • Colleen Boyce says:

    I am often in awe as to all BIAYR has accomplished over recent years; they have a dedicated and committed Board of Directors and their members play an extremely active role in everything BIAYR does. NRIO clients love participating in all the activities (virtual and face to face) and this adds meaning to their lives and helps them engage in social and life skills. The educational seminars they put on are also exceptional. Thank you BIAYR for all you do!! Congratulations on this well -deserved nomination.

  • Trisha Di Caro says:

    I love this organization. I always hear such positive feedback from clients. The groups they offer a very good. When attending any of their events I see such cohesion within their group and I can see how great they all work together as a team. Wonderful work BIAYR!

  • Rachel Greenwood says:

    I am fortunate to serve on BIAYR’s volunteer Board of Directors. I wear many hats with BIAYR – secretary, vice chair, and programming, to name a few. BIAYR is the balm I need to soothe life’s stressors; it fills my cup at times when I feel that I little left to give.

    And our members – be still my heart!!! Our members and their caregivers are amazing!!!

    I am very proud of the work our Board does, and excited that we’ve been nominated for this prestigious award.

  • Hoong Phang says:

    Congrats to BIAYR for this nomination- well deserved! Bravo for always putting together great events for the community and members.

  • Sonia says:

    This is my third (almost fourth!) year being involved with BIAYR, and it never ceases to amaze me all the individuals, community partners, and organizations eager to be involved with our association. We are so grateful for everyone’s contributions – big and small – to help make us what we are!

    Thank you to everyone who has voted, left a kind word, shared our posts, attended any of our events, and donated time and money to our growing association! We love you all!

  • Courtney says:

    I am thrilled to see BIAYR nominated this year! Their contribution to the community, their amazing events, their members, and their board are one of a kind! I have worked alongside clients who have been a part of their events and it has made a huge difference in their recovery. I can’t imagine this award going to anyone else!

  • Victoria Sweetman says:

    Congratulations on your nomination, BIAYR.
    This is a well deserved recognition!

  • Marvella Mooreess says:

    Essentially you has the best team members congratulations to all the team members keep up the good work god bless you all.

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