Abilities Rehabilitation & Counselling Services

Abilities Rehabilitation & Counselling Services


The team at Abilities Rehabilitation Services is thrilled to be nominated for Ontario Brain Injury Association’s Rehabilitation Company of the Year for 2020. OBIA is dedicated to making a real difference for those who contend with acquired brain injury and is an indispensable educational resource for clients and practitioners alike. We are thus honoured by the nomination and wish to thank our colleagues for considering us worthy of this recognition.

For over twenty years, we at Abilities Rehabilitation Services have been committed to helping our brain injured clients surmount problems that have had such an unwanted impact and to assist them in regaining a meaningful and purposeful life. It is a difficult journey for our clients, with many challenges along the way. To rise to these challenges, our clients need education, specialized clinical assessment and treatment, and a caring understanding of the difficulties they face. At Abilities, our goal is to provide this care.

Sue Cook, occupational therapist, established Abilities Rehabilitation Services in 2000, focusing on providing quality care for clients struggling with brain injuries and the emotional difficulties that so often accompany them. Over the years our company has grown to now over thirty dedicated clinical practitioners. Abilities today provides services in the fields of neuropsychology, clinical psychology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, social work, psychotherapy, speech-language pathology, and nutritional counselling. We provide services in several languages to adults, teens, and children. The therapists at Abilities are committed to ongoing education, evidence-based practice, and objective evaluation of outcomes. Marshalling all these resources serves our aim to maximize client benefit and rehabilitation. Abilities Rehabilitation Services has offices with a clinic based in Midland, Ontario, and satellite operations in northern Ontario, Windsor, Kingston, and Ottawa. Our therapists are familiar with the local services and facilities in these regions of the province and co-ordinate with them in providing care.

Our clients have sustained their Injuries in variety of ways: in motor vehicle collisions, and accidents in the workplace, home, and community. We also see Veterans who have been injured in their military service for our country. We at Abilities have expertise in dealing with medical-legal issues, testimony in Court, and procedures involved with such support services provided by organizations such as WSIB and Veterans Affairs.

A core value at Abilities is giving back to the community. Our commitment to helping our brain injured community extends beyond clinical practice. We know that many people in our health system do not qualify for needed assistance. Our staff volunteer for local brain injury support group activities, donate their time to complete cognitive assessments for seniors, have served on boards of local brain injury associations, and participate in fundraising.

All of us at Abilities share a common purpose – to provide high quality rehabilitation to those who have sustained a brain injury and to work with our clients toward a better, more satisfying and rewarding life.

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  • Amanda Philp says:

    Abilities provides exemplary services with their outstanding in-house team of practitioners in conjunction with their extensive network of rehabilitation partners throughout Ontario. Their customized care plans assess each person’s unique needs to help individuals, and families regain their best quality of life. Thank you for your incredible support.

  • Zoe says:

    They are very good

  • Krishna Lotherington says:

    I have heard nothing but positive things about them

  • Karen Rumble says:

    I vote for Abilities to win this award.

  • Crystal Royal says:

    Wonderful rehabilitation centre

  • Kelly Fleischmann says:

    Highly recommended rehabilitation services

  • Stacy Beck says:

    I vote for Abilities Rehabilitations. The staff provide services which enhance the quality of life for clients who have been touched by trauma and tragedy. The passion for the work of staff ensure compassionate interactions and excellent services relevant to recovery. The services are essential to clients and their families.

  • Ann Moore says:

    Abilities have very qualified staff and work very hard to ensure all is being done to their utmost to help clients that have experienced life changing events in their lives.

  • Roma Czech says:

    I have referred a number of my patients to Sue…..I believe in this group totally.

  • Gayle Spears says:

    As a past client, I would highly recommend Abilities! Without Sue and her amazing staff, I wouldn’t have come as far as have with my brain injury. They advocated for me when thought I was alone in this. They helped my family and I throughout this whole process. They are part of my family now and we are forever thankful

  • C. Perry says:

    Abilities has my vote – their team of practitioners are truly committed to compassionate care and rehabilitation.

  • Tazmeen Lalani says:

    I have recently been consulting for Abilities but am my own practitioner for the past 25 years. Am able to honestly say that this is a unique and special company. The blend of consultants with Sue Cook, Occupational Therapist as the leader brings a professional yet specialized approach to each of their clients. Sue is not interested in the notoriety but the fact that her company is being recognized makes me pleased as she is truly a person who has dedicated her career to improving the lives of others. She not only cares for her clients but equally for her staff.

  • Deputy Mayor Anita Dubeau says:

    Abilities, occupational therapists volunteer to complete screening for Seniors. Sue has been a Keynote speaker, on several occasions on our Senior information days speaking on concessions. She has also spoken to Rotary Clubs in North Simcoe area. Abilities Rehabilitation Services are very generous with there time and involvement in our community

  • Rhona D. says:

    Abilities gets my vote – amazing support from Sue Cook, OT and staff. The incredible care made the biggest difference in quality of life for my significant other! Sue truly is an exceptional person with an exceptional business model that deserves to win.

