Recipient of the 2014

Brain Injury Association of London and Region

Brain Injury Association of London and Region

Nominated For: 2014

The Brain Injury Association of London and Region (BIALR) is honored to be selected as a nominee for the Community Association of the Year Award. I would like to thank all of our sponsors, committee members, support group leaders and board members for their continued generosity and service. Without the hard work and dedication of our many volunteers and donors we simply would not be able to continue to provide and expand our brain injury programs and resources to those in our community.

Since 1982 our mission has been to help maximize the quality of life for individuals who have been affected by acquired brain injury (ABI). The Association also aims to provide education and resources to help increase public awareness about the repercussions and prevention of ABI. ABI survivors and professionals work together to serve our catchment area which includes the counties of: London/Middlesex, Oxford, Elgin, Huron and Perth.
Most recently BIALR has launched our new and improved website and will be developing new online resources for our members to access, including our new electronic services directory coming in 2023. We are excited to be a part of the Perth County Concussion Program (PCCP) and will be hosting another session this Fall 2022. The PCCP is a 6-week multi-disciplinary education program for individuals with post-concussion symptoms. In a small group setting (10-15 people), participants will receive education and strategies to improve functioning, coping, and life participation post-concussion. The program was developed by Julia Armstrong and Nicole Ferreira in collaboration with BIALR and is supported by a grant from the Brain and Mind Matters Community Fund and the Smart and Caring Community Fund.

In June the Association celebrated the 25th Anniversary of our Annual Brain Injury Conference, where we showcased the stories of our members for the Shine a Light on Brain Injury Campaign. We look forward to hosting our Annual Brain Injury Fundraising Gala in person for the first time in 2 years this November 2022. We are calling the Gala the Monarch Masquerade and will be highlighting the importance of our brain injury support groups and the hard work and dedication of our brain injury support group leaders.

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