  • Rebecca Morin says:

    I became a consultant with Abilities just over a year ago and the guidance I have received from Sue and other consultants at Abilities has been invaluable. I have had the opportunity to grow as a therapist due to the impeccable standards and creativity fostered in this organization.

  • Caitlyn says:

    Susan Cook and Abilities staff, helped my mom and our family through a difficult time. I’ve seen first hand the amazing progress my Mom has made because of Abilities

  • Betty-Ann Spears says:

    Compassionate, hard working, and they advocate for all their clients. They have my vote!

  • Jan Allan says:

    I have recommended this company to many people. Ann M. An OT at Abilities assisted my husband in recovering from a stroke.
    Congratulations on this nomination.

  • Ray Hostyn says:

    I vote for Abilities for sure. Firstly, Sue took time to know me as a client and my living situation as well as the details of my health issues and causes. She looked at the whole picture.
    Sue and her staff treated me with up most dignity and care. The quality of my life , due to their excellent treatment, totally improved mentally, physically and emotionally.
    Thank you Abilities staff.

  • Roz Michaels says:

    Sue came to my rescue when I told her of a motion induced problem that was plaguing me for years, on and off. She suspected what it could be and that one of her therapists might be able to help me. Lisa Martinez gave me specific eye exercises to do, and after just 3 visits, I haven’t experienced dizziness and nausea since, thanks to Sue’s recognition and Lisa’s therapy!

    Sue has boundless energy and enthusiasm, devotes time to Rotary Club and Huronia Players and is an important asset to both! Sue is a good leader and team player and I’ve had the pleasure of working with her at the theater!

    Abilities is a huge asset to the community!

  • Melanie says:

    Fabulous business. Sue Cook and her team have done fabulously.

  • Beverlee Melamed says:

    Congratulations on this nomination! 20 years of dedicated work is truly something to be grateful and appreciated for!

  • Colleen Boyce says:

    I have worked with Sue, Ann (OT), Lori and Jennifer over the years and they are a pleasure to work with. Thank you for all you do up north and for the incredible services you offer. Congratulations on this nomination.

  • Peggy Bowers says:

    This team has gone above and beyond helping my sister after her car accident. They are very understanding and and leave no rock unturned time find solutions. Thank you very much for your dedication

  • Mark Mountain says:

    A fantastic team! Thank you

  • Angela says:

    I came to Abilities due to a workplace injury that resulted in a concussion and neck issues. As someone who has always been extremely driven and active, this brain injury sucked the life out of me. The various supports at Abilities are helping me recover and to deal with ongoing challenges. I have a sense of hope now because of their support. I highly endorse the Abilities Rehabilitation team!

  • Cathy Melvin says:

    I remember when I first started working with Sue in a small one room office just up the street from where we are located now. As I look back there have been many changes throughout the years but the one thing that has never changed is that Abilities has always had excellent core values and they have always provided outstanding service to their clients. I can personally attest to this after I was injured in a motorcycle accident. When I was lying in the hospital bed there was no doubt in my mind which company I wanted to provide my treatment. They were very caring, compassionate and provided me with the services I required and it is my belief because of the outstanding service I received it got me back to doing the things I love. Abilities is truly a unique company and I am very honoured to have been a part of this team for the past 16 years.

  • verna johnston says:

    The team at Abilities exceeds all expectations.

  • Lori St Louis- Abilties Consultant - Director of Social Work says:

    I joined Abilities five years ago. At the core of Abilities’ Mission is to provide the highest standards of service for individuals who have faced trauma. In addition to the quality service is the exceptional support provided to the Consultants. The atmosphere fosters our growth and development while maintaining evidence based standards of practice.

    There is a trickle down affect when all the members of the team are treatment with respect and absolutely cared for (personally and professionally) . The Team that supports the Consultant at Abilities from Sue Cook owner, Cathy Melvin, Senior Admin – Paul Haskin(jack of all trades) are Awesome.

    I found my Forever Home when I joined Abilities.

  • Pat Brimblecombe says:

    I have been extremely fortunate to work with various professionals on the Abilities team over the years, through my role as a Rehabilitation Therapist. Without exception, all have been strong client advocates, professional, organized, and dedicated to the most beneficial course of rehabilitation for each individual. I have learned much from their various strategies and thinking-outside-the-box ideas to address challenging situations. Very much a team approach, focused on whatever is most beneficial for each individual client. Congratulations on this well-deserved nomination!

  • Gord McKay, Retired Mayor Midland says:

    Abilities plays a critical role in providing much needed medical services to the residents of Midland and area. Sue Cook has dedicated herself to providing excellent services to her clients, and also helping to solve structural issues by working with the municipality to develop affordable housing.

  • Pamela G says:

    Having sustained a TBI of my own, I can honestly say that the team at Abilities is second to none! While I have a family member who works at this facility, it was all theoretical until it happened to me. The care from Sue to ensure I received prompt intervention, and the concussion treatment from Lisa (Physiotherapist) has proven that not only do they truly care about me as a person, but they have specific training that is making a huge difference in my life! Congratulations Abilities!

